Friday, 21 September 2012

♡ Fashion Brand: GYDA ♡


Disclaimer: please note that all the pictures used in this blog post belong to the GYDA website and their staff members blogs. Thank you!

As of recent, I have been exploring more clothing/fashion brands outside the usual circle I tend to look within - Super Lovers, Glad News, Ghost of Harlem etc - and I have been looking at other well known brands that some of my pen-pal friends recommended to me. The first website I encountered was GYDA and upon looking at their latest Autumn / Winter Collection 2012, I fell in love with what they had to offer.

"Girls with Red Rouge" comes across as a concept based loosely around American fashion - something that producer Yuria Kushido would know as she studied over in LA and after graduating high school, she made her way back to Japan to study music. Kushido is a well known face in the gal world and with her modelling for SCawaii magazine, she produces these simple yet inspiring pieces for GYDA as well as being an extremely positive role model for present and future gals to look up to.

As you can see in the pictures above and below, you can see the LA influences in the A/W 2012 collection (just like in all previous collections of GYDA) as well as sophistication with the mix of a unique kind of sexy that these casual pieces give. But I can't give all the credit to Kushido as I want to praise designer Akane Sudo so very much for creating these pieces alongside Kushido.

I adore this collection completely and even though I am a new fan of the GYDA brand / name; I would definitely throw all my money in this direction. Despite enjoying the free-sized, baggy t-shirts that you see in collections like Super Lovers, there is just something about GYDA fashion that draws my attention away from hiding myself under mounds of cloths and embracing some form of flesh showing, despite another fact where I actually despise baring my skin! GYDA certainly brings out the confidence inside my mind and that confidence it starting to show on the outside as well as the inside.

Yuria Kushido's blog:
GYDA's website:

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Monday, 17 September 2012

♡ It's All A Bit Of A Pickle Now ♡

So my holiday is now over and today I will be making my way back to Essex /boo/ but I must admit, I now miss my parents and I certainly miss my rabble of animals like crazy (*ι*)ヾ but of course I will miss Sapphire and Danny because spending the past 10 days with each other, it will be weird not seeing them every day... sobbing (゚´Д`゚)゚ Saturday 15th August: today, we went into Telford town centre again but this time to meet Steve for a couple of hours! I met him last time I was up north and he is so kind and lovely. We headed to our favourite spot once more and spent another hour or so drinking cold drinks, gossiping and I was perving over Steve's Avenger special edition comic books that he had brought along for me to oogle.
I am the best waifu ever buying coffee for my waifu (^ω^)
We then headed into Waterstones to see what they had to offer in their graphic novel / manga section and they've actually improved since the last time I was in Telford Waterstones! I knew it was bad of me to spend more money but I couldn't resist buying more manga books! Argh I am such a bad influence and the voice in my head that normally tells me to stop what I am doing must be on holiday too (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ
I also bought some DVD's from HMV and there is a small niggle in the back of my mind telling me it was a bad idea, but it's Beyblade and my closest friends know me so well and just understand that Beyblade is my ultimate favourite anime / manga ever. 
At this point, we headed over to the retail park which was about a 10 minute walk from the town centre and because the weather was really nice, we ambled over instead of hurrying from place to place. One of the shops we ventured into was Smyths, which is like a big and cheaper version of Toys R Us and Steve was nice enough to buy Sapphire and myself presents *A* legit don't know what I did to deserve it but it was so sweet of him and I picked out My Little Pony toys because at heart I will always be a kid and also... I love Rarity and Fluttershy to pieces:
In the evening, Sapphire and I had been invited out to dinner for Jade's birthday (which was earlier in the week but this meal was for family and friends) and we went to a Chinese buffet restaurant somewhere in Wolverhampton. On the way, we were listening to a variety of music including The Rasmus and I think everyone in the car had their love for this band re-ignited, including myself. When we arrived at the restaurant, I believe every single person was ready to eat the tables and chairs from hunger. After we were finally seated, a few of us headed up to grab as much food as possible and there just so much different food to choose; from Indian to Japanese and from Thai to Chinese food, it all looked delicious. My first plate of food I bulked out on rice and seaweed, but tried some pork in yellow bean sauce and crab claws from recommendations, I loved the pork the most because it was moist and not dried out so thumbs up from me! My second plate of food, I could not even finish because my stomach was starting to ache at this point, I had some paneer curry, naan, ribs and vegetables. I am proud of myself for not eating as much food as I thought I would, but I regret not getting some other items.
I luckily had enough room for dessert, but I am one of those people who does not have a major sweet tooth so I had to include some fruit in what I had picked. They served little tiny bite-sized pieces of dessert and there was also a large range, including a chocolate fountain with marshmallows, but I stayed clear of e that because it would have just gone all over me.
We were at the restaurant until around 11pm and we didn't arrive back to Sapphire's house until gone 11.45pm and by this point, we were ready to collapse from exhaustion. It was a really nice day and a lovely evening all together ( ・ω・)
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Sunday, 16 September 2012

