Friday, 22 March 2013

♡ Liebster Award ♡


Do any of you remember a while ago that I wrote a blog post about these online Liebster Awards for bloggers with under 200 followers? Well... I received one! Technically two actually... one from the lovely Lara and the other from my (fake) daughter Yamii! I'm actually really touched by this and I seriously love you both very much! Unfortunately though I cannot answer Lara's questions as of yet as her other blog was hacked so I hope to get the questions soon... but until then I shall answer Yamii's questions instead ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ
EDIT: Now have the questions from Lara so I'll answer then now for her c:


1. Post 11 things about yourself 
2. Answer the 11 questions I have set for you 
3. Create 11 questions for the people you are going to nominate 
4. Choose 11 other people to nominate, they have to have less then 200 member, and link them to your own blog post about your nomination 
5. Go to their page and tell them

Eleven Facts About Myself:

1. I generally prefer cold weather to hot weather... because in hot weather I just melt like a wax figure at a museum ; n ;
2. Whenever I have my music playing, I always pretend I'm like a rockstar giving a star studded concert performance... yeah.
3. My three favourite bands will always be Lost Ash, SS501 and Iron Maiden
4. I always do everything in threes... errrthing!
5. I may have a slight obsession with collecting idol photobooks...
6. I've joined one of my friend's business doing some deco (3D and 2D) nails! Some of them are only in the designing phase where others I am practicing my technique so they'll be ready for sale.
7. My attention span is officially shot to pieces
8. My DVD collection is sorted by genre, director then alphabetical order e.g. satire -> Takashi Mike -> 'Full Metal Yakuza'
9. I have a thing for eating kimchi at the moment... in dishes, as a side dish with a meal or even just on it's own as a snack
10. The colour of my walls in my room is two different shades of pink... that will soon be changing if I'm allowed to have it my way.
11.  I have a (small) collection of plushies and teddy bears sitting at the end of my bed.

Lara's Questions with Answers:

1. What is the most important feature in your own personality?
My surprisingly cool head...

2. What kind of traits do you possess that most people don't?
My ability to save the money that I earn from working to go to Korea despite spending it on so many things...

3. What do you do when no one sees?
Either some yoga or dance and sing around the house

4. What is the most valuable item you own?
Ummm well... all the valuable items are extremely materialistic but honestly... to me the most valuable thing in my life has to be my cats and dogs!

5. Is there anything that *never* fails to make you smile?
As sappy and disgusting as this sounds... my other half always puts a smile on my face without even trying!

6. If you could eat only 3 things for the rest of your life, what would they be? (You could consume vitamin- and other supplements tho ;)) 
Probably... no most definitively watermelon, kimchi fried rice and fried prawn sushi roll (my friend Rachael would understand this one...)

7. If you were a fictive character (an action hero, a mythological creature, anything) who would you be? 
I have two fictional characters that I would quite happily be; Black Widow (Marvel) and Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) wow love how I'd be men in my fictional life...

8. If you were made into a statue, in which city and which place you would like that statue to stand? How would it look like? What would be written on it? 
In which city?! Ummm most likely Tokyo or Seoul I would like this statue thing... obvious right? But if it was how I would be now... it would show me sitting cross-legged on the floor on my laptop and underneath would probably be written "CAN'T TALK... EATING"

9. If you would make a visit on a famous TV show acting as yourself, what TV show that would be and what would you do / say?
"Two and a Half Men" then I would punch the director then ask him why the shit fuck he got rid of Charlie Sheen and what was wrong with his tiny little mind. Simple.

10. Do you google yourself? And what do you find out?

11. Ask yourself something and answer ^^
Will I actually go and travel the countries I would like to visit instead of just procrastinating about it? I would like to fucking hope so... excuse the language.

Yamii's Questions with Answers:

1. If you had one wish that would be granted, what would it be? (Aside from more wishes)
To have enough money to be able to pay off my student loan debt as well as my parents and my brother's debts too with a little left over to survive on for a few extra years.

