Sunday, 1 January 2017

♡ Oh Shit... Whaddup 2017! A Quick Catch Up + What I got for Christmas ♡


It's been a while hasn't it? I must admit, I hadn't had that familiar blogging feeling for a while before my trip to Tokyo, but now I am back - well, it seems to have travelled back with me!

2016, has most certainly, been a roller coaster for everyone it seems - some with more ups, than downs, whilst others had more downs, than ups, and that is not necessarily a bad thing?! Personally; a massive down for me, involved hitting the highest peak of my mental health - where I had been driven to the point, where I saw no reason in carrying on any more with life... yeah, that was hard to say the least. But, with prodding and shoving, I was able to drag myself to the doctors, and I have been given the correct help that I, so desperately, needed, and now I am (slowly) on the road to recovery! I've decided, not to let my mental health stigmatise me, and lead my life any more, and I will strive forward with the determination (and some form of grace) I have had hidden away inside of me, for quite a while it seems.

Despite that down, a big climb up I endured, was completing my NVQ Level 3 in childcare - so that makes me, officially, a qualified nursery nurse! *inserts some form of witchy cackle here* Oh, and I suppose, another big climb was travelling to my dream country.. I mean, if you've been following me on instagram, and twitter, then you may have seen the spew of my posts. Only a small amount of spew... tiny, weeny bit *coughs* But, in all honesty, Tokyo was extremely fabulous, and I still miss the hustle and bustle of the city, and just... *sighs* I need to go back ASAP. Not going to even sugar coat it. I am going back. End of discussion.

Now, I don't have any goals, or resolutions, for 2017 - especially the ones that involve the mantra "new year, new me!" pffft. I'm just going to go along with life, and whatever comes my way - whether it be good or bad - I will take it. And hopefully not spontaneously combust from it, but hey, we shall see! I already have a few good events coming up this year - birth of another new baby cousin, my older brother getting married and... ok that's about it so far, but I'm sure more will come along!

What I got for Christmas

NOW. Here's something light, to finish off this post. I always love seeing what everybody received for Christmas - because heck, who doesn't love to be surprised by presents? Especially when there were some items, you weren't truly expecting! I only had a small, ten (or was it more... I can't remember tbh) item list, as I would have just come back from Tokyo with lots of goodies, so I wasn't expecting a great deal - until I come down on Christmas day, and get greeted w/ most of this lot (I say most, because I hadn't seen some family members until later that day, and on Boxing Day etc)
The biggest surprises for me - were the Vera Wang Princess perfume, the Jeffree Star Cosmetics and the Colourpop cosmetics! I'd completely forgotten that my mum was asking me which brand(s) I preferred, other than Urban Decay, and without even clocking on, I just said those two. Which is true, because these two brands were the two I used the most throughout the entire year!
Regardless, I feel like a spoilt princess, and I love each and every piece, and I am wearing my new slipper boots until they die - seriously they are so soft and warm and jfc, my feet welcome them.

So that's it! I did think of a couple new goals for the year, as I wrote this - improve my photography, and improve my make-up skills! Hopefully it will happen... fingers crossed. So, I wish all my friends, and family, and everyone in between, a healthy and thankful new year. May you never quash your hopes, dreams and desires, and remember to reach for the stars and the moon - because even though you may not believe it, you damn well deserve it ♡

Thank you for reading!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

♡ The "Bloggers Make Me Want It" Beauty Wishlist ♡


I think I spend about 40% of my spare time, scouring blog posts, and instagram pictures/videos with pretty enticing portrayed products, gorgeous mini make-up tutorials and just pretty products in general. I do. I love make-up to the point, where it's slightly scary to how far my limits will reach, just for something make-up related.

I know, that I have my own routine, and have certain products that suit my problematic skin type, but there are just some (v.cute, v.shiny, things, that seem to scream out to me. Recently, I love doing make-up looks that involve either nudes, reds and/or glitter (especially from the Lime Crime Venus palette) and so I have found myself, looking at shadows based around this criteria. Other products listed, are from the countless youtube videos and instagram pictures, I manage to seek out from my favourite make-up guru's.