♡ A Little Here, A Little There ♡


♪♫ I'm burning dddooowwwnnn tonight ♪♫

I did have an idea of rolling two blog posts into one but once looking at the insane amount of pictures I have for both days, it is better that I didn't! So in advance I do apologise for the amount of pictures that shall be included here 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。

Friday 14th August: today, Sapphire and I only went into Telford town centre as we needed some food because we had basically eaten everything edible. First off we mooched into Primark as I was in desperate need of some new (and cheap) clothes, and for once Primark actually had some decent clothing and I spent way over my limit than I intended to (。┰ω┰。) 

My mass haul of clothes included; five t-shirts, a cardigan, a pair of leggings, new shoes for work and some accesories.

Again, I was super pleased with what I bought but my favourite has to be the pink/black cardigan! It goes with pretty much anything and the pattern is something intriguing to me for sure. Normally I am not bothered with what I wear for clothing, but recently I have been wearing the same thing over and over again; especially for work ヾ(´A`)ノ゚ and it's becoming boring and tedious. So the fact I have these new items, well they excite me and make me happy to try new things ( ´∀`)

We must have been in Primark over an hour at this point, so we then made a quick stop off to Costa for a drink and I decided to get the latest caramella latte drink that they are offering and it wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be, but it would nice! 

Another hour was spent here because the atmosphere is Costa is really relaxed and welcoming. Also the seats we had were really comfortable (◡‿◡✿) After our coffee hits, we finally went to Asda to buy the food we needed... which in retrospective didn't turn out how we planned either (_ _ll) curse you Asda for having Hello Kitty and Disney foods that made us both die inside and buy it to consume:

On Friday evening, we had planned to go over the Jade's house for a sleepover but it kind of didn't happen but we did still go round her house and the girls tried to make me watch the Kuroshitsuji musical and because it was being skipped along to the songs... I didn't really follow / understand it and so I begged Jade to turn it off at this point because... well... IT WAS SCARING ME 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 I think I need to lock myself away in my room and watch all of it from the beginning for me to like and understand it... mind you the actor who plays Sebastian is extremely hot and oh point I should make - you should never leave me alone for more than five minutes, especially with a bag of sweets with a perverted snake on the front:

That was basically our Friday and even though it seemed relaxed, we were actually rushing around like headless chickens at certain points but it was a fun day.

Peace Out

Saturday, 15 September 2012

♡ Birmingham Day Trip ♡


♪♫ Say la la la la la ha ha ha ha ha ♪♫

It is one of those days where I am having very extreme crazy moments from tiredness and drinking too much sugary drinks /d'oh/ and I somehow have this song stuck in my head... oh well! On with what I am actually meant to be writing about:

I have never ever, in my whole life, ever visited the lovely city of Birmingham and yesterday I was finally able to go with Sapphire and Jade! At first I was having slight panic attacks because I had not been paid by work, like I was supposed to be, but luckily my mother was kind enough to loan me some money - which I have paid back already huzzah (^ω^)I decided to wear a pair of my monster nails that I had purchased from ebay a while ago and it kind of failed after an hour because I had used tabs instead of glue... never using tabs for false nails again (`Д´ )

We made it to Birmingham around 11:30am and instantly went to find this small bubble tea shop that Jade was banging on about and with the help of a lovely mall guard, we found the stand (not a shop) across from Selfridges. It was Jade's and Sapphire's first time trying bubble tea and they asked me for recommendations and so after scanning the menu... I wasn't very helpful and said that any one was a good choice (゜▽゜;) I decided to have vanilla milk tea with orange popping bubbles and it was really delicious! If you find yourself in Birmingham Bullring shopping centre, go and find the moo-cha stand opposite Selfridges!

