Thursday, 31 December 2015

♡ December Japan Crate [[UNBOXING]] ♡


Amidst all this manic that is Christmas, my Japan Crate managed to turn up two days before Christmas Eve, not that I'm complaining because who doesn't want a delivery of (more) food over the festive period?
So just to re-cap, Japan Crate is that you can subscribe to three different kinds of boxes; mini, original and premium with either a recurring monthly payment (from $12 plus p&p) or you can pay for either 3, 6 or 12 months worth of boxes, therefore saving you a bit of cash at the end of it. You can cancel at any given time, so if you fancied just one box then you can enjoy one box without the pressure of payments. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
I'm still on my premium subscription, because the immense amount of goodies received in the premium box is just... well it's silly to pass up really. Like I said, this box was pushing it close to not arriving before Christmas itself, but luckily turned up on the 22nd... BOOM! And to make it even more lucky for myself, sunshine decided to make an appearance on the 23rd, so out popped my camera and, I swear, I have snapped enough blog photography to last me until Spring *whew* Anyway, back to this box and oh boy, I was not disappointed with this one!
In the first section (what would be in the mini crate) are; cheese, tonkatsu & veggie umaibo, bad kid beer, awa moco moco in strawberry and a Fujiya lollipop bag.
In this second section (what would be the original crate plus mini crate snacks) are; a cute tororin parfait DIY kit, pocky - demitasses, black bean  soy sauce flavoured scones and a naga-i swawgumi orange sweet.
And this final section (premium crate extras) are; the hia shuwa cola sweets, a pachishuwa dynamite melon soda, a celio lifeguard drink and a Legend of Zelda gachapod thing.
Any box that has Umaibo in it, is instantly a hit with me! I love those little crunchy sticks of flavour mhmmm yas! I'm a little gutted that January's box will be my last one because I love this subscription so much, especially with all those options you have these days but... being an adult must come first hmph. Until then, I am saving some of these pieces just for days when I need... something extra to get me through! But I have tried the lifeguard energy and wow... it is weird.
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  1. Ah, the struggles of being an adult! I hear you. I had to cancel my Kawaii Box subscription for the same reason! This service looks so good but I honestly cannot justify it haha!

    Dannie xx