Sunday, 2 September 2012

♡ So I Went On Ebay Again... ♡


It has been a nice run with having some money to spend on things I have been pining after for a few months  - I also need to write another blog post about what I ordered from Kairai (my shopping service guy) because I was finally able to pay him off the final part of what I owed him at the beginning of the month! 
It was amazing at how little money I actually had spent altogether, but I swear down this ebay splurge was (and will be) my last haul for a very long time as I now have put my frame of mind into saving my money for my move to Japan - I also need to write another blog post about that and some other things... I don't understand how I have suddenly had this surge of writing (T A T) but I quite like it and it's keeping me busy when I'm not at work.

Oh right, back to the actual subject of this post...

3D False Nails

OK yes I do love designing my own nails but lately I have been a bit stuck with ideas on what to do exactly - a.k.a lazy - and upon searching ebay I found all these gems from the same seller from £2 - £4! What a bargain right? My favourite definitely has to be the neon monster faces in the top left corner because they suit me down to the ground and will be able to go with any of my clothing.

Long Wine Red Natral Straight Kanekalon Wig

I am unfortunately one of those people who gets bored of her hair colour every week or so and instead of destroying my hair with dye, I decided to buy a wig and give it a test run before I went ahead and bought more. The reason I bought this particular wig was because I do love dying my hair red the most and I've always wanted long hair with the full fringe so here we are to be honest. The wig suits me and even though the fringe is just a tad too long, it can be pushed to the side and makes just a nice side fringe as well as a full fringe. I cannot wait to buy more wigs now but first... I think I might need some wig stands!

Diamond Sweet Eye and Cat Eye False Lashes

These items were my final purchases from ebay and I don't regret buying them one little bit. Because these particular Diamond lashes have a clear band on them instead of a thick black one, they're easier to put on and are flexible to put into shape without having to re-do the glue a few times over. I've worn the sweet eye (one on the left in the pink box) for a day look when I had decided to wear make-up to work one day and the cat eye (purple box on the right) I have used for a more glamour night time look. I must admit that I am now oogling a few pairs of Diamond's lower lashes... when will I learn huh?!

Thanks for reading!

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