Sunday, 15 June 2014

♡ Etude House Woo Baby Plumping Tint ♡


I have been on a bit of an Etude House fix recently... I need to go back to expanding my horizons with make-up and beauty products but goddammit Etude House stop bring out things that appeal to me seriously! Otherwise I'm going to have to apply for a job at your HQ...

I was intrigued by this gloss at first site because. even though I haven't been in the market for a lip plumper gloss, I thought that it would be nice to branch away from the usual glosses, tints and lipsticks I generally go for. Like most Etude House products, this is more packaging than product but it was only a couple of pounds at the end of the day so why not?

Instead of a material wand end, there is a rubber spatula thing in its place and it's certainly an interesting experience using that as it's rather flexible and doesn't have much strength when pressure is applied so it kind of flops about when trying to apply the plumper to my lips. I actually find the little rubber spatula a lot easier to apply the plumper onto my lips in a nice, even coat than with a fluffy material wand that makes all the little pieces stick to your lips. I liked how it was clear with a pink tinge, so it could be used over the top of either lipstick to give a lipgloss effect or just by itself for a neutral lip if you opted for a colourful eye make-up.

left; photo taken on Google Nexus Tablet, right; photo taken on digital camera

The main reason that irks me about this product is that no plumping or plumping effect happened on my lips whatsoever. I wasn't expecting a dramatic difference that turned my lips into Angelina Jolie's luscious ones but I was expecting something? The only thing that happened was a tingling sensation on my lips until the gloss disappeared completely. Major disappointment.

↑↑ rubber spatula makes it easy to put on lips
↑↑ nice tingly effect once on lips

↑↑ more packaging than product
↑↑ doesn't last long on lips
↑↑ no plumping effect
↑↑ rather thick and gloopy texture despite the spatula being helpful to put it on

Overall Verdict; ★
Rather unhappy with this product in the end. It'll probably get used as a gloss over lipstick but that's probably about it as now I do understand why I've never been in the market for a lip plumper.

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  1. Shame it wasn't that good because the light pink shade it gives is super lovely and suits you really well!


  2. Shame it didn't work, to be honest I've never found a plumping gloss that does- I've given up on them too :)

  3. @Sami; it is a shame but in a way I'm not surprised? I will keep using it because it is a lovely colour indeed :)
    @Shell; ahhh you're like me indeed! It would be nice to find a plumper gloss in the cheaper end of market and not opting towards the injection route D:
    Thanks for reading guys!

  4. That's too bad =/ but at least give it a nice colour.

    I jus't can't get away from Etude xD

    Take care ^^

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  6. @Evelyn; it is a shame but it is a plus for the colour indeed! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't get away from Etude House products oh my days :'D
    @Sammi; it's ok! Thank you for letting me know n____n
    Thanks for reading!