Sunday, 9 March 2014

♡ Diamond Lash Angel Eye ♡


Diamond Lashes is the one eyelash brand I will always wear no matter what. Seriously I cannot fault the brand no matter how hard I try and look for something to pick at and the style 'Angel Eye' has been a particular eyelash I have been after since I first heard of this brand. Many Gaijin Gyaru seem to prefer this particular style of eyelash for their eye make-up as it's such an exaggerated style and if you double up (put a second pair over the first pair) it's just... wow it's so hard to describe but it's almost like the style of eyelash you would see on people from MTV's 'Jersey Shore' and 'Geordie Shore'. And I know this because, I admit, I watch these programmes sobs.
One of the best features I find with Diamond Lash is the thin, flexible rubber band used instead of the thicker black bands you tend to see on either extremely cheap eyelashes or with certain styles. Mind you, thinking about it, there seems to be more brands using the thin rubber band and personally it's great! I find putting eyelashes on, even when using tweezers, really fiddly and tedious and sometimes I get stressed out because the glue wouldn't set properly and it started to peel off my eyeliner. I even have this problem with Diamond Lashes, heck I was doing it the other day when dressing up for work, but it only happens 1 out of 10 applications so the other 9 times are pretty straight forward and smooth sailing.
I loved how this style has given my eyes a bit of a 'pop' with the over exaggerated bundles of lashes. It's also interesting to see how there are no little hidden tricks in the lashes. What I mean by this is, for example, with 'Celebrity Eye' from my last lash review, you'll see how there are a few thick bundle of lashes in the middle whilst on the inner and outer corners there are rather 'natural' looking placed lashes. With this style it is just over exaggerated, and with different lengths so you don't poke your eyes out, bundles from inner to outer corner.
They look so pretty arranged in the palette... I feel like such a loser when I get upset to take them out of palette because I'm scared of ruining the shape and other things. It sounds silly, I know, but if I didn't wear lashes; I would just have a shoebox full of unopened lashes because of that silly feeling. Luckily I do get over that and wear lashes nearly all of the time so everyday is pretty fabulous!
Comfort; besides a couple of lashes poking me in the inner corners of my eyes, which I did have to trim down in the end, these are extremely comfortable once again. The first time I wore these lashes I was like "woah" because they're very long and fluttery.
Durability; like all lashes from this brand, the life expectancy for each pair of lashes is about between 5 and 10 times... it just all depends on how careful you are when cleaning off old glue and make-up etc.
Design; this particular design gets top marks from me because of the over exaggerated style. I love OTT designs *cough* lookatabovecommentsaboutJerseyShore *cough* and this one is quite honestly my favourite Diamond Lash design to date.
Overall Verdict; ★★★★★
I know that I said that the 'Celebrity Eye' style was actually my favourite Diamond Lash design but I lied. This style has taken a clear win on all levels from me from the fact you can re-use them over and over again after careful cleaning, so it's good for your purse strings. 
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  1. @Sami; fhakjdfshljfdaha thank you >///<

  2. Soo pretty! And they last a long time. Do you have any natural lashes you recommend? I just started getting into fake lashes. Thanks! XD

  3. @Sonya; thank you! Yes Diamond Lash has just brought out a 'Rich Brown' series where the lashes are really feather light and a gorgeous natural brown colour! Also I recommend the Eyemazing x Amoyamo collection as they are rather natural kind of lashes c: I will be doing reviews about those soon! Thank you for reading >///<

  4. These lashes are so pretty! And they look really nice on you ^^ To be honest.. I've always wanted to try Diamond Lashes, but I'm cheap so I always get the cheap kind from Ebay XD

  5. @Jiru; thank you ;///; and I'm a cheapskate as well but Diamond Lashes are wwwaaayyy better for your purse strings than any other lash I have tried! So it's like a splurge but at the same time it's not? :'D

  6. These lashes are so look gorgeous!

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