Thursday, 26 July 2012

♡ Leibster Award ♡

So doing my weekly reads of blogs I follow - and sometimes of blogs that they follow also - I came across a post about an online "blog award" called a Leibster Award.

What is a Lebster Award exactly?

★ The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. 
★ The Meaning; Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome. 

The Rules: 

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer 
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your post. 
4. Go to their page and tell them. 
5. Remember no tag backs!

Now, me being a slight sucker for things like these I thought it would be nice to put forward some of my friends and other bloggers that follow me (and I follow etc etc) And also as I haven't myself been put up for this, I don't have eleven questions to answer so instead I'll just write the eleven things about myself and the eleven questions for the people I will tag.

Eleven Things About Myself:

★ I have an eclectic taste in music - or so I've been told - ranging from country & western, dance and hindi all the way to k-pop, j-pop and visual kei.
★ Despite honey being the only food in the world not to be allergic to, my body still finds a way to reject it... oh and I can't touch maple syrup and treacle without throwing my guts up.
★ When I do play games using a game station; I tend to stick to games in the ranges of GTA, Red Dead Revolver and Fable. Everything else I'm just rubbish at.
★ If I wasn't on this diet to lose a lot of weight, I would legit eat cheese 24/7
★ I have 40 pairs of high heels in my wardrobe yet I barely wear high heels these days 
★ I'm graduating university with a 2:1, but I still need to complete and submit three essays to actually be able to graduate properly
★ Contrary to the question - cats or dogs? I can never decide because I prefer both cats and dogs
★ I prefer to spend my money on cd's and dvd's than on food and clothes - this was the case during my three years as a student...
★ I work as a nursery assistant until I get my university degree so I can go to Japan and/or South Korea to teach English
★ I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to gore, but the one thing I cannot stand is vomit 
★ I usually suck at thinking up facts about myself...

Eleven People I Think Deserve This Award:

2. Keita
3. Ali
4. Dodo
5. Hollie
7. Magda
8. Toni
9. Suwan
10. Chriss
11. Ray (the like one and only guy who I actually follow on blogspot... oh and he just started out but already has an awesome blog)

Eleven Questions to These Eleven People:

1. How would you describe your fashion style?
2. If you were a model for any particular magazine, what one would you choose to model for?
3. What is your opinion on plus sized models?
4. If you were locked in a cupboard for a weekend with one item of food and drink to survive on, what item would that food and drink be?
5. If you were given a one way ticket to any location in the world - where would you go?
6. Best live gig you have been to so far in your life?
7. A song that makes you feel nostalgic?
8. If you were to meet your idol, how would you react and what would you say to them?
9. Favourite item of clothing/accessory/footwear in your wardrobe?
10. What do you aspire to become?
11. What life lessons do you live by?

If you have only just stumbled across this online award /thing/ and haven't been nominated yourself, who would you put up for this?

Peace Out

Sunday, 8 July 2012

♡ Day Trip to London ♡


On Tuesday, I was finally able to go into central London without having the worry of work or study weighing heavily on my shoulders. I was originally meeting up with just Sharan for the day, but we decided to invite a few others especially since I don't know when I'll be seeing them again because of all my funds are being saved for my move abroad as well as the Olympics starting in London on the 27th of this month!

A few of the group met outside of Leicester Square station and upon deciding to go and find somewhere to eat - as it was close to about 1pm and some of us are extremely naughty and didn't have breakfast /whoops/ - a couple more people joined us on our stroll through Chinatown towards a small Japanese restaurant called Misato. I had never been to this place before so it made a nice change to the usual hideouts I tend to lurk around. I must admit that I was worried about prices as many locations in London can be extremely expensive, especially when it came to food, but luckily the costs where very low and the portions turned out to be rather large! Misato is very small, almost like a cafe/canteen style place and we only waited 10 minutes to be seated as there were six of us and they had to push tables together for us to fit. I was happy to order some inari sushi and kitsune udon with mango juice and even those three items came dead on £10 - which honestly as someone who worries about money I will be happy to return to this establishment again.

What made me happy was being able to feel comfortable around these people and mess around like crazy - especially when it came to them grilling me about my other half and I pretended to be all like "can't talk eating" and it changed the subject for five minutes before it came full circle around again /d'oh/ ('-'*)

After food, we headed over to Trocodero to wait for a few more people and as the weather was a bit iffy it was the best place to go and sit without being given death glares from people. On the way though we did stop off at Starbucks and get drinks - despite just finishing lunch literally 10 minutes ago - and me being me, I did contemplate having coffee but decided against it and went for a blackberry fruit frappe (`・ω・´)” Sharan actually decided against having coffee also and went for the mango passionfruit frappe but we ended up drinking some of each others in the end!

It must have been an hour we spent in Trocodero before we headed over to the market in Chinatown where the プリクラ machines were and in the end only three of us went into the booths but it was ok - we made some blinding プリクラ pictures in the end!

After プリクラ, a few of us split into groups as some wanted to go and eat whilst others needed to do things and I, myself, needed to head over to Arigato (a Japanese supermarket) for some things I like to cook at home. So, it was just Sharan and myself and we enjoyed the walk from Leicester Square down to behind the Boots in Piccadilly and then back again where we popped into Costa for a peach iced tea. After, we headed over to Tottenham Court Road station where we met up with Sharan's friend Bekki and ate dinner at Seoul Bakery. Now loads of my friends seem to go to Seoul Bakery often, but the fact was that this was my first visit to this restaurant, just like it was my first time visiting Misato! I've heard good things about Seoul Bakery though so I was happy to go along and try out the food (︶ω︶) I ordered the beef bulgolgi for my main meal as we decided to share Gimbap and pancake... to be slightly honest here I wish I had choosen something else to eat as the bulgolgi was nice it just wasn't for me 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 But the service was lovely and so was the fact you can write on the walls! Myself, Sharan and Bekki all did a post-it note... can you guess which one is mine? /teehee/

After dinner, we headed over to Bar One which was across the road from the station to meet up with the others who went straight there whilst we had dinner. I didn't drink anything but Jackie kindly bought me a non-alcoholic mojito and it was delicious! Just wished they had skimped on the mint leaves just a little bit (。┰ω┰。) other than that... I headed home at around 8pm as it takes two hours to get back to where I specifically live in Essex as buses only run every hour and I had sadly missed one by five minutes so I had fifty five to kill... luckily I had a book on me!
Oh! I almost forgot that I did buy some goodies! A new gorgeous notebook that seemed way overpriced but I couldn't resist it /sobs/ and a packet of strawberry yogurt face masks! I spoke to the stall holder that sold them saying I had combination skin and after 10 minutes of finding the ones that would be suitable for my skin type... I did go for this particular one just because of the pink /creys

And that was really my day out in central London! I do apologise for such a lengthy post... I mean I was out for over 12 hours that day! I just hope I didn't bore you all to death...

Thanks for reading!