Violet Voss x Laura Lee Eyeshadow Palette // Violet Voss Holy Grail Eyeshadow Palette // Sugarpill loose eyeshadows in Penelope, Aslyum and Goldilux // EYELURE Vegas Nay False Eyelashes in Grand Glamour // MELT Rust Stack Eyeshadows

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette // Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Fair // BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl // Glam Glow Supermud Mask // Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Snow // Farsali Rose Gold Elixir

Too Faced Sweethearts Flush Blush in Candy Glow // Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer in Sweet Tea // Cryptic Cosmetics Gore Couture Collection // Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder in Broadway and Mermaid Fantasy // Coloured Raine Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Classy, Roulette and Mary

So there we have it! Don't ask me how I am containing myself, in not purchasing every single piece right now... but I am *breathes into a paper bag* Looking back over it, it does seem like a lot bbbuuuttt it's not really?! *is in super denial about it all*
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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

♡ TokyoTreat: Seven Month Review ♡


So, after unsubscribing to a previous subscription box - which I loved at first, but then it turned to disdain after a while - I had my attention brought to Tokyo Treat. Annnnnd a quick note, I was originally going to do this at the six month period, but I completely forgot a month - basically, I forgot that I started this subscription in March, and thought that I had started it in April! What a tit I am...
So basically, Tokyo Treat comes across like ALLLLLLLL the other snack subscription boxes on the market these days, but to be truthful, it's better. Not only were the themes better - March was spring themed, April was the first anniversary edition, May was based on holiday treats, June was bizarre snacks/candy, July was anime characters, August was tropical fruits and September's is Mirai Suenaga x Tokyo Treat vs. Pokemon characters! So besides the interesting themes, the boxes are (literally - premium boxes get 13-17 treats, a drink and a DIY kit guarantee) rammed with goodies, you honestly get so many - with added extras! As well as the themes being interesting, they are also stuck to meticulously, so you're getting what it says on the box. No funny business whatsoever.

○ Hello Kitty strawberry biscuit sticks ○ strawberry wheat chocolate ○ Punifua's gummies ○ peach flavoured caramel corn ○ BBQ flavoured scones ○ Kracie's DIY kit ○ Tyrol sakura shiriejo ○ strawberry cotton candy ○ hi-chew honey kumquat flavour ○ bourbon usuyaki mix ○ sushi magnet ○ melon cream soda, Alfort's mini blonde chocolate ○ strawberry taiyaki snack ○ bonus item: Hello Kitty puff snacks ○

April & May
○ Meiji's pucca chocolate ○ crunchy panda z ○ Meiji's plum pati-chan ○ raw ramune candy ○ Karamucho hot chilli crisps ○ Baby Star yakisoba sauce flavour ○ mochi DIY candy kit ○ Lotte's Koala March custard pudding flavour ○ carrot chopped rice cake ○ wasabi grilled seaweed ○ Baby Star bonito kelp udon ○ Sakura pepsi ○ chocolate moaca ○ Calbee BBQ potato snack ○ bonus item: character purse ○

○ Gudtama character seal & gum ○ Crunchy matcha ○ Yochan's "sweating spicy snack" ○ curry crisps ○ Uji matcha brownie ○ plum jam crackers ○ chocolate & banana DIY kit ○ Friend Bakery matcha ○ raspberry flavoured kitkats ○ sour spray ○ matcha caramel ○ matcha flavoured cider ○ rich cheddar cheese crisps ○ matcha flavoured pocky ○ bonus item: Nameko re-ment charm ○