2. What kind of fashion are you in to? Why?
I honestly have a mixture of preferences when it come to fashion... I like street fashion, cult fairy kei fashion, that creepy cute style fashion (it's probably called 'pastel goth' but I am not saying that...) as well as liking a sub-genre of Gyaru called rokku-kei. Why do I like these fashions? Because 

3. What is your favourite animal?
I actually wrote this as a fact so I switch it over and had to come up with something extra instead... sob. Everyone always seems to think that pandas are my favourite animal when in actual fact my favourite animals are actually; snow leopards, penguins and horses! 

4. Are you sad you didn't receive a letter from Hogwarts?
Extremely sad 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 I feel like I've been ripped off! 

5. What was the most embarrassing thing that'd happened to you this week?
This week?! Ummm probably being headbutted in the nose by a baby... it hurt and the baby decided to laugh afterwards but luckily I didn't get a nosebleed but then my eyes did water.

6. Do you eat your 5 portions of fruit/veg a day? BE HONEST NOW!
These days I actually do! A few months ago I would probably eat on average 2-3 fruits and vegetables a day but now I eat about 5-6... I have never been more proud of myself

7. Do you have any pets?
Ohhh yes indeed... let's see two dogs, two cats, two horses and a gaggle of chickens!

8. What's your favourite candy?
I actually don't have one because I don't really have much of a sweet tooth... but to just choose a chocolate bar that I would quite happily eat off the top of my head I would have to pick Bounty because coconut is amazeballs.

9. Favourite colour? Why?
Red because... ummm... just because?

10. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
I quite like the fact that despite having a bitchy personality, I actually can keep a cool head so it takes a lot to rile me up and make me explode. This is actually from years of training because when I was younger I was such a little firecracker and it could take one annoying word to blow me up but now it has taken some people a matter of months to make me physically explode with rage.

11. Tell us a secret ;D
I kissed a girl and I liked it... I joke! That secret is way ooolllddd man! Well I don't know if this is an exciting secret but I'm actually shit scared of moving to Seoul later this year... every time I think about it for a long period of time I start shaking and get a nauseous wave of feeling washed over me because it is pretty scary stuff to be thinking about!

My Eleven Questions:

1. What is your favourite beauty product? Can be either make-up or a skin care product!
2. If you could dye your hair any colour... what colour would you dye it?
3. Blue cheese sauce or ranch dressing? DECIDE BITCHES
4. What one item can you not physically live without?
5. How would you describe your fashion style?
6. Do you have a favourite fashion brand at all?
7. What do you always carry around with you in your handbag/backpack/pockets/coat etc?
8. What can you not stop eating a lot of lately?
9. If you had a choice of ANY animal in the world to have as a pet... what would you have?
10. Do you like peppermint?
11. My Little Pony or Scooby Doo?

My Nominations:

Errr I can't decide who to nominate so I pick everyone who follows me and has under 200 followers! Love you all (*´▽`* ♥ /cheater/

Peace Out

Saturday, 9 March 2013

♡ My Best Friend Came to Stay Part II ♡


Oh Mejibray ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ohhh I am way behind on blog posts and I am seriously loathing myself for being so busy yet lazy at the same time へ(>0<#)ノ as well as this blog title being a complete lie, it's now been a whole week since Sapphire left and to be honest... I've been really bummed out about it because I loved having her here at my house with me... it feels natural to just be around her and I seriously miss her to pieces like all the time. Distance seriously sucks... and it's ten times harder with the fact my other half is six thousand miles away as well as my best friend being a good 2-3 hours travel away also /u g h/

Anyway, sad and moany moment over... the rest of the week with Sapphire literally flew by. On Wednesday and during the day on Thursday, we literally did nothing except for watch anime and eat snacks. On Thursday evening, we were invited out for dinner by Sapphire's mum and her mum's boyfriend Ed. We were originally going to go to Chimichanga's in Braintree but an accident on the motorway kind of put a hold onto that idea but instead we headed in the opposite direction to the Chimichanga's in Bishop Stortford instead /h u z z a h/ I have never eaten at a Chimichanga's before so this was a whole new experience for me and I must admit that my standards were set extremely high... only to be met halfway. I ordered a pulled pork chimichanga burrito which came with rice and black beans and it tasted very yummy (wow I have a degree in creative writing and that was all I could come up with?) but the portions were a little... down graded especially with the prices of each dish. We were originally going to have dessert but we were all still so hungry after that we did and I ordered the key lime pie and I love key lime pie and what comes out instead? A lime flavoured cheesecake with a wedge of lime...