The weather was really gorgeous for the day, but it got slightly too hot after lots of walking and so I had to take off my scarf and jumper (;▽;) we mooched off into Waterstones where Sapphire and Jade proceeded to look at the manga whilst I oogled the Hellboy and Thor graphic novels - there were so many to choose from and many that I don't have 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 After that, we walked to another small shopping centre part called The Oasis where it has more alternative fashion/music etc and there were some bit that interested the others but it just came across as a naff Camden. After this we decided to find the restaurant I had booked online for us to go eat at, which was over near the ICC and canal area of Birmingham. It took us over an hour and half to find this place and the area it was suppose to be in... well it just didn't seem to exist and as it was close to around to 2:30 at this point so we hopped into a Yo!Sushi that was conveniently there:

Lots and lots of delicious food (´・ω・`)

We didn't really eat a lot as Sapphire and I had ordered some takeaway sushi from another Yo!Sushi store... sometimes you can just have too much sushi  (*´_ゝ`)
After lunch, we walked back through New Street and stopped off in another Waterstones which was in a building that resembled an old council building(?) It was a pretty building and had those two way stairs that you see in historical films where the girl comes down the stairs at a ball and the guy is oogling her as she walks down. Do you know what I mean? /gah/ ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
I managed to buy a couple of manga books, as it has actually been over a year since I last bought some for my collection, and it certainly looked interesting to me! Then when we went back to the original Waterstones we had visited earlier, I brought some more of the same series:

Books 1 through to 6 huzzah (*ノ▽ノ)

Very! Very! Sweet! by Ji Sang Shin and Geo 

A spoiled brat from a wealthy Japanese family, Tsuyoshi is unceremoniously shipped off to Korea by his strict grandfather who tells him the family secret — they’re Korean! Sparks fly when the resentful high schooler arrives at the airport and shares an impromptu cab ride with Kang Be-Ri, a plucky girl who happens to be his new neighbor. Will the two ever get past their differences? And will Tsuyoshi learn to accept his new destiny?

I am not sure if this series is a manga or a manhwa... I need to ask my friend who likes manhwa. Also, I technically got one of these books for 79p... because I had paid under £20 after using my points from my club card and I didn't realise until we had returned home and I finally went to look at the receipt! What a bargain of the day and I had such a grin on my face ( ´∀`)
We went back to the bullring at this point and down into the food court area of Selfridges, where Sapphire and I picked up our takeaway sushi, and there were so many tasty treats tempting us... Jade and I couldn't resist buying something:

The macaroons are actually for my parents, they say they should hold out for 5-6 days and I go back home on Monday so fingers cross they will survive (ノдヽ) And my excuse for the pop tarts? Yeah I don't actually have one...
As we weren't allowed to catch a train home during peaks times (even though I swear we all asked for a ticket during peak hours) we had about an hour to kill so we mooched around in Starbucks drinking a whole load of drinks and talking. It was nice to relax and not be on our feet at this point

They spelled my name wrong (/゚Д゚)/

Walking back through the bullring - it literally huge and split into two sections with more shops in the middle... mother of god - Jade bought some more bubble tea for the train journey home and we made a quick detour into Forever21 and it was the best decision ever. I love Forever21 but sometimes their ranges can be a hit or miss with me and instead of looking at the clothes, I headed straight upstairs to the accessories section! There was so many goodies to choose from, I don't quite know how I refrained myself from buying EVERYTHING!

*bling bling*

Ummm... that was basically our day! The weather was gorgeous, the company was lovely, the food was delicious and the shopping was amazing. Overall, Birmingham was a great experience for me and I know that my mam would probably like it also because of the kind of shops that were around, so I'm going to suggest to her coming up to Birmingham for a girly weekend ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I think I've written about everything now so have my favourite picture of myself from that day, because you cannot see my face o(`ω´*)o

Peace Out

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

♡ I'm On Holiday! ♡


I am /technically/ on my holiday up in the lovely north of England in Telford visiting my best friend Sapphire - you can check her blog out here if you so desire. Granted yes I am not sunbathing somewhere hot and exotic like Bali or wrapping up warm in a much colder - and more preferred climate in my eyes as I die in heat - country like Greenland or Sweden! But honestly, I barely get to see my friend enough so it's nice to be able to kick back, not worry about work and chill out with her for a whole 10 days d=(´▽`)=b

