Saturday, 31 August 2013

♡ Lockshop Mermaid Split Wig ♡


A while ago I managed to get my hands on a Lockshop wig and I really do mean a while ago here as this particular wig is no longer available via the webshop! I purchased the Mermaid Split Choice B which is half brunette and half milk tea colour and it is simply divine.

↑↑ Stock photograph from the facebook webpage ↑↑

The packaging the wig came in was super duper cute all wrapped in pastel blue tissue paper and so meant that my product came in style and was 100% safe. Once it had been unwrapped... the flow of wavy locks were just seriously fabulous and at first touch it was baby soft, almost like a silky feeling?

I actually didn't try this wig on straight away... I waited a few days and then tried it on so I could adjust the size of the clips inside then took it off and put it away in storage for the next six weeks or so? It was only a couple of weeks ago when I remembered that I actually had this wig and so placed it on, gave a couple of swishes with my wig comb to get ride of any tangles and oh my gosh I don't know even why I never noticed it the first time I tried this wig on by it's just so... light and airy? Can that be said about a wig?

I also love how towards the ends the colours stay pretty separated yet at the top you can blend the two colours together to make it seem more natural? Also before I cut the bangs you could switch them from left to right and have two different fringe looks for different days but sadly I don't feel that side fringes suit my face shape so I sniped away at them to create a box fringe... and once I get a picture of me with that shape bangs then I'll post it here!

↑↑ Super shiny and soft
↑↑ Extremely natural looking
↑↑ Amazing length (I believe it's about 70-75cm?)
↑↑ Beautiful colours

↑↑ Oh nuts... there are no cons about this wig... ok just the fact I had to cut the fringe but nope... nothing wrong with this wig at all!

Overall Verdict: ★★★★★
It's official... I'm going to smash into my savings and buy at least half of Lockshop's stock. Only joking... I need those savings but I definitely know where to go in the future for something a little different as well as recommending this shop to all of my friends who wear wigs!

Check out their main webshop for other products; here
Check out their facebook page for updates and stuff; here

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

♡ Skin Food Peach Sake BB Cream & Pore Pact ♡


I'm really enjoying rolling out these reviews on some of my favourite cosmetic brands... hopefully soon enough I'll be able to review not so well known named brands I have stumbled across recently! Either way; today I'm writing about Skin Food's Peach Sake BB Cream in 'Light Beige' as well as the Peach Sake Pore Pact (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I adore anything by Skin Food and until recently... I've always used either their Afternoon Tea BB cream or the Red Bean SPF BB cream so when I had the opportunity to try something else I jumped at the chance. I've also used the toner and emulsion from the Peach Sake collection and they've done wonders to my skin and helped clear up most of the rash-type acne I get under my chin when I get stressed.

Peach Sake BB Cream in Light Beige

"A pore refining BB cream that regulates sebum and creates a flawless and matte complexion without feeling greasy" 

Despite the small packaging... this stuff goes a really long way and only using a pea-sized amount covers my entire face as well as my neck area. Some problems I've had in the past with /other/ branded BB creams is that it has left an oily residue on my t-zone area as well as making my dry cheek areas more problematic etc. But this peach sake bb cream is a great as it doesn't dry out my skin and covers all my scarring and fresh acne without using excess! I have to admit though that for the price I was a little disappointed with how much was given when there are other creams with bigger quantities in the same price region...

↑↑ a little goes a long way
↑↑ hydrating instead of drying out skin in problematic areas
↑↑ doesn't clog up pores either

↑↑ little bit on the expensive side for something of its size
↑↑ the pump takes a while to dispense the cream out when first using

Overall Verdict: ★★★★☆
I like this product... I really do but I won't go rushing to use it every day as I'm worried it'll run out extremely quickly but I like the even coverage it gives and how it doesn't break me out from clogged pores like some BB creams do.

Skin Food Peach Pore Pact

"This pore pact is made with traditional Japanese rice materials combined with peach extract that controls excess sebum leaving a smooth and lustrous appearance"

I like this pore pact... no that's a lie I actually love this pore pact. Again, like with the BB cream, a little goes a long way and a little covers my entire face without making it out that I've packed the stuff on and on to create an oompa loompa effect (like people in my area who seem to adorn the oompa loompa look every where I turn ugh) I adore how light this powder is and how it seems to fill in ever crease and crevice on my skin to create said smooth look... I love it!

↑↑ lightweight
↑↑ little goes a long way again
↑↑ doesn't leave a massive dent in your pockets with the pricing
↑↑ loving the cute little peach design embedded into the powder

↑↑ errr I don't feel there are any cons about this product as of yet!

Overall Verdict: ★★★★★
It's rare for me to find a powder that fits my skin type so well... I'm definitely going to stick to the pressed powder until the foreseen future as I cannot find anything wrong with it in my honest opinion!

↑↑ Left: just bb cream & pore pact powder, Right: full make-up in natural lighting ↑↑

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

♡ Tonymoly Cat Chu Lipstick in Red Cat ♡


I come bearing another review for TONYMOLY's Cat Chu Wink Lipstick... but this time with the colour 'Red Cat' meow ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

I definitely adore the packaging for this particular product... hence the purchase again! It's so cute and sleek and with the pure black colour of the package it really brings out the colour of the lipstick. The red isn't as red as others... for example MUA's lipstick in Shade 13... but this one is a more subtle tone of red that gives off a 40's inspired vibe? It is such a wonderful colour though and at first glance, I honestly thought it wouldn't suit my skin tone but with choosing the right make-up to pair it with... it turned out much better than expected!

Again, like with the peach vanilla version, it took a good couple of swipes on the lips before it was at a shade I was comfortable in and I've had problems before with red lipstick where it has bled without a liner, but this product didn't bleed at all... a major bonus there as I haven't found a liner that matches this shade of red just yet. I chose to wear this lipstick on a day where I was going out to see how long it would last before it needed a top up and again, just like the peach vanilla colour, I only had to re-apply after a good 5+ hours so Tonymoly certainly gets my approval in that catergory!

↑↑ In natural lighting ↑↑

↑↑ Moisturising and lasts for 5+ hours before a re-apply
↑↑ Easy to purchase online (this one was purchased via ebay this time around)
↑↑ Affordable pricing (£5.56 on ebay)
↑↑ Amazing to use for 40's inspired makeup
↑↑ Easy transition from day to nigh time look

↑↑ Clings dramatically to the breaks if you have dry/cracked lips like I do...

Overall Verdict: ★★★★★
It was probably obvious from the start that I would rate this product five out of five stars... but once I like a product I will rave about it to anyone who asks and now even my mother has been sneakily borrowing my Tonymoly lipsticks... heck I don't mind really just as long as she puts them back where they belong ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

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