Sunday, 1 January 2017

♡ Oh Shit... Whaddup 2017! A Quick Catch Up + What I got for Christmas ♡


It's been a while hasn't it? I must admit, I hadn't had that familiar blogging feeling for a while before my trip to Tokyo, but now I am back - well, it seems to have travelled back with me!

2016, has most certainly, been a roller coaster for everyone it seems - some with more ups, than downs, whilst others had more downs, than ups, and that is not necessarily a bad thing?! Personally; a massive down for me, involved hitting the highest peak of my mental health - where I had been driven to the point, where I saw no reason in carrying on any more with life... yeah, that was hard to say the least. But, with prodding and shoving, I was able to drag myself to the doctors, and I have been given the correct help that I, so desperately, needed, and now I am (slowly) on the road to recovery! I've decided, not to let my mental health stigmatise me, and lead my life any more, and I will strive forward with the determination (and some form of grace) I have had hidden away inside of me, for quite a while it seems.

Despite that down, a big climb up I endured, was completing my NVQ Level 3 in childcare - so that makes me, officially, a qualified nursery nurse! *inserts some form of witchy cackle here* Oh, and I suppose, another big climb was travelling to my dream country.. I mean, if you've been following me on instagram, and twitter, then you may have seen the spew of my posts. Only a small amount of spew... tiny, weeny bit *coughs* But, in all honesty, Tokyo was extremely fabulous, and I still miss the hustle and bustle of the city, and just... *sighs* I need to go back ASAP. Not going to even sugar coat it. I am going back. End of discussion.

Now, I don't have any goals, or resolutions, for 2017 - especially the ones that involve the mantra "new year, new me!" pffft. I'm just going to go along with life, and whatever comes my way - whether it be good or bad - I will take it. And hopefully not spontaneously combust from it, but hey, we shall see! I already have a few good events coming up this year - birth of another new baby cousin, my older brother getting married and... ok that's about it so far, but I'm sure more will come along!

What I got for Christmas

NOW. Here's something light, to finish off this post. I always love seeing what everybody received for Christmas - because heck, who doesn't love to be surprised by presents? Especially when there were some items, you weren't truly expecting! I only had a small, ten (or was it more... I can't remember tbh) item list, as I would have just come back from Tokyo with lots of goodies, so I wasn't expecting a great deal - until I come down on Christmas day, and get greeted w/ most of this lot (I say most, because I hadn't seen some family members until later that day, and on Boxing Day etc)
The biggest surprises for me - were the Vera Wang Princess perfume, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics and the Colourpop cosmetics! I'd completely forgotten that my mum was asking me which brand(s) I preferred, other than Urban Decay, and without even clocking on, I just said those two. Which is true, because these two brands were the two I used the most throughout the entire year!
Regardless, I feel like a spoilt princess, and I love each and every piece, and I am wearing my new slipper boots until they die - seriously they are so soft and warm and jfc, my feet welcome them.

So that's it! I did think of a couple new goals for the year, as I wrote this - improve my photography, and improve my make-up skills! Hopefully it will happen... fingers crossed. So, I wish all my friends, and family, and everyone in between, a healthy and thankful new year. May you never quash your hopes, dreams and desires, and remember to reach for the stars and the moon - because even though you may not believe it, you damn well deserve it ♡

Thank you for reading!


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    1. Happy new year to you too lovely!! ♡

  2. Oh girl that's a haul~ I also use the Vera Wang perfume almost every day >< I'm getting back to blogging after a long break at last hehe, if you have time to stop by~ Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! <3

    1. ooooooo girl! I may have had trouble finding places for these goodies... oops! And ofc I shall go and stop by! ;) Happy New Year to you bb!! ♡

  3. Oh my those are wonderful Christmas gifts!