Friday, 20 December 2013

♡ It's Skin Babyface Collection ♡


Gasp, shock, horror! A second blog post in the space of a week?! Well... it's about time I got my fat ass into gear and so voila... here is a blog post about one of my latest favourite cosmetic products. Hmmm now where to begin with this adorable creation?

Well at first glance you can see how splendid and cute the design is of the packaging! Using little baby angel wings was definitely a smooth move for this range but I do wish that the wings were actually attached to the physical main body of the containers and not just the plastic outside... major disappointment there because baby angel wings on the containers would have scored 10/10 from me! But the cute little faces kind of make up of it I suppose...

One Step Base and BB Cream

It is my first time using a coloured base underneath my BB cream... I've tended to steer towards the usual primers but after a while they just dried out my skin and didn't really help underneath foundation. So using the one step base was an... unusual surprise for me because it actually worked! The green colour helps with redness on your skin and I have that in my cheek area and it really toned down my redness and made my skin look pretty even as well by covering up as many pores as it could. The BB cream... I was expecting the light shade to be too dark for my skin tone as I keep having these problem with certain brands so again, like with the one step base, I was indeed surprised to find that the BB cream actually is exact to my skin tone and doesn't make me look like a goddamn oompa loompa. I also like how non-greasy this cream is so I use it just on its own without the need of powder these days which makes a nice change.

Petite Pact and Pore Perfect Powder

The petite pact is just like every other compressed powder pact in my honest opinion... there isn't really anything special about it except that it matches exact to my skin tone like the BB cream and it almost has a mattifying effect like Skin Food's Peach Sake compact powder... but the cute little face embedded into the top made me not want to use it but alas I did. The pore perfect powder is one of my favourite things of this particular collection because it works just like translucent powder with added effect of minimising your pores... something I definitely want to keep doing because my pores are so large and it's frustrating at times. I use the pore perfect powder every so often with my BB cream to give a more mattifying look to my skin as well as wanting to make the BB cream last for a while longer without having to keep applying every so oftren throughout the day.

Babyface Mascara

I like this mascara. It's not too watery nor is it too thick like others I have used in the past and it helps to cover all of my lashes without making them look so spidery. What I like is that I can use this for a nice natural lash look without using two or three coats... one is plenty enough. Also I can use this mascara for when I'm wearing false lashes, this is the mascara to use to help make my lashes blend in with the false ones... if that made sense? All in all this is a great mascara and for the price it's one to purchase again in the future.

Magic Tint Bar

This product is something I'm still deciding over. I've only used it a couple of times because it's very good at clinging to the crevasses of your lips and when you have extremely dried, cracked lips the look is not so hot to look at but it does help moisturise your lips ever so slightly. The colour is the plus side to this, it's like a peachy... coral colour which makes a nice change from all of the nudes and reds I have in my collection... I need to branch out to more colours really so this kind of helps break that routine of the same colours over and over again.

↑↑ Note that in the picture I am wearing false eyelashes but you can just about see the mascara on my lower lashes. Also I wasn't wearing the tint bar at this particular time either ↑↑

Overall Verdict: ★★★★★
My overall opinion about this collection is that it's great if you have a price limit... all of these products were purchased from Koreadepart for less than $10 each (mainly in the $5-$6 region than others) and another plus is that they're travel sized so can easily fit in your purse/handbag if you need a quick touch up when you're out and away from your make-up collection. It's Skin made a great little collection and won on so many levels with the cute... baby angel wings... baby faces on the packaging and they do get a massive thumbs up for how well each product actually is and that it does what it says on the packet. I'll definitely be branching out and getting some more items in this collection and maybe even branch out and purchase some skin products from this particular brand for sure.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

♡ London MCM Expo Weekend ♡


This is such an extremely late post and I would use every excuse under the sun but the main reason that I haven't exactly been feeling the urge to blog? It's weird because I have a few things to blog about - this post being one of them whilst having about five reviews lined up - yet I don't have that urgent need to write yet when I have absolutely nothing the write about... I want to write left, right and centre! Anyway; enough excuse making, lets get on with this particular post.

