Saturday, 19 December 2015

♡ Christmas Wishlist ♡


Everyone has a wishlist, and I certainly no exception, even though I am probably the worst person to buy for as I am FOREVER indecisive on what to ask for!

This is what I managed to narrow down my wishlist too. I feel bad because certain things are so expensive but it's the first things that came to mind at the time?! I did, accidentally, find out that I've got a couple of items because my mum asked me to unpack shopping, and forgot about them... whoopsie!
What have you asked for Christmas? Send me your links below to your wishlists or just tell me in the comments! It is, completely up to you ♡

Thanks for reading


  1. I asked for Amazon vouchers to purchase photography lighting too, darn UK gloom! It's a nightmare for bloggers haha


  2. @Sami; I like how you think ;) but argh! I cannot cope with all this UK gloom ;u; just a day of sunshine plz?!?!