Tuesday, 19 June 2012

♡ Fashion Inspiration: Punk Rock Style ♡


Just like a previous post, I have been skimming through KERA magazines from January 2012 through to May 2012 and picking out co-ordinates that appeal to my sense of taste (despite not actually putting this sense of taste to my wardrobe yet as I'm still losing weight...) This time though, I sorted out all the co-ords into the "Punk Rock" catergory because of the classic tartan prints laced with blacks, leather and chains - stereotypical I know but that is what is associated with the particular style.
"Punk fashion has been extremely commercialized at various times, and many well-established fashion designers — such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier — have used punk elements in their production. Punk clothing, which was initially handmade, became mass produced and sold in record stores and some smaller specialty clothing stores by the 1980s. Many fashion magazines and other glamor-oriented media have featured classic punk hairstyles and punk-influenced clothing" read more on the subject here.

What I like about the style of punk fashion is that it's not one sub-culture, but more divided in many and with other different style influences infused into the mix, it seems to bring out a whole new style itself. I like the contrast of the vivacious reds popping against the sleek blacks that seem to be the base colour of practically any style and personally... I like red (a lot) I enjoy looking at designers lines like Vivienne Westwood's and I like clothing brands like GLAD NEWS that seem to incorporate this style into their lines and if it keeps my legs covered then it certainly gets a vote from me!

Me being me, I won't be comfortable in any form of style until I have at least lost a few more dress sizes and toned up all the flabby parts of my body that seem to be forming from the weight loss. But I hope one day I'll be able to do two, maybe even three of these co-ords you see in this post here. I think it would be a style that would suit me greatly and now I'm just praying that I'll become happier with myself so I can try out this style as it's something that appeals to me the most out of all three styles I've choosen.


Peace Out

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