This was the first time Sapphire would have been to the London version of comic con so she was pretty excited to be going and I was pretty excited to be going to see friends faces and to share this experience with her. We decided to go on the Friday and the Saturday this year (as on the Sunday, Sapphire had to travel back home for work on Monday so it would have been impossible to have done it) as Fridays are the quieter days as well as getting first pick of things. Also on Fridays, the doors don't actually open until 2.30pm so we had all morning to prep, preen and prepare ourselves. Actually the line wasn't that long when we arrived at Excel, shorter than I was actually expecting as this was the first time I'd actually been on a Friday as I'd always opted for a Saturday and Sunday because...... well university and work got in the way I suppose but as I had a whole week booked off this time around and the fact Sapphire had to leave on the Sunday... it would have been pretty stupid not to have gone on the Friday. Anyway like I was saying, the queue wasn't that big and it only took us an hour from when we joined to actually getting our wristbands, plus also making friends with the people in front of us made the time slip by quicker.

↑↑ Day one make-up / face / wig etc... ↑↑

It may sound strange but it felt like that the hall had tripled in size since May and because all stalls had been moved around and not anywhere where they were placed last time kind of lost me a little bit... but it was nice to find where each stall was without being crushed and bumped into every single second... that part came on the Saturday and oh my god I physically felt claustrophobic as soon as we entered the doorway! I think Sapphire clung onto my shirt the whole time we were trying to push through the crowds! Compared to the Friday, we went down the other other end of the hall where we didn't venture to and it was a pretty stupid idea in all honesty to do that... but hey you learn from mistakes!

↑↑ Amazing figurines and MOOMIN plushies oh my gosh ヽ(;▽;)ノ ↑↑

Looking back over my photographs I didn't actually take a lot of the actual hall and stalls... in actual fact there are barely any photographs from the whole two days! And there really isn't much to talk about as well... found friends on the Friday and a certain friend found us which I was amazed by but h'omg to see her again was just fabulous and we seriously need to have a catch up in the new year or something... but anyway the same pattern happened during those two days, whilst watching our money disappear very slowly! On the first day I only purchased two things; a giant pink arpakasso whom I have fittingly named Koichi (because my medium purple one is called Genki and if you're a j-rock fan you'll understand immediately) and the Chinese version of EXO's repackage album. Sapphire seemed to be chuffed with what she purchased also on the two days.

↑↑ Myself and Kin and myself and Charli ↑↑

I also really do aplogise for some of the extremely blurry pictures... when you get bumped into whilst taking an actual picture that doesn't help at all... also people are really rude sometimes! It's like on the Saturday, the whole time I spent trying to get through crowds I swear saying "excuse me, thank you" was being polite?! Why give death stares when I'm being fucking polite?! I do wish the organisers of the expo sorted things out for the Saturday because Friday was better organised where as Saturday was just a complete disaster... also my feet hurt from being trodden on the whole time (T A T)

↑↑ Myself and Sapphire and myself and Charli being derps on day two! ↑↑

↑↑ Baby Emilia and I ヽ(;▽;)ノ ↑↑

I'm also very sorry for this post being such a higgle piggle of words... when both days were pretty much the same (oh I almost forgot about eating brownies on the Saturday...) what is the point about writing about each day? Mash it altogether I say oho (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

All in all it did seem like that Sapphire enjoyed herself at expo and I enjoyed myself spending time with her as well as seeing friends whom I miss dearly! Also making new friends was a lovely and enjoyable experience as well (*´▽`* ♥ I have no clue if I'll do expo again in all honesty... if Emilia does the May one again then I'll just pop into London for the day just to smoosh her face but other than that... I think my run of expos has officially emptied out. Oh here are a few pictures of what I purchased from the days;

Pretty typical of me... plushies, notebooks, a cd, food, drinks and a washcloth is certainly my taste in things! Also I've just noticed that there is a lot of.......... pink. Oh mmmyyy...

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