Both Sapphire's mum and I agree that Sapphire won on the pudding decision... we were both drooling over her churro's like no tomorrow 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 In all honesty though, Chimichanga's is a nice place with a nice atmosphere... it's just I believe that they need to re-think their portion sizes for the prices or vice versa because those prices were ridiculously high!

On the Friday we headed back off into London as it was Sapphire's last full day in Essex and we needed to make use of being able to go into London and spend lots of money on things... my saving is going extremely well by the way ( ̄ω ̄;) For once I actually took a nice picture of myself... I just wish that I had a better idea of how to position my camera for self portraits so I didn't cut the top of my head off

I haven't worn my grey wig in ages! ( ;´Д`)

We were going to meet a few people for lunch at Misato's but only Monique turned up but it was ok as it was easier to be seated as well as not having to talk to so many people and catch up at the same time! I believe that I have Sapphire hooked onto Misato's food as it's so delicious (and hhhuuugggeee) for such amazing prices... we all fed ourselves for a tenner each! I was boring and ordered my usual of inari sushi and chicken katu teriyaki and rice but hey... I know what I like and I will tend to stick with I know extremely well etc.

After we all had our fill, we all headed over to the supermarkets in Chinatown as we needed to stock up on milk tea because... ummm well no real reason for me but for Sapphire she can't easily gain access to it like I can. I'll be sending her a care package just full of milk tea soon because I'm just the best waifu in the world ( ̄︶ ̄) it is safe to say that I stocked up well and truly on milk tea

I might like to point out here that all I have left from this stash is the Taiwanese green milk tea... d'oh (_ _ll) Oh... we also bought some cakes from one of the bakeries as we were both gazing at the cute panda style ones the other day. I decided to be a good daughter and bought a couple of slices for my parents... can you guess which slice I kept for myself?

We then headed over to Bermondsy station to meet some people at Jay's for a get together and for Sapphire to meet a few more people and we only stayed for a couple of hours as it got dark and cold extremely quickly so we said our goodbyes and headed back home. We stayed awake until gone midnight even though we were both so dead tired from the day but we enjoyed it and in the end we both fell asleep extremely quickly!

Last Saturday morning came too quickly and it was so sad to see Sapphire go but we've already made plans to see each other again soon! We just need to decide if I am going to go up to Telford to stay with her or if she is going to come back to Essex to stay with me. I hope she comes and stays with me again more in the summer time... around June / July time (and before I head off to Korea) as the weather can get really nice around that time of year and then we could take a trip off to the seaside at Frinton as well as taking the ghastly trip to Southend - ok Southend isn't all that bad... it's just I haven't had amazing experiences in that particular place /g a h/

Oh and last Saturday night, I went over to Rachael's as I literally have not seen her since the Screw gig last May... every plan we had made had legit gone down the drain so this time we were determined not to let anything get in the way! I love seeing her and I finally managed to give her her birthday / christmas present and vice versa... I almost killed her when I saw these presents by the way!

Two things I love about going round to Rachael's... seeing Inky winky and Maddie boo boo bear! I adore these dogs to pieces because they're so loveable and such ruffians (but in a good way) Also I love how Maddie always has a perv smile on her face and is always always always up for cuddles!

So really since last Sunday, the only things I have been doing revolve around getting some nail designs done and going to work... sociable right? Oh well, I have felt drained all week but now I feel extremely energized and ready to see people again... at the weekends when I definitely don't have to worry about work etc. I'm also working on a project for our Easter egg hunt at the nursery! I finally feel useful to help out with an event and we're so busy in the next few weeks too... I love it (*´▽`* ♥

Thanks for reading!