June & July
○ Yaokin big ika ○ otona crush kitkat ○ Pine's cola lollipop ○ Fujiya chocolate pencils ○ crazy bubbly soda ramune candy ○ chocolate dipped corn ○ karaoke mic ramune ○ mysterious syrup DIY kit ○ smartphone mochi ○ chocolate umaibo ○ Neko Atsume biscuits ○ Hi-Eight chocolate ○ sakura cola ○ potato tiramisu chips ○ super long HimoQ gummy ○ bonus item: Chimokke mascot ○

○ fortune-telling chocolate pills ○ Pokemon gummy ○ milk flavoured potato chips ○ shrimp crackers ○ Brazilian orange pocky ○ mochi DIY kit ○ Calpis gummies ○ Thomas & Friends chocolate pretzel sticks ○ Anpanman ramune candy ○ Cocotame snacks ○ Marutake peach drink ○ Yokai Watch chocolate ○ Black Thunder Gold ○ Thomas & Friends chewing candy ○ Dragon Ball Heroes snack ○ bonus item: moko moko toilet DIY candy kit ○

August & September
○ Torotto mango flavour chocolate ○ mugipon milk coffee cereal ○ watermelon flavoured gummy ○ wasabi flavoured potato chips ○ honey roast flavoured pretz ○ Dodotto DIY kit ○ seven stick milk chocolate flavour ○ Pachi Pachi poppin' candy ○ Jibanyan chocolate monaka ○ watermelon flavoured gum ○ Chocobi watermelon flavoured ○ watermelon salt Fanta ○ hoppechane cherryblossom candy ○ rice cracker with plum jam ○ rusk snacks ○ bonus item: Pokemon key chain ○

○ Yakisoba flavoured corn puffs ○ Pakkucho Disney biscuits ○ moguchuu strawberry soft candy ○ super sour lemon gum ○ chocolate umaibo ○ ice cream DIY kit ○ corn potage snack ○ maple butter beer ramune ○ sour plum pretzel sticks ○ Kuppy ramune ○ crazy cola bubble ramune candy ○ Chip Star shrimp flavour ○ bonus items: Mirai Suenaga x Tokyo Treat chocolate crackers, ramune soda & peach flavoured jelly ○ extra bonus item: Pompompurin letter set ○

Before I forget - you can choose between three sizes (small, regular and premium) and get free shipping worldwide aaannnddd I believe (that this is still valid) that if you use the code: FOREVER5 you get $5 off your subscription service, for as long as you're subscribed until?! How awesome is that?!
Seriously though. This subscription service has helped me decide what treats I am bringing back from my trip to Tokyo, at the end of the year. I know some of the treats won't be in season by them *heart breaks* bbbuuuttt other pieces, hopefully, will still be around? Lets hope so... for my sake *heavy breathing intensifies*
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

♡ BeautyBay Haul; Makeup Geek + Gerard Cosmetics ♡


I am a sucker for offers on make-up, and a while ago now (like literally, back in May - that's how far behind, I am on things) BeautyBay was holding a "buy one, get one half price" offer on Gerard Cosmetics items, I swear that I was in there like a bat outta hell! And I couldn't resist purchasing some other goodies as well...
I'd had an empty Z palette lying around for ages now, and I knew that it needed to be filled, otherwise it would continue on being empty. So, seeing the selection of Makeup Geek pans on offer (and the fact that I got a free foiled eyeshadow pan after spending a certain amount) I decided to, just go for it and see what the outcome was, and the outcome was this! Oh,  and after sorting out each pan into alphabetical order (yes, this is what I do, w/ my organising) from left, to right, the pans go as follows;
○ Barcelona Beach ○ Bedrock ○ Bitten ○ Burlesque ○ Cinderella ○ Goddess ○ In The Spotlight ○ Latte ○ Vintage ○

I love these colours. I've been using all of these shades, besides the 'In The Spotlight' foiled eyeshadow, as transition shades mainly, and I've yet to use them just on their own? I feel that I probably need a primer for these pans though, as I did do tester swatches on my arms (which, the photographs turned out horrible, so no putting them in. Nope) and they needed, a good four to five swipes of colour, before they seemed usable? So basically, these pans are good for a build up of colour, and as I'm not using primer on my eyes at the moment, using them as transition shades, is the best option for sure. I do love these colours though, they are all, honestly, super pretty, and can be introduced to either everyday looks, or added to a glam look too.

