Sunday, 26 August 2012

♡ Fashion Inspiration: Colour Pop ♡


This is my last blog post about fashion inspiration and it has been a big gap since the last one but I have finally finished editing pictures together on the sort of co-ordination looks I am /hopefully/ aiming for one day. The most popular brand for this inspiration is definitely Super Lovers but there is also Peace Now, Putumayo, Hyper Core, Toxic Star and even some Ghost of Harlem pieces.

Now, when I say 'colour pop' I don't instantly mean that one primary / bright colour that stands out against the rest of your clothing and accessories, I do mean this but at the same time I don't - if that makes sense at all, I hope I can make this make sense! Basically, from the co-ordination pictures above and below, you can tell that there isn't just one colourful item, that there can be two and possibly three items that make you stand out and that is what I want to achieve. Yes there will be the obvious monochrome 'background' pieces but I am aiming for that pop of colour that will make people turn their heads even just slightly.

Oh and on one final note, all images from this post and the past fashion inspiration posts (here and here) are from KERA magazines, January - June issue.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

♡ Lime Crime Haul ♡


I was lucky enough to have some spare money left over for a slight Lime Crime splurge! I've never bought anything from this site before but I have read lots of reviews (good and bad mind you...) and articles about the brand and the products itself. I managed to purchase five items without making my bank account cry too much, especially when the products I purchased were actually on sale due to discontinuation, which is a shame but I feel lucky / happy to get something from Lime Crime! Oh and it came with a little Aquataenia postcard... how adorable!

A little information about the magic dazzle dust eyeshadow on the Lime Crime website:

Collection of high-shimmer loose eyeshadows, inspired by your favorite fairytales. Designed for dreamy effects on your eyes, lips and cheeks, these loose powders combine intense pearlescence with just a touch of underlying color. Each Magic Dust comes in a no-spill container.

TIPS & TRICKS: Remove plastic seal from the sifter. With lid tightly closed, tap bottom of jar lightly upside down. Use product from the sifter with a brush, sponge applicator or fingers. For all-day wear & crease-proof finish, prime your lids with our acclaimed Eyeshadow Helper.

DIVA: warm bronze colour with a hint of sparkle gold

TWILIGHT: soft lavender-purple with twinkles of violet. Subtle yet fanciful!

CUPCAKE THIEF: soft pink with beautiful glow. Excellent cheek-bone highlighter!

TOP HATTIE: pure shimmery white

EYESHADOW HELPER: "Lasts till dawn... comes off when you want it to."

Despite the fact the primer came a bit cracked around the edges, I am thrilled with my items and the cute little purple packaging it came it! I am such a sucker for the colour purple - and red but shhh! Oh and it was delivered within a week of payment so that is super quick compared to some online stores where packages arrive a week after shipment, but with Lime Crime it arrived a week after payment and not shipment! So 10/10 for delivery there ★

I simply cannot wait to go out wearing these fantastic Lime Crime shadows and I cannot wait to order more items from Lime Crime in the future as I do have my eye on the Chinchilla opaque lipstick, the Palette D'Antoinette fantasy eyeshadow palette and the entire nail polish collection! *Whew* I hope my bank account can handle my little indulgences!

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Friday, 24 August 2012

♡ Cosmetic-Love Haul ♡


I've decided to write this blog as a joint review / show off on what I bought and it has been a long time since I've purchased some beauty products and so I was finally able to using this online store! What I love about this website is the fact is sells Korean branded cosmetics only, which makes choosing less complicated for me! They are providing a service to customers, like myself, with the wide range of products from various Korean brands such as Laneige, Etude House, Tony Moly, Missha, Skinfood, The Face Shop etc etc. They also say that they're going to expand their ranges also so I am hoping they'll stock some Banila, Amore Pacific and Nature Republic! Oh and also alongside the fact I got a lot of free samples with my order! It really was a nice surprise upon opening the box.

The three brands I stuck too were Skin Food, Tony Moly and Etude House because these were the products, beside Tony Moly, that I had brought back from my trip to Seoul so the fact that I knew these brands made my decisions on choosing what to buy easier.. I managed to spend £36 on these seven items, which compared to UK prices on make-up it is extremely well priced and much cheaper!

Here are a few pros and cons about cosmetic-love;


★ Easy to navigate around website
★ Free shipping worldwide
★ Good price range of products - ranging from £2 all the way to £34
★ Good range of products such as BB cream and even sun care products
★ Reward points system
★ Quick delivery


★ I don't believe there are really any cons for this websites...

Obviously this is personal opinion when saying that the website has no cons and even though this was my first order from this particular site, it was a pleasurable and easy experience and in the future I shall decide to use this store to purchase all my Korean beauty products and they have a customer for life.

Skin Food Lemon Tea BB Cream and Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

Skinfood Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB Cream: A hydrating and fitting BB cream that revitalizes and hydrates skin with aromatic rose and refreshing lemon extracts. Immediately releases water drops to transform skin into a soft, supple texture.

Skinfood Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder: Powder, that leaves the skin feeling smooth and clear with the micro silica powder of the Air Jet Mill method of construction.

Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake and Lovely Cookie Blusher in Apricot Pudding

Etude House Sweet Eye Cupcake: Two-toned baked eye shadows with light reflecting properties. Colour bought is Menu 1 which is brown tones

Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher: Various beautiful and bright colors lasts for long time on your cheeks with its sebum control powder and coating pigment. Colour bought was Apricot Pudding which is a soft, baby tone orange colour

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer: It prevent from removing and creaseing eyeshadow and eyeliner for a long lasting effect. It makes silky and sleek eyelids for better adhesion and it makes perfect eyes without sticking or stiffing.

