Thursday, 12 January 2012

♡ Shopping Service Review ♡


So today's blog post is about my shopping service, Kairai♪, who helps me get my cheki's from the Japanese auction site This was actually a totally new thing for me as I've never actually used a shopping service or an auction site before, my friends from Japan and/or Korea would always get me some stuff and do a swap with me for certain things etc. But this time around, I decided to just go for a shopping service and see where that took me! I was recommend Kairai♪ by Toni and Ali and I took a quick look at his website --> here. Also I added him on facebook --> here

Everything seemed simple enough and his fee were actually decent compared to other services I have checked out. So I messaged him on facebook and asked for a few items! In the end; I had spent about 13,000yen (around £115 and this included Kairai's fee and the postage and packaging) and even though it may not seem like a lot of items but the value of a couple of them were extremely high but I still wanted them as they were my idols and I look up to them greatly. So anyway, I paid off Kairai♪ about 10 days ago and he sent off my package last Tuesday for me, I paid for EMS but I forgot to ask for my tracking number until yesterday because me being me, I get a tiny bit impatient and I wonder where things are (even though I know that things from Japan take about 7-14 days to get to me here in London) but I seriously had nothing to worry about as this morning as I came home from the gym, a delivery van turned up as I was literally searching for my keys and voila! One package from Kairai♪

As soon as I got inside, I was ripping the envelope open and out fell three little squares of stuff! I was surprised at how small everything was but I was tired and having a bit of a ditzy moment because I technically forgot what I had ordered!

Also there was so much tape holding everything together that I had to use nail clippers to get it cut open (I don't actually own a pair of scissors for now... getting some tomorrow) and this was what was inside:

Cheki's! And a special (and rare) dvd comment from Lost Ash's innerCORE era. I was very happy indeed ~(^з^)-☆ Enjoy the close ups of what I purchased!

x3 Daiki cheki's and a Lost Ash comment dvd

x3 Rui (vistlip) cheki's

Reno (Vivid) cheki

Kazuki (SCREW) cheki

I honestly really recommend Kairai♪ as a service (no this isn't sponsored, this is the honest truth) and he's also very polite and keeps in touch as much as he can, despite being extremely busy with work and other orders!

Service Charges: ★★★★★
Service from Kairai: ★★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★★
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Saturday, 7 January 2012

♡ A Grand Day Out ♡


It is 12.25am here in London on the 8th of January and so I shall now talk about yesterday (2012.01.07) as I went into Central to meet up with my friend Jackie (〜^∇^) 〜 Below is a photograph of me in the purikura booth and I am wearing Jackie's fake glasses and I think they kind of suit me no? Also it shows my make-up for the day and I did originally have another picture but this one is better IMO (*0*;)
We met around 3pm - which is an hour later than we intended because I overslept and didn't wake up until midday OTL - and we met at the Korean Culture Centre near Trafalgar Square, I had to wait a while as Jackie was helping some people with filming and as I waited upstairs I noticed some familiar cut outs! SHINee boys indeed! Soon Jackie was finished with filming and so we then headed straight over to Corean Chilli as we were both pretty hungry and we had a tag-a-long by the name of Sasha n___n she was extremely lovely and I enjoyed hanging out with her today very much!

I got given (a very late) birthday and christmas present from Jackie! I wonder what is inside...

ALL OF THIS THAT IS WHAT! AHHH SHE KNOWS ME TOO WELL! I actually wanted to cry at the fact she got me the official Kim Hyun Joong desk calender! Now I have to decide where to put the lovely pictures on my walls! o(≧▽≦)o

My lovely and wonderful Jackie~

In Corean Chilli, I like to go in there even if it is by myself because everyone is so friendly and you always feel welcome. Also I get to try out my fail Korean on the staff and they help me when I get it wrong - and I always get it wrong. S O B S
I ordered their corean sweet chicken as I didn't want anything overly spicy today and this dish is just perfect with a touch of heat! I ordered a side dish of sticky rice as there is a lot of sauce usually left over and it's nice to put in on the rice, I also ordered an iced coffee as well... I'm never going without coffee!

After lunch, we all headed over to the purikura shop in the Chinese market next door to Corean Chilli and we had a lovely session of picture taking!

our purikura in the process of being decorated~

Ta-dah! Final product~

We all then headed over to the Golden Gate bakery for a slice of delicious cake! Sasha and I ordered strawberry mousse cake whilst Jackie had a cheesecake. I do love the cakes from Chinatown, they're not as sweet as English cakes which is nice for me .。.:*☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆

After eating delicious cake; we headed over to Bubbleology for mine and Jackie's tradition of having bubble tea when we go out together. I ordered vanilla milk tea with coffee jelly again! It's so yummy and extremely addictive I tell you!

After that, I met up with a friend Chin for literally five minutes for a quick catch up and some hugs - hugs are always involved when Chin is around! After we all seperated, us three girls headed over to Trocodero and into a Panda shop, everything is just panda's there and I love it! In the end all I bought was a new notebook whilst Jackie and Sasha bought me a couple of pens - they want to dress me up as either a bunny, a panda or a cat I think... I don't even know anymore but I don't want to be dressed up :C

Anyway, this is an extremely rushed post but I'm exhausted now and it's 1.12am! Dammit. Oh well off to sleep I go! Goodnight everyone~
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