Friday, 21 September 2012

♡ Fashion Brand: GYDA ♡


Disclaimer: please note that all the pictures used in this blog post belong to the GYDA website and their staff members blogs. Thank you!

As of recent, I have been exploring more clothing/fashion brands outside the usual circle I tend to look within - Super Lovers, Glad News, Ghost of Harlem etc - and I have been looking at other well known brands that some of my pen-pal friends recommended to me. The first website I encountered was GYDA and upon looking at their latest Autumn / Winter Collection 2012, I fell in love with what they had to offer.

"Girls with Red Rouge" comes across as a concept based loosely around American fashion - something that producer Yuria Kushido would know as she studied over in LA and after graduating high school, she made her way back to Japan to study music. Kushido is a well known face in the gal world and with her modelling for SCawaii magazine, she produces these simple yet inspiring pieces for GYDA as well as being an extremely positive role model for present and future gals to look up to.

As you can see in the pictures above and below, you can see the LA influences in the A/W 2012 collection (just like in all previous collections of GYDA) as well as sophistication with the mix of a unique kind of sexy that these casual pieces give. But I can't give all the credit to Kushido as I want to praise designer Akane Sudo so very much for creating these pieces alongside Kushido.

I adore this collection completely and even though I am a new fan of the GYDA brand / name; I would definitely throw all my money in this direction. Despite enjoying the free-sized, baggy t-shirts that you see in collections like Super Lovers, there is just something about GYDA fashion that draws my attention away from hiding myself under mounds of cloths and embracing some form of flesh showing, despite another fact where I actually despise baring my skin! GYDA certainly brings out the confidence inside my mind and that confidence it starting to show on the outside as well as the inside.

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