Next up, are the stunning (and boy, do I mean s t u n n i n g) hydra matte lipsticks, as well as normal lipsticks, by Gerard Cosmetics. I love the hydra matte lipstick range - I even did a post about the colour CHER, which you can re-cap here if you so desire - because the formula agrees with me, on so many levels. They're creamy to apply, they don't dry to the point where the colour cracks, and makes my lips look awful, and the colours are just gorgeous in pigmentation. I cannot fault these liquid lipsticks... I really cannot. I also decided to get a few of the creamy lipsticks too, and I'm glad that I did! I really love these colours - even though I still haven't used them yet... oops! I will try to use them soon. Promise!
○ Gravity ○ Iced Mocha ○ Invasion ○ Mystic Moon ○ Rodeo Drive ○ London Fog ○

Oh, and I also purchased a pot of loose pigment powder from Makeup Geek - it's a beautiful champagne rose colour - which is a colour I have been after for a while, and it's just that extra bit of glitz, to make any eye look, well, pop!

So there we have it, a haul post that has been sitting in my drafts for over four months now *doom and gloom*, is finally finished! Boy, I sure do take my time... don't I.
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

♡ My Dream Crate w/ LOOT CRATE ♡


It's not everyday, where I get approached and asked to write something - because someone likes my writing style. So you can probably understand my excitement for this blog post then - as I was approached by LOOT CRATE, and asked to create my own "dream crate". Now before I continue, I haven't been given anything as "payment", so this post is completely off my own back, and so therefore, contains my own thoughts and opinions etc.

If you know me personally, then you know the type of things I like. If you don't know me personally, well there are (quite) a lot of things, that make up my personality, but I have managed (somehow) to narrow it down to, just a few, things, and trust me. It's hard to narrow down things for me... but yet, I've done it! *gives self a gold star* 

○ magical shoujo girls 
○ anti-heros i.e. Deadpool (ok, especially Deadpool) 
○ cute shit like Little Twin Stars

I've split the goodies into two boxes - one reason being that I couldn't fit all the stuff onto one panel, but another is to show the split sides of my personality. 50% of me likes cute shit, where as the other 50% just shows the dark side. It's who I am, and I'm not going to change that representation for anyone, so if you don't like it, tough titties and learn to deal with it.

Wade vs. Wade poster // Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue: Lady Deadpool // The Hobbit moleskin notebook // Deadpool festival style wristbands // Deadpool figure // Funko POP! Home: Deadpool // Black Panther Tee by Mighty Fine // Cute Groot keyring // The Hobbit hardback edition

Sailor Moon long leather wallet // petite Kiki and Lala mascots // Little Twin Stars five-way pen // Little Twin Stars diary // Sailor Moon character socks // Sailor Moon 2017 schedule planner // Little Twin Starts letter set

I'm not going to lie. It was hard to choose things. I honestly, wanted to put EVERYTHING into my dream crate, but I managed to keep it.... well.... small-ish. As a Loot Crate box only contains 4-6 items per box, having even a couple of items appear in a box would be amazing.
I honestly, enjoyed writing this blog post. It's been a while since I've dove into the whole "comic book slash cutesy" side of me, since I've been so focused on make-up and personal things lately, it's just been nice to step away from that, for a small breather!

N/B: Deadpool items found via here, here and here. Lady Deadpool figure found here. Black Panther t-shirt is found here. Sailor Moon items from here, here, and here.The Marvel wristbands and keyrings were found here. The Hobbit hardback book from here, whilst the notebook is from hereand all the Little Twin Stars items can be found here.

Thanks for reading!