Sunday, 24 April 2016

♡ My Harry Potter Studio Tour Experience! ♡


Warning; there are, rather, a lot of pictures within this post... so beware! Even though this happened way back in January now, I am still reeling over this experience. It was magical, wonderful, and everything I had ever dreamed of. I, honestly, want to go back and re-live it all once again. After spending many months - heck years! - trying to make people go with me... I sort of started to admit defeat until Sharan surprised me with tickets for my birthday!
I won't go into too many details, as I don't want to spoil it for the ones who haven't been yet, because if someone did that for me, then I know I'd be extremely upset over spoilers. Plus, whittling down around 300 pictures to my favourite handful has proven to be trickier than I thought... d'oh.

Part One

A reason why we chose to go in January, besides the fact that the rest of the weekends in 2015 were fully booked and those were the only times we could go, was so we could still experience the Christmas wonderland extravaganza they put on i.e. the big assed tree in the foyer, fake snow, decorations etc. I was so excited. I actually cannot put into words on how excited I was for this. It didn't take long to get there from Euston station - about thirty minutes on a fast train to Watford, which isn't bad for someone who takes over an hour to get into London herself. It was a full on experience from the moment we walked in through the doors... but I will let the pictures talk for you!

Part Two

After the first section - which was all the set and props and how they do some things (like floating ceilings) as well as the costumes. Sharan and, certainly, needed a rest because there's just so much to view, you find yourself going round certain parts a few times, before you feel like you've fully absorbed things. Whilst on our rest break, I tried butterbeer and it's nice but... super, duper sweet! It also has a familiar taste? Like something I've had from my childhood but I can't, quite, put my finger onto it. After we felt rejuvenated, we went onto the second part of the tour - which included all the prosthetics, animals/creatures and how the created models and Diagon Alley!
Wow there sure is a lot of photo's I couldn't decide between... my bad (not really sorry though!) Even after exhausting myself round the tour, I still somehow managed to raid the gift shop afterwards! I was going to just limit myself to a Slytherin scarf but that did not happen... nope.
So that's it! I had such an amazing day, with a fabulous friend, and I would totally go and do this again at a different time of year, just so I can experience more things! OH I totally forgot, after our rest and we were outside with the Knight Bus and Privet Drive, there was snow! OK not real snow, but every now and again they would puff out fake snow as if we were going into a scene from the movie! Sharan did catch a video of me being an idiot in it... but I'm not gong to put you through that pain of seeing that teehee!

Thanks for reading!