Monday, 30 June 2014

♡ SHO-BI Romantic Minnie Eyelashes in Dolly Eye + Dollywink Eyelash Glue ♡


Today is quick two in one review day! These two products do tie in together in the long haul so, in reality, it's just silly to do two separate blog posts.

I don't know if anyone has seen any of my previous posts about the collaboration eyelashes SHO-BI and Disney had done together some time ago, but this range of eyelashes has been on my "to purchase" list for ages and ages and ages until my penpal surprised me with a couple of styles! She also sent me a packet of Dollywink lash glue to try out as this is apparently her holy grail of eyelash glue so, why not?

SHO-BI Romantic Minnie Eyelashes in No. 3 'Dolly Eye'

First impressions; how pretty are these eyelashes?! I love the flare of the thicker outer corners followed by the few clumps of the inner corners. This design is perfect for a dramatic eye look!

Comfort; extremely comfortable to the point where it feels like that they're not there? They are extremely light, like feathers, and the clear band is uber thin to make bending to your specific eye shape easier than other lashes. Also; the inner corners didn't need as much trimming as from previous brands, on average I'd have to trim two/three clumps but this time only one clump to make them fit.
Durability; I think these pretties could last a good 5-10 times like other lashes if they were taken care of etc. Unlike Diamond Lashes, they were glued to the pot in two places so getting them out of the packaging has been the easiest compared to the other times, so minimal damage there.
Design; absolute one of my favourite designs ever. They're dramatic but not too dramatic? It's almost like a cross between Dollywink lashes and Diamond lashes in a way.

Overall Verdict; ★★★★★
Just absolute love with these beauties. I am so glad that there are black and brown versions of the designs because now I can choose between a natural look and a dramatic look whenever I feel like it!

Dollywink Eyelash Glue in Standard

First impressions; intrigued. It reminded me more of a lipgloss bar with the packaging than an eyelash glue (sorry I have lipgloss/lipsticks on the brain!) The colours on the packaging is cute as well, I love the polka dots on the lid but it was surprising to see them because I thought that, like the eyeliner, it would have the signature flower print pattern... but polka dots make a refreshing change!

Overall Verdict; ★★★★
I actually find this lash glue ten times better than my usual eyelash glue (DUO in clear) as it's not too thick and doesn't gunk up the band as much. Also with the small brush tip, it makes application way easier and doesn't make any wastage like you would with a squeezy tube. Also, I loved how I could keep placing my lashes without the glue tacking up too fast like it does with DUO. I'm glad that I got sent this product and I can understand why it's my friends holy grail lash product!

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  1. @Sami; nope nope nope shhh you ;uuu;

  2. The lash glue sounds really good :) I usually use DUO but was looking to try something different when my tube runs out, will have to give this a go.

  3. wow the lashes look really pretty <3 I love all Dolly Wink products and their lash glue is awesome

  4. @Shell; I recently purchased a new tube and it seems that the formula has changed? It feels too tacky and becomes really gloopy when trying to position my eyelashes where as Dollywink helps to position without the tack/gloop :) 100% recommend!
    @Angel; ahhh thank you! I think I'm starting to become a closet Dollywink lover :'D
    Thank you girls!! ♡

  5. The lashes look so, so pretty!~ And I'm absolutely obsessed with Dollywink, they make the best lashes and glue - I kid you not! The glue is definitely my HG as well, but I really need to buy another tube/bottle/whatever it is, as soon as possible! I'm starting to run out. x)

    Junniku blog [Click!]

  6. With lash glue, the lashes look pretty.

  7. @June; I've heard so many good things about Dollywink eyelashes! Especially with the fact that you can even wear them without eyeliner... must try indeed!!! I think this glue has shot to the top of my HG list now tbh because of the application brush :o
    @Brigitte; thank you bb!