I travelled up last Friday by train - which after previous times where I took a coach from Stansted Airport that is down my end, going by train is certainly a much quicker, cheaper and an easier mode of transport... silly me being so slow in realising it! Anyway, I managed to get to Euston station an hour early before I was meant to depart towards Birmingham New Street Station where my changeover to Telford would happen, so I took this opportunity to start reading my book and eat my food I managed to grab from Wasabi located in Liverpool Street Station:

Chicken katsu with a sweet chilli sauce, edamame and seaweed rice balls (*´∇`)

The train left Euston at 11.20am and after my changeover, I arrived safely in Wellington train station at 2.59pm! I did fall asleep on the train from Birmingham New Street Station and managed to wake myself up the stop before I was meant to get off *phew* I quite enjoyed my journey up as the nicely air conditioned train from Euston was practically empty so I was able to drink, do some reading and listen to my music in peace without being disturbed:

Since arriving, we haven't really done much in excitement wise... I mean on the Friday I arrived, we managed to buy some things from the local Chinese supermarket and meet up quickly with Jade before heading back and devouring our food goodies and over the weekend we have been watching some dramas - especially Ikemen desu ne which I have been eyeing up for a while now as I am completely head over heels in love with the Korean version 'You're Beautiful' - Jang Geun Suk is just dreamy beyond words /dies from euphoria/ 
We also went into Telford town centre today and drank strawberry lemonade from Costa - our tradition is drinking peach iced tea but we decided to get something different for once! I think I've hooked Sapphire on too many things in a short space of time... d'oh!
Oh! We managed to buy some nice ramyun from the Chinese supermarket and put some little extras we bought on top. I put spring onions, tofu, nori and a boiled egg on mine and it was just delicious! I wish I bought more the same day... oh well knowing us we'll be making another trip back there again ψ(`∇´)ψ

Errrm... yes! On Thursday we are going into Birmingham for the day with Jade and I'm really excited about that as I have never actually been to Birmingham before and so it's a whole new experience for me! Also we are having a major sushi day as we found an all you can eat sushi buffet not far from the bullring AS WELL as finding out that Yo!Sushi does a service where you can place your order online and pick it up from the restaurant at a certain time... score!
Anyway... that's about all for this particular blog post so have a picture of me and Sapphire:

And I'll finish off with this video as it has been stuck in my head all day long! Damn you EXO and your catchy songs /gah/ ヾ(-_-;)

'Aye yooooooo wassup!'

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

♡ So I Went On Ebay Again... ♡


It has been a nice run with having some money to spend on things I have been pining after for a few months  - I also need to write another blog post about what I ordered from Kairai (my shopping service guy) because I was finally able to pay him off the final part of what I owed him at the beginning of the month! 
It was amazing at how little money I actually had spent altogether, but I swear down this ebay splurge was (and will be) my last haul for a very long time as I now have put my frame of mind into saving my money for my move to Japan - I also need to write another blog post about that and some other things... I don't understand how I have suddenly had this surge of writing (T A T) but I quite like it and it's keeping me busy when I'm not at work.

Oh right, back to the actual subject of this post...

3D False Nails

OK yes I do love designing my own nails but lately I have been a bit stuck with ideas on what to do exactly - a.k.a lazy - and upon searching ebay I found all these gems from the same seller from £2 - £4! What a bargain right? My favourite definitely has to be the neon monster faces in the top left corner because they suit me down to the ground and will be able to go with any of my clothing.

Long Wine Red Natral Straight Kanekalon Wig

I am unfortunately one of those people who gets bored of her hair colour every week or so and instead of destroying my hair with dye, I decided to buy a wig and give it a test run before I went ahead and bought more. The reason I bought this particular wig was because I do love dying my hair red the most and I've always wanted long hair with the full fringe so here we are to be honest. The wig suits me and even though the fringe is just a tad too long, it can be pushed to the side and makes just a nice side fringe as well as a full fringe. I cannot wait to buy more wigs now but first... I think I might need some wig stands!

Diamond Sweet Eye and Cat Eye False Lashes

These items were my final purchases from ebay and I don't regret buying them one little bit. Because these particular Diamond lashes have a clear band on them instead of a thick black one, they're easier to put on and are flexible to put into shape without having to re-do the glue a few times over. I've worn the sweet eye (one on the left in the pink box) for a day look when I had decided to wear make-up to work one day and the cat eye (purple box on the right) I have used for a more glamour night time look. I must admit that I am now oogling a few pairs of Diamond's lower lashes... when will I learn huh?!

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