Monday, 29 July 2013

♡ 안녕히 계세요... ♡


It’s going around well,I haven’t died and I’m back for ya ♪♫

Ahhh another trip into London... but this time to see a couple of friends whom were sorting out their visas for their study year abroad in Japan! Ren and Emily are finally going... it feels like a lifetime ago when we were talking about the whole thing but it's finally here and they're finally leaving me... for a few months may I add! I decided against wearing extremely heavy make-up this time around and I'm glad that I did because hello that horrible melty face feeling...

It was another disgustingly hot day in London, around the 33°c mark I believe and I felt more uncomfortable travelling than I had done previously! I literally just wanted to stand inside a freezer to cool down because even the shady areas were baking hot... cries. I headed into Starbucks near Trocodero whilst I waited for Ren and Emily to finish their visa stuff and as there tends to be air-con there; it was nice to chill out for a while and enjoy a refreshing drink! I actually finally managed to order the mocha cookie crumble frappe as for a while I haven't been enjoying the taste of coffee like I normally do... but this was delicious despite the fact I actually tend to dislike chocolate drinks! I think the coffee helped tone down the chocolate taste so it wasn't as sweet as I imagined it to be...

I met my friends at the "Four Bronze Horses of Helios" fountain which is less than a minutes walk from Starbucks and it's an amazing fountain based on the Greek legend of Helios:

"The greek legend is that of Helios, the young Greek god of the sun. He is the son of Hyperion and Theia. By the Oceanid Perse he became the father of Aeëtes, Circe, and Pasiphae. His other children are Phaethusa ("radiant") and Lampetia ("shining") and Phaeton. Each morning at dawn he rises from the ocean in the east and rides in his chariot, pulled by four horses - Pyrois, Eos, Aethon and Phlegon -- through the sky, to descend at night in the west. Helios once allowed Phaeton to guide his chariot across the sky. The unskilled youth could not control the horses and fell towards his death." information source:

Isn't the fountain pretty? Well from the angles that I was sitting at I suppose but yeah... after meeting the girls and meeting a couple of their friends (new friends yay!) we headed towards Japan Centre for drinks and then for a sit down as by this point... I think the heat was getting to us all? We tried to go and sit in Leicester Square gardens but they were closed as the premiere for 'Red 2' was apparently happening that evening so builders were getting it all ready for the red carpet etc etc so as it was too hot to sit on the walls outside, we headed over to Misato's for food:

After that, another friend was coming to meet us after he had finished work but because of mis-communication, he didn't arrive until 5.30 and by this point we were all tired and feeling grotty from the heat so once he arrive we said our goodbyes to each other and parted ways! I am sad that I only got to spend a sparse few hours with Ren and Emily and even less time with Dayle but ugh weather... next time I'll see the girls will be when I'm out in Seoul myself and when they has holidays from studying (roll on next spring woohoo!) and I'm definitely going to try and see Dayle as much as I can before I piss off to the other side of the world!

Oh and literally minimum purchases for once... a couple of decent magazines that were on sale as some cute (yet extremely cheap for once) 3D stickers! I can't wait to use the stickers actually...

Peace Out

Saturday, 20 July 2013

♡ Personal Ramblings ♡


I bam neomu seolleneun nal ireoke, duri hamkke gayo baby ♪♫

It's been a while since I've been active and sociable... forty three days to be precise but who's counting? I've been finishing my studies (two more modules to go then I'm finally complete and signed off!) as well as working to get some more money behind me. I've also been helping Toni with her online business and getting her ass into gear into buying supplies for the countless ideas she's been coming up with... dude seriously purchase the supplies you need y'hear me?

A couple of weekends ago I went and stayed around Rachael's to keep her company for a few days as her parents went on holiday. I think all we did was eat, sleep and watch 'Geordie Shore' as well as 'Keeping up with the Kardashians'... oh and I did meet a few of her friends she goes out clubbing with so we weren't completely cut off from the outside world! Oh I did take my camera with me with intentions of actual pictures with Rachael as they seem to be pretty limited... but it just ended up with taking pictures of the food we had consumed:

↑↑ Day one: bbq style food // Day two: lots and lots of sushi ↑↑

↑↑ Day three: picnic food // Day four: more sushi and chicken katsu ↑↑

I hated how the weekend went pretty quickly... but because I had booked the Monday off work it made the week feel that it had zoomed along which was good because I had made plans to go and visit Sharan in central London on the Saturday!

