Sunday, 27 May 2012

♡ Fashion Inspiration: Tomboy Style ♡


Now I do know that (for now) I am not the most fashionable person on the planet but I do have certain likes and dislikes about things. One of my biggest interest is street fashion - whether it is Japanese, Korean, American, British, European etc etc - I enjoy it the most. I've started to compile lists and pictures of outfits I would love to co-ordinate in the future once I have lost all the weight I need to lose and once I feel happy with who I really am. So looking through one of my favourite magazines - Kera - which is all about Japanese street and alternative fashion with the use of certain brands like Sex Pot Revenge, Hellcat Punks and Super Lovers etc.
Now the pictures I have collected I have put into certain... categories and today I am showing the style "Tomboy" which is where you dress boyish but you still pull of femininity - I think that is correct? It is basically blurring the line between femininity and masculinity. 

Looking through the above pictures, you can see what I am aiming for with the "Tomboy Style" and me being not confident enough to show that much skin - I feel that is a look I could easily pull off and so one day I shall be seen in public dressed to impress.


Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

♡ Weekend Trip to Wakefield ♡


Last weekend I travelled up north to Wakefield - which is near Leeds - to see my friend Toni for her birthday as well as to see a film I have been excited to see for an extremely long time - Avengers Assemble.

Originally it was meant to be myself, Toni and Ali but sadly Ali couldn't make it for the weekend - b'awh ( ;´Д`) - and so in the end it was just the two of us in tow. I arrived at Wakefield around 3.40pm and after Toni arrived to pick me up from the station, we headed on over to the Travelodge where we were staying - seriously I have a thing for Travelodge's at the moment hurhurhur - and after checking in and dumping our stuff off, we headed back through town and towards the cinema in hoping of catching the 6pm showing of Avengers. Alas though, the screening had been fully booked up so we instead we bought tickets for the 7.45pm screening and headed on over to KFC for food. Our original plan was to see early screening of the film then head out for Chinese food afterwards but it didn't happen obviously ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪

I swear down though, the thing I couldn't get my head around whilst being up North was in the fact the accents and how fast they speak ∑(O_O;) I had to ask the poor KFC man to repeat what he asked at least three times - but I'm glad he knew I wasn't from around that area! Also, I had only eaten my corn on the cob and started on my fries and Toni had already finished her food... WHAT WAS THAT (゚´Д`゚)゚ it's like she inhaled it or something!
The movie was obviously AMAZING and I am halfway through the review of it to post on here for Movie Monday (yes I have neglected it a lot recently but I have two films to make up for it!) and I am still laughing to myself over certain parts of the film.

On Sunday, I went to meet Toni's family - ey up it must be serious the fact I met her parents *inside joke* ( ´∀`)and they were all so lovely and normally I get extremely nervous meeting my friends families but I never felt so relaxed in my life! Also I must admit being eyed up by an African Grey Parrot was a little - disturbing because it felt like she was going to slit my throat with her beak at one point! But towards the end she let me stroke her stomach and she seemed to enjoy me playing Yamashita Tomohisa and Vivid music to her ( ´∀`)
Also on Sunday (before we headed over to Toni's place) we met up with another friend Kitty - who works in Wakefield and didn't know that I was coming up for the weekend so we hung out in Sainsbury's for her lunch break. I must admit, I did buy a Thor figure from the store HAH

Umm that was about really it for the weekend as after we left Toni's house, we went back to the hotel and watched The Incredible Hulk on ITV2 followed by lots of Alice Nine Channels whilst devouring crisps and cookies and Monster energy drink ⊂((・▽・))⊃
It was a nice weekend away from my family as well as university work and job hunting and I would like to travel up North again but maybe this time to either Manchester or Leeds or Birmingham!

Thanks for reading!