Sunday, 17 January 2016

♡ A Little Lush Sale Haul ♡


I promise that I am being good with my money and saving for my Tokyo trip at the end of the year, but I couldn't resist spending a little bit on a few items in the LUSH Boxing Day sale! Well... I actually purchased these items on the Sunday after Christmas as I couldn't get onto the website all day long on the Saturday... I guess that a lot of people wanted a few good sales items!

Originally, I was just going to get some doubles of my favourite winter bath bombs and bubble bars like the Candy Mountain and the So White ones, and possibly get my hands on a couple of items that I hadn't managed to try, like the Magic Wand reusable bubble bar but alas... most single items had sold out by the Sunday so I had to re-think my plans!

Firecracker Array
I wanted to get a couple of back-ups of the Candy Mountain bubble bar and when the singles had sold out online, I saw that it was in this particular box, along with my favourite Intergalactic bath bomb! I really couldn't resist having another Intergalactic in my storage box, so into the basket it went.

Snow Fairy's Castle
This box had two of my original items that I had planned on purchasing, and to get an extra 100g of the Snow Fairy shower gel was a bonus for me! I must admit, I had a little bit of a silly moment and believed that the Fairy Dust was a dry shampoo and not a body dust! Whoops...

Cinders Bath Bombs
These cute diddly bath bombs are something I've had my eye on over the winter but never got around to actually nabbing a couple, so I was relieved that these were still in stock and ugh, the smell is glorious I tell you! It's like a hot, spicy, marshmallow mess... and I love it.

The fact is... I am super impressed at this haul because instead of paying over £40 (with shipping), I managed to save a little over £20 and I do love a bargain. Who doesn't?! I have at least a few weeks of smelling super sweet until I need to stock up again... whoops!
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Sunday, 10 January 2016

♡ What I Got for Christmas ♡


My favourite kind of posts around this time of year, is seeing what everyone else got for Christmas. It's kind of like, being nosy but not because they're the ones sharing it with us? Plus, I like glittery/shiny, new things. I really was spoilt rotten for Christmas this year, and I thought I was getting a handful of presents? I did know of some items, as they were purchased via my accounts, but about 85% of what's here, was indeed a huge surprise. Imagine tears and hiccuping and trying to say 'thank you' in between those. But, enough about me and my breakdowns, onto the goodies!
Secret Garden & Lost Ocean colouring booksNendoroid Hatsune Miku: Harvest Moon Ver.December issue of Popteen magazine & Popteen MookVIXX's Live Fantasia Utopia DVDUrban Decay Naked 3 Palette|Venus I & II Eyeshadow Palettes|Limited Edition Velvetine Trio|SHO-BI Decorative Eyelashes in Play Sexy #3 & #8|MAC Lipsticks in Dark Deed, Rebel, Hearts Aflame & Lingering Kiss|MAC A Novel Romance Eyeshadow Quad|3CE Matte Lipsticks in Spotted, Tell The Truth & Cheeky Cheeky|MEMEBOX x PONY Eyeshadow Palette|Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Ruby Slipper, Gravity & Cher|Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks in 1995, Cherry Cordial, Underground, Vintage Rose & Dragonberry|Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks in Dirty Money, Masochist & Dominatrix|Relax with Colouring 2016 Diary
Not pictured; VIXX Chained Up duo CD's|Love Live! Kotori Minami figure|Softbox Portable LED Lighting Kit

I really am a lucky girl. I spent the rest of the day (and weekend) stating that I was a "spoilt princess" etc. I can't wait to use as many of these products as possible (and expect lots of future reviews) and incorporate them into lots of different make-up looks! Watch this space.
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Sunday, 3 January 2016

♡ My 2015 Highs & Lows ♡


2015 was a roller-coaster of a year for me, emotionally and physically wise. Despite that, I feel like that I have come out a little bit stronger, than what I felt like at the beginning of 2015, so that's a plus, right? Besides struggling with my demons and emotions, I experienced a lot of positivity in a few different forms.

Meeting my favourite band
Meeting your favourite band/actor/artist is any fangirl's dream, so upon hearing that LOST ASH would be coming to the UK for Hyper Japan... well, lets just so that a lot of screaming and uncontrollable crying was involved. Closer to the actual date though, nerves kicked in more that anything and there was even a point where I didn't want to meet them face to face because of said nerves but, I overcame them and managed to meet them twice AND see them perform live twice. A massive highlight was the members recognising me on the second day, even though it was thanks to my hair because how can you forget someone with platinum blonde w/ pastel pink and pastel purple hair huh?!

Meeting my favourite drag queen
As well as meeting my fave band, to top it off I met Phi Phi O'hara last October! I have, hand on my heart, loved Phi Phi for about two years now since I had a binge fest on RPDR and after finding out that she was coming to the UK for the first time ever, hello early birthday present to me! She is the sweetest person I could have met and as it was HER birthday on the day of the drag show, I managed to scrap together some presents and she was super, duper sweet about them *phew* but ahhh I want to go to more drag shows this year and see Phi Phi live again - if she ever comes back to the UK!

Travelling to Sweden
This was my first ever solo trip abroad, and technically only my third trip abroad but that's ok! I met my gorgeous friend Christina, whom I met on tumblr originally and then BAM! I was saying about needing a holiday and she said "Come to Sweden and stay with me!" and so I did! Best decision ever because I could do things on my own terms, without worrying about other people, and I experienced the glorious Stockholm in all its historical glory... and it's make-up stores whoops.

To put all my low points together - overspending in Stockholm so I was in a little bit of debt, was a stupid situation to be in but I certainly learnt my lesson there. I also lost an old, good friend from school because, well I realised that she wasn't actually good for me any more. She was a little bit poisonous and narrow minded so I had to be mean and cut ties off there. At first, it was awful but after a couple of weeks I slowly came around to it and now it's like, "... who?". A final, big low point was not being in control of my depression to the point where I contemplated quite a few things. It's bad, I know, and it took a while... a long, long, long while when I started to feel myself again, but I did overcome it and I'm glad that I did.

So there we have it. My highs and lows of 2015 and even though there were only a few, major highs over the year... I am rather soddin' proud of those highs! 2016 will bring some new adventures, especially many with my best friend and my closet friends, so bring it all on! Oh, and I hope you will enjoy reading along with me and my blog this year ♡

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Friday, 1 January 2016

♡ あけましておめでとう! ♡


It's officially 2016 and I swear that 2015 hasn't existed... is it just me or did it go really fast? I think most of it was spent sleeping, eating and watching dramas on my part... I don't really know, it's all kind of merged into one at this point.

What do you think of my blog's make-over? After spending the past month searching far, and wide, for a new theme, I finally settled on this beauty from Minty Fox Designs on Etsy. It's clean but it's still got that little bit of a flare? And it suits my inner dark child. I will still bring along what I've already been blogging about, I won't let that disappear, but I'll hopefully be adding lots more "personal" posts, especially cosplay ones etc.

Yep, you read that right. Cosplay blog posts. It's official, I will be starting to cosplay but, I will be making every single one myself... ugly sobs inserted here. But, I am looking forward to it as it will be an experience on its own, and I will be experiencing it with my best friend! She's super stoked that I'm getting into cosplay at long last... I think I could hear her screaming all the way from Ipswich.

So, 2016. Not going to set myself any resolutions or any particular goals as I have what I want to do already set out, so I'm just going to do things in my own way and at my own pace. No pressure, hopefully. I hope you will join me on my journey through this year, from reading my blog to interacting with me on twitter/instagram etc. I,  honestly, look forward to it.

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