I completely dressed myself up to the nine on the Saturday... which included wig wearing and full blown war pai- I mean complete make-up routine. As soon as I reached Chelmsford train station though... I knew that I had made a mistake wearing so much make-up as well as making the decision to wear a long wig because it was baking hot to the point that I physically felt like I was melting. Luckily I wasn't the only one suffering... but it was just such a horrible feeling being all sweaty and icky at the same time (。┰ω┰。)

↑↑ FOTD ↑↑

Sharan and I met up at Waterloo station and headed over to New Malden, my old stomping ground from my university days... it had been 16 months since I last went there so it was rather lovely going somewhere familiary. We met up with Sharan's friends Ny and Rissa and had lunch at Haru, which in all honesty is actually my favourite Korean restaurant in the whole of London/Greater London etc because of how delicious and authentic the food tastes, it literally transports me back to Seoul whenever I eat at this restaurant. 

↑↑ So much delicious food... it didn't last long ahurhurhur ψ(`∇´)ψ ↑↑

I must admit that it was an extremely stupid decision to order seafood ramyeon on a scorching hot day... but it was what I fancied so I took the stupid route for sure but heck it was damn tasty and I guess that cancels out the stupidity ever so slightly. I also ordered some kkampunggi and kimchijeon but we kinda shared the kimchijeon amongst us and I shared most of the kkampunggi with Sharan... oops. Afterwards, we headed to K-Mart for some ice-cream but they didn't have any so I just bought a slushie cola drink thing which was really good to have in the heat... the others needed to go to the massive k-mart along the main road but because I don't do very well in the heat, I headed to 'The Place' with some other friends that were at a Korean Food Festival that was happening on that day... don't know why we didn't go along but eh don't think we missed much? 

'The Place' is a really cute, and recently opened because I only remember a different coffee shop being there, coffee shop that sells all kinds of drinks and even fruit waffles... how could I refuse a fruit waffle? In all honesty... it disappointed me because in my head I was expecting something like I had had on my Seoul trip back in 2011 and boy was I wrong. They were vacuum packed waffles (not freshly made) so they were a lot chewier than fresh waffles, the ice-cream was nice though and so was the fruit.

I absolutely loved the interior to 'The Place' as it had a vintage feel with a whole heap of books and quotes and it was so comfy to just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and the company. It was amazing to catch up with Monique whom I last saw properly... must have been when Sapphire came down to visit even though we bumped into each other briefly at MCM Expo.

After we had all finished at 'The Place', Sharan and I headed back into central for a few more hours and to catch up properly alone. We went into Japan Centre first so I could buy a couple of magazines and a couple of drinks and even though it was early evening, it was still humid and the amount of people lingering around was beyond ridiculous and it just infuriates me when someone is walking slow in front of me or when a group practically take up the whole sidewalk or even both at the same time! Just be considerate for people around you you douchebags GAH ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

↑↑ Goodies from the whole day... smurfs haribo is officially the best ↑↑

After Japan Centre, we finally headed to 'The Diner' in Shaftsbury Avenue... at the OTHER end of Shaftsbury Avenue by The Forbidden Planet. This restaurant is a place I have wanted to go to for a while but everyone I tend to hang out with has only really been interested in eating Korean and Japanese food and it's just time for a change up... especially in the summer when the warm weather just makes me want to experience other foods. I don't know about Sharan's opinion but I adored 'The Diner' and the waitresses were just so cute and real attentive... possibly one of the best services I have had in a while. I decided to order an orange cream soda drink (who loves orange soda?! Kel loves orange soda) as well as a po boy hoagie with a side of onion rings, corn dog and hash browns of which I shared the sides with Sharan because there was just so much...

I definitely want to go back to 'The Diner' and try other things! But there are a few more restaurants on my bucket list before I move permanently to Seoul so I'll just push this residence on the back burner for a short while.

Gosh; reading back over this post it's just /almost/ completely food isn't it? Ahhh well food is just a lovely thing and there's just so much to explore of it in all honesty! I'm going back into London on Monday to meet Ren and Emily as they'll be heading off to their study year in Japan /sob sob/ but I'll meet them out there next summer and they want to come to Seoul for a visit as well... so it's not like it's forever! But I'll still miss their faces so I'm bare looking forward to seeing them

Peace Out