Sunday, 7 October 2012

♡ Another Shopping Service Experience ♡

Ugh I am actually behind on what I have been wanting to write in form on blog posts and recently, things have become stressful and tension is running high in my parents house. But anyway I will not bore with details about that because they are my problems and no one else's! It must have been two - possibly three - months ago when I places an order with Kairi - my wonderful shopping service who lets me order lots and lots of things off mbok / auok - a Japanese auction site like ebay but you have to have a Japanese address to sign up and order. 

I've also noticed that when I order stuff from mbok / auok, I tend to stick with one or two bands... I want to say it is strange but with my mind it's just a normal thing I suppose! This time around I had a haul of Vivid items, one of my favourite PSC bands. One of the first items that I pulled out of the box was the three, first edition versions of theirREALsingle followed closely by their out of print 「夢」 ~ムゲンノカナタ~ single which I have honestly looked everywhere for so I am so grateful that I now have a copy in my collection!

Another of my items were a Ryoga and Reno cheki - not them together but two separate chekis - and this is now my third Reno cheki and my first for my collection. I am a slight freak and collect three of each person which seems to drive people crazy but hey my mind is crazy so yeah!

Next are some photosets and photographs. Is it obvious that Reno is my favourite member from Vivid?  I do love all the members but there is just something about Reno that draws me towards his direction. That sounds really sad doesn't it? (´;ω;`) Oh and I also got a couple of Reno posters but I forgot to take pictures of them and now I cannot be bothered to unroll them just for pictures...

And my final item is not Vivid related but Alice Nine related... ok Shou related in all honesty! (*ノ▽ノ) I actually blame my friends Rachael and Iky for getting me so addicted to Shou because they are like the biggest Shou fangirls that I know of and I used to be (still am though) a Saga fangirl but now I love both of them equally - and the other members are all joint second place hahaha (*´∀`*) I love these photocards of Shou because it's over eras dating from 2007 to 2011 and yeah... I like Shou between those eras because his fashion is amazing!

I was so happy with what Kairi had won for me and as of recent he won me three Yamamoto Yusuke photobooks for less that 3000 yen for all three! Compared to buying off sites like cdjapan and yesasia I tend to save more money ordering through Kairi which is good and he always sends it off ASAP which gets to me at my end ASAP also! Ummm yes... that is all I can think of for this blog!

Peace Out

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