Friday, 11 October 2013

♡ The Saem Snail Lavender Sleep Mask ♡


I'm not going to lie... the title of this product review is a little uneasy... but this product is actually pretty darn good for something that sounds so... nasteh! I had been in the market for a sleeping mask for months and months before I finally decided on this one, what really sold it to me is the fact that it's lavender as it's one of my (many) favourite scents. 

Doesn't it actually look rather cute? I know that The Saem have some rather wonderful packaging when it comes to their... snail extract (?) range as you can see here with their hand creams. What I like the most about this cream is that it's a really nice thick cream... not like a usual watery based one that we tend to get over here in England (then again in England we actually don't have sleep masks just normal night cream and day cream) and so thus when applying you get quite a nice layer onto your skin without feeling like it's disappeared ASAP!

I do apologise for this picture on the right... I decided to take pictures AFTER I started using this cream... d'oh! It's a shame that I've almost finished this sleep mask actually... I'm definitely going to have to invest in another pot!

↑↑ lovely smell and pretty packaging
↑↑ get a lot for your money
↑↑ lasts quite a long time (even after using it practically every single night)
↑↑ helps clear up and soothe acne

↑↑ it gets everywhere... like on your pillow when you're sleeping... especially if you move around a lot like I do!

Overall Verdict; ★★★★★
I would reccomend this to anyone who is in the market for a sleep mask, even with the fact that there is snail mucus stuff in it but that shouldn't bother people because it's not like it is actually pure snail mucus you know? It is extremely helpful for dry skin and it's just the best one for me in my eyes and I don't think I'll ever go to another one (despite the fact I actually do have another branded sleep mask in my cupboard...)
Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm a huge fan of any sleep mask! My face is sooo dry that it needs that extra boost at night. I like how cute the packaging is! I'm currently using the Laneige sleep mask and I love it! =D


  2. @May; ahhh you're the same as me with dry skin >.< the extra boost is extremely helpful right? And I must admit I have to be more open minded and try other sleep masks but I just love this one so much XD
    Thank you so much for visiting and reading!

  3. The packaging is so cute! Love the little snail! I've never tried a sleeping mask. But I don't think I like the idea of it getting on my pillow. But thanks for the review! XD

  4. Omg this is so cute <3 I've actually tried snail slime that was a face cream xD It's called "Crema de caracol." Spanish for snail cream lol But this is just so cute <3 I think I want one now~

  5. Snail slime is very good for your skin, same with snake venom and bee venom. The reason why we don't have the same sort of products here in the west is because of people close-mindedness. People think snail slime and think it's disgusting, yet will layer on loads of chemicals and petrol-based chemicals on their skin and think nothing of it.

    I love Korean skincare, it's the best I've ever used. I'm so glad I know the secrets to perfect skin, whilst my friends keep on slathering on Western crap. :)