Sunday, 7 April 2013

♡ Personal Ramblings ♡


Eat lunch in Paris and then fly to New York (anything is possible) ♪♫

Ever since Sapphire came to visit and left... I haven't really done a lot when it comes to being sociable with friends but instead concentrated on working as many hours as possible at my job. But now that it's April, things are starting to pick up with life wise as well as saving wise! I'll hopefully be meeting up with Sharan next weekend for lunch and a quick catch up in London and then at the beginning of May, I'll be welcoming Toni into my home for a weekend! I'm dead excited to see her again as it's been a year since I went up to Leeds for her birthday... wwwooowww that's really bad isn't it?

Now... the real reason behind this word vomit blog is for my friend Emilia, whom I am going to London MCM Expo with! It's been a while since I actually got up and went to expo... the last time was actually during my first year of university... and every time it's come around, something else always pops up which gave me an excuse not to go but this time around I am digging out my inner weeabo and heading to the expo for a full two days. I must be crazy...

Anywhore, Emilia and myself were talking about outfits and seeing if either one of us were going to cosplay for the event but in all honesty, I am not really a massive cosplay freak so I've just decided to dress up extra nice... a.k.a wigs and decent clothing. I hope Emilia approves ლ(╹◡╹ლ) well... either way this is what I'm basically going to wear! I just now need to order a load of things in the next week or so 。◕‿◕。 As soon I did the picture below... I've found other shirts and shoes that I would quite happily wear instead of certain items but we'll just keep the co-ords for now as a basic outline:

Outfit One Breakdown:

1. Grey jumper from New Look
2. Black/Grey buckle leather boots from Ebay
3. Striped leggings from Ebay
4. Spiked snapback cap from Ebay
5. Auburn wavy wig from Ebay

Outfit Two Breakdown:

1. Mint wavy rhapsody replica wig from Ebay
2. Rivet leather mix leggings from Ebay
3. Black winged trainers from Ebay
4. Spiked snapback cap from Ebay
5. Black and white striped jumper from New Look

It's all starting to get exciting now as I have just literally been told by Toni that she's booked her train tickets for the 3rd of May... excitement isn't right emotion on how I feel at the moment in time! We've already planned to go gorge ourselves until we burst out of our clothing on Mexican food - mainly tacos as Toni seems to be craving them more than anything! I'm not complaining though... it's great food and the restaurant we've chosen is an amazing venue ˘◡˘

Thanks for reading!