Wednesday, 23 December 2015

♡ Favourite Skincare Products of 2015 ♡


To continue on from my previous post on my favourite cosmetics, now it is the turn of skincare products because, well, I love taking care of my skin just as much as I love cosmetics!

The first few items are from one of my favourite brands; Skinfood. I love the Black Sugar Perfect Essential Scrub, the Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam and the Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Cream. Most of the ingredients involved in Skinfood are natural and some of them in these particular ones are black sugar granules, refined rice wine, and botanical oils to help remove dead skin cells and reduce impurities and BOY, are they right! My skin is much healthier and brighter, and I couldn't be happier about it. Next is MISSHA Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (Intensive) and this is pricey compared to the usual products - Skinfood ranges between £5 and £15 where as this product is £22 alone. Despite that, this product has really helped with firming up and hydrating my skin, it's quite honestly one of the best purchases I could ever ask for. There are times where I use whitening products, just to help even my skin tone out - damn red cheeks. And I don't always need make-up to help me with that as I have Skinfood's Premium Tomato Whitening Finisher to help me there. I only use this 3 times a week, maximum, and I mix it in with Etude House's Wonder Pore Balancing Cream, just to give it a little more oomph and help it last longer! As a sleeping pack, I've gone few a fair amount because most of them have made my skin break out overnight, but that was until I started using Tonymoly's Magic Food Banana Sleeping Pack! No break outs, it leaves my skin feeling soft and doesn't make it really greasy... just ugh. Oh and the smell, exactly like banana milkshake mhmmm! Finally, there is Etude House's Wonder Pore Clay Mask, the Wonder Pore Freshener and the Wonder Pore Tightening Essence. I do suffer from HUGE pores on certain areas of my face, but ever since I started using this range, around five months ago now, those pores really have shrunk in size. I never thought that it would actually work?! Such a shock but I'm relieved that it's a product that actually does what it's meant to do.

And to continue on with my love for Skinfood products, the Lemon Vervena Body Scrub is such a lovely body scrub, yes it's like other body scrubs but the smell is DIVINE. I do adore anything citrus scented - as well as eating plenty of citrus products.. for... diet... purposes. My other holy grail body products include the Quinoa Rich Body Milk, the Quinoa Rich Body Wash and the Quinoa Rich Body Cream from Skinfood (again). I have to be uber careful when shopping around for body stuff as my skin (literally) burns from certain products companies put in... the list of things I can't use is endless sometimes! But, when I got a sample of this range, I did a skin test just to see and after have no break outs, I got some more samples and almost cried with joy when my skin didn't burn/break out at all! It is relieving to find a product suitable for my poor skin, I swear!

I know this, kind of, falls under the skincare range - more body care instead? But I do adore the Etude House Silk Scarf hair care range... this stuff has helped my hair so, so, so much! Especially since I went blonde (gasps) my hair has felt dry with every hair wash bbbuuuttt... this range has really helped with pumping the moisture back into it! My favourites ones from the range are the mist spray, the hair pack, the hair serum and the intensive shot! Before I started using this range, I was using Skinfood's Argan Oil Silk Plus Hair Mask Pack  as argan oil is one of best things ever to have in my poor hair. After I seriously damaged it four years ago, argan oil masks were my saviour! And even to this day, I can't bear to part with them!

So there we go! When I've been asked "what's the secret to your skin?"... here is the secret! An array of different potions and liquids just to help my (indecisive, ridiculous) skin.

Thanks for reading!

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