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil

Etude House Easy Brow Pencil: Smooth texture for natural brow and water proof & long lasting effect. Colour ordered was in brown.

Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer in Light Beige

Tony Moly Baby Doll Pot Concealer:  A long-lasting and perfect cover item. It maintains clean make-up for a long time, because Porous powder absorbs excessive sebum and cotead powder particles enhances adhesion.

I do believe that is everything I wanted to write about this site and the products purchased... so I honestly recommend going there if you do buy Korean cosmetics / beauty products because their service is just exquisite.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

♡ I Went To London Again! ♡


It's been a while since I've done anything productive and actually left my house for something else other than work. Originally yesterday was a day for me to go and hand in my final re-sit assignments for university but unfortunately I am struggling with one of them because with trying to put down the exact words I have inside my head is becoming a problem for me (_ _ll)

Anyway, I managed to spend an afternoon out in Central London (again!) and enjoy the company of some lovely friends - one of whom it was a goodbye as he was going back to Korea for a year or two, very sad times as he is a straight up sound guy. A group of us met outside of Leicester Square station - I swear it's the only train station people know of without getting lost... but anyway we all met around 2pm and at this time a few were hungry - including myself as I was naughty in skipping breakfast again... I must stop doing that (; ̄Д ̄)
We all headed over to Corean Chilli - a popular Korean restaurant located just a minute from the station exit - and were seated pretty much instantly. Now in the past when I have visited Corean Chilli, I have never had any problems from waiters/waitresses or the food but today was very different. Our waitress was extremely rude to us as a group and spoke in very short, sharp sentences and when it came to ordering, yes I'll admit we were a bit higglty pigglty but hey, that's what happens sometimes you know? I decided to go for my usual of Corean Chilli's sweet chicken with rice and a kimchi fried pancake, as I was seriously craving kimchi pancake for a while now. My friend Sasha also ordered the sweet chicken like I did... and well she wasn't impressed either with her food. Now... where to begin with this meal;


★ Was served to the table very quickly
★ Served hot


★ Kimchi pancake was slicked with oil and burnt around the edges
★ Chicken was more batter than meat
★ Almost chewed my jaw off said batter
★ Rice tasted like day-old food
★ Rice was non-sticky and felt like I was eating basmati rice
★ Poor Sasha only had one piece of vegetable whilst I seemed to have the rest
★ Sauce was too sickly sweet, unlike last time when it was just the right amount of sweet
★ Pineapple juice was warm
★ Pineapple juice in a glass that wasn't even £3.30 worthy
★ Waitress was extremely rude
★ Wouldn't let us pay separately even though we asked and we did it before in the past
★ Waitress ignored us for 15 minutes before giving us out bill

Yeah I don't think I'll continue with the cons... we shall be here all day to be honest. So basically my deal with this restaurant was the bad service, bad manners and for once, the bad food. Yeah it is only one bad experience at this restaurant but honestly, I doubt I will ever go back again.

Continuing on, a few wanted cake and I stated how in one of the bakeries located in Chinatown is a) massive and b) cheaply priced so we headed over to the Golden Gate Bakery - which honestly is one of my favourite bakeries because they are just so friendly and happy in there! Oh and one time I got loads of free cake for no apparent reason, so happy place! I ordered a slice of strawberry mousse cake which is delicious and perfect for the weather that we had for the day - seriously it was like we were being baked in an oven, I kind of regretted wearing jeans for the day by this point. After the bakery, Sasha and I headed into Boba Jam for some ice cold bubble tea but in a way it was Sasha who treated me to it because she needed to pay by card and there is a spending limit before you have to use card payments... so yeah Sasha I owe you one bubble tea!

After that, we dispersed from each other to be honest and I tagged along with Jackie to the KCC to see Jay for a filming thing they were doing. We literally walked from the KCC to Trafalgar, to Leicester Square, back towards Trafalgar and then onward towards Green Park. It was so long and in the heat we all seemed to tire easily but manages to find a nice piece of shade in Green Park;

I literally left the others to do their filming and I sat down under a tree and read more of my book. It's called 'Please Look After Mother' (엄마를 부탁해) and it's written by South Korean author Kyung-sook Shin. The book is about the disappearance of sixty-nine-year-old So-Nyo when is separated from her husband among the crowds of the Seoul subway station, her family begins a desperate search to find her. Yet as long-held secrets and private sorrows begin to reveal themselves, they are forced to wonder: how well did they actually know the woman they called Mom? It is such a powerful book and because of the style of writing, it made me believe that the author was telling a story from her life and it actually surprised me that this story is fictional. I enjoyed it so much and didn't put it down for two days straight, I seriously feel like reading it all over again now.

It was about 7pm when I decided to head home as instead of the usual 30-40 minute journey towards Kingston, I had to endure a grueling 2 and a half hours to my parents home here in Essex. I'm still finding it hard adjusting here and now that I won't officially graduate university until January, my plans to move to Japan and teach English out there has been pushed back a few extra months which suck beyond belief. Despite a few hiccups to the day and the extremely hot weather, it was nice to be in London and be away from Essex even for a few hours.

Peace Out