Saturday, 29 June 2013

♡ Skin Food Wildberry Cleansing Gel ♡


I'm such a massive fan of Skin Food products ever since I purchased some from my trip to Seoul way back in 2011. Even though I am usually a creature of habit; I was in the market looking for a new cleansing gel / make-up remover as my current one kept drying out my skin and giving me break outs which is a whole new side of things that had never happened to me before and so I looked through what Skin Food had to offer on ebay and found this little gem.

This little beauty has two uses; to take off make-up and to wash away any dirt and oil etc. It's suppose to leave the skin all soft and supple and for once... it actually does what it says on the label! I've been using this cleansing gel for about a month now and incorporated it into my daily facial routine but only using it at night time to get rid of the day's 'stuff' as I call it and so when I wake up my skin feels all lovely and soft! 

↑↑ Gets rid of all traces of dirt, oil and make-up
↑↑ Pretty decent pricing - I got mine off ebay for about £7
↑↑ Is great for every day use and not just for special occasions where you need to take off make-up

↑↑ Sometimes it can leave an oily film on my skin if I accidentally don't clean all of it off properly and it's annoying because it just feels like that my skin is greasy when it isn't
↑↑ Takes about 2 - 3 cotton pads to get my entire face and neck area clean which equals to a lot of the product being used

Overall Verdict: ★★★★☆
In all honesty I was expecting the price to be a little lower for the size of the bottle - it's 160ml by the way - but it's lasted over a month and I still have about half of the product left so all in all it's amazing value for money! I also like how it has helped with my skin (I have combination and am prone to extreme breakouts on my chin and on my t-zone area) and doesn't clog up my pores.

Thanks for reading!
Peace Out

Friday, 28 June 2013

♡ London MCM Expo Weekend ♡


Girl jigeumui nareul mideojwo (Nae anen michin sarami isseo) ♪♫

It's been over a month now since expo had finished... despite having almost a whole week off work and then some... you would have thought that I'd had the motivation ((there's that darn word again)) and time to write this blog post... brain says no though (_ _ll)

It's been a couple of years since I last went to the expo - I actually thought that 2010 was the last time I went but it was actually in 2011 the last time I visited... d'oh. But this time instead of making plans and then coming up with excuses not to go to the event; I actually stuck to my guns and went along yay (ノ ̄ω ̄)ノ I made the plans with Emilia and we opted to stay in a hotel close to the Excel centre - Forest Gate to be precise - and it wasn't so much of a hotel... but more a residential home turned B&B? Either way the place was really nice and a great distance from Excel as well as central London despite having to keep chopping and changing to different lines to get to said central of London.

Emilia and I headed off into central for the Friday evening for food and purikura... typical right? But sadly the purikura photobooth place might be closing down and there was limited sheets for the actual purikura machine so we did that first to beat the whole expo rush and actually get a memento of our time together! 

↑↑ Best purikura to date... ↑↑

After purikura we then headed over to Eat Tokyo, a restaurant I have wanted to go eat at for aaagggeeesss but couldn't find it when Toni came down to visit so this time I stuck to my guns and kept going (as well as with the help from Emilia's gps on her iphone!) until we found the place booyeah ( ̄︶ ̄)
Eat Tokyo is seriously the smallest place I think I have ever eaten in... and I've been in some pretty small places in London as well as in Seoul... but the atmosphere was bubbly and the smells of the food were simply divine! There was a small queue as well so we didn't get seated for about 30 minutes and by that point we were both starving and ready to eat anything and everything! Emilia and I opted for a couple of  side dishes to share as well as a main dish each. We went for the tamago omelette and chicken teriyaki california rolls then I chose a mixed katsu bento box whilst Emilia had a sushi bento box and I tell you what for the prices that were given... the portions were massive! Almost as good as Misato's but the pricing is just slightly higher... but I'm definitely going to return to this establishment before I head to Seoul for my teaching gig (︶ω︶)

On the Saturday morning; Emilia and I had originally planned to wake up early and get to the excel centre early but we realised that we didn't have to exactly rush to get to the venue so we dilly dallied a little and got to the centre around 11am... it was soooooo crowded already and the queue to buy tickets were already out the doors at the front... I do believe both Emilia and I were extremely relieved that we decided to buy our tickets online so all we had to do was sweep in, grab our wristbands, wait a few moments for some strange reason and then swoop out again and into the main hall! 

↑↑ Isn't Emilia pretty?! GFDI woman... ↑↑

The only problem I have with standing still for more than ten minutes is that I tend to find that I get all fidgety and bored ugh... After spending a while inside the hall and talking to a few people that we both knew separately, we went and sat outside for a while as it gets extremely hot inside and as we were both enjoying the sunshine... there seemed to be a small gathering of Deadpools... it was pretty fantastic though because I soddin' love Deadpool man! He's not my favourite character but he always cracks me up into mass bouts of laughter ( ´∀`)

We stayed at the excel for all of the afternoon where we met some new people and chatted away with them for a while and then we decided to head back to our hotel to rest and wash away all of the grim as Saturday was pretty sweltering... and I felt vile so having a shower sounded like the best plan ever at that point! We stayed in watching Titanic and had a small pizza party!

Day three of the weekend started later as well... not as late though as we had to check out by 11am (aka leave the keys on the side and skulk out like thieves in the night jfc) and we headed into Stratford Westfields to get a coffee hit from Starbucks:

I ordered a soy triple caramel frappe with no cream... holy crap the amount of sugar in this drink had my head spinning all day! I also decided to say that my name was Leo (my favourite member from the k-pop group VIXX... look at said video in this blog post for reference) and the barrista man obviously had thought  that I said 'Neo'... yes I decided to say I was from The Matrix (_ _ll)

I've never been to the expo on Sunday's before and honestly... Sunday is officially and definitely the best day to go in because the crowds are much smaller and prices on certain things had been deduced because I think many stall holders just want to get rid of stock? Either way I managed to grab a few bargains! I think Emilia got a few bargains as well... I can't remember to be honest! Also there were some serious amazing cosplays on the Sunday! Because of the smaller crowds, I managed to stop and actually take some photographs of different ones. Here are my favourites from the entire weekend:

I cried happy tears when I saw a Gundam cosplay... it was the only one but hey at least there was one! Also the child storm trooper had a storm trooper teddy bear! Crying even more again because it was holding hands with a Boba Fett cosplayer fhskahfkjads

These storm trooper cosplayers were amazing... the patience they had was phenomenal because of the amount of people that wanted pictures with them were extreme... like extreme extreme! Also look at the one with the child Jack Frost cosplayer... right in the feels again.

After hanging around outside with Zore and Emi and listening to some sound music... Emilia and I headed off as we had trains to catch and yeah... sobs it was horrible parting from Emilia because I adore that girl to pieces and the expo weekend was seriously so memorable and the best one I've ever had so I thank her from the bottom of my heart for putting up with me and my weirdness. Oh... have one more picture showing off all the goodies I nabbed from the entire weekend:

↑↑ I regret nothing with these goodies ↑↑

Peace Out