Saturday, 15 September 2012

♡ Birmingham Day Trip ♡


♪♫ Say la la la la la ha ha ha ha ha ♪♫

It is one of those days where I am having very extreme crazy moments from tiredness and drinking too much sugary drinks /d'oh/ and I somehow have this song stuck in my head... oh well! On with what I am actually meant to be writing about:

I have never ever, in my whole life, ever visited the lovely city of Birmingham and yesterday I was finally able to go with Sapphire and Jade! At first I was having slight panic attacks because I had not been paid by work, like I was supposed to be, but luckily my mother was kind enough to loan me some money - which I have paid back already huzzah (^ω^)I decided to wear a pair of my monster nails that I had purchased from ebay a while ago and it kind of failed after an hour because I had used tabs instead of glue... never using tabs for false nails again (`Д´ )

We made it to Birmingham around 11:30am and instantly went to find this small bubble tea shop that Jade was banging on about and with the help of a lovely mall guard, we found the stand (not a shop) across from Selfridges. It was Jade's and Sapphire's first time trying bubble tea and they asked me for recommendations and so after scanning the menu... I wasn't very helpful and said that any one was a good choice (゜▽゜;) I decided to have vanilla milk tea with orange popping bubbles and it was really delicious! If you find yourself in Birmingham Bullring shopping centre, go and find the moo-cha stand opposite Selfridges!

The weather was really gorgeous for the day, but it got slightly too hot after lots of walking and so I had to take off my scarf and jumper (;▽;) we mooched off into Waterstones where Sapphire and Jade proceeded to look at the manga whilst I oogled the Hellboy and Thor graphic novels - there were so many to choose from and many that I don't have 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。 After that, we walked to another small shopping centre part called The Oasis where it has more alternative fashion/music etc and there were some bit that interested the others but it just came across as a naff Camden. After this we decided to find the restaurant I had booked online for us to go eat at, which was over near the ICC and canal area of Birmingham. It took us over an hour and half to find this place and the area it was suppose to be in... well it just didn't seem to exist and as it was close to around to 2:30 at this point so we hopped into a Yo!Sushi that was conveniently there:

Lots and lots of delicious food (´・ω・`)

We didn't really eat a lot as Sapphire and I had ordered some takeaway sushi from another Yo!Sushi store... sometimes you can just have too much sushi  (*´_ゝ`)
After lunch, we walked back through New Street and stopped off in another Waterstones which was in a building that resembled an old council building(?) It was a pretty building and had those two way stairs that you see in historical films where the girl comes down the stairs at a ball and the guy is oogling her as she walks down. Do you know what I mean? /gah/ ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
I managed to buy a couple of manga books, as it has actually been over a year since I last bought some for my collection, and it certainly looked interesting to me! Then when we went back to the original Waterstones we had visited earlier, I brought some more of the same series:

Books 1 through to 6 huzzah (*ノ▽ノ)

Very! Very! Sweet! by Ji Sang Shin and Geo 

A spoiled brat from a wealthy Japanese family, Tsuyoshi is unceremoniously shipped off to Korea by his strict grandfather who tells him the family secret — they’re Korean! Sparks fly when the resentful high schooler arrives at the airport and shares an impromptu cab ride with Kang Be-Ri, a plucky girl who happens to be his new neighbor. Will the two ever get past their differences? And will Tsuyoshi learn to accept his new destiny?

I am not sure if this series is a manga or a manhwa... I need to ask my friend who likes manhwa. Also, I technically got one of these books for 79p... because I had paid under £20 after using my points from my club card and I didn't realise until we had returned home and I finally went to look at the receipt! What a bargain of the day and I had such a grin on my face ( ´∀`)
We went back to the bullring at this point and down into the food court area of Selfridges, where Sapphire and I picked up our takeaway sushi, and there were so many tasty treats tempting us... Jade and I couldn't resist buying something:

The macaroons are actually for my parents, they say they should hold out for 5-6 days and I go back home on Monday so fingers cross they will survive (ノдヽ) And my excuse for the pop tarts? Yeah I don't actually have one...
As we weren't allowed to catch a train home during peaks times (even though I swear we all asked for a ticket during peak hours) we had about an hour to kill so we mooched around in Starbucks drinking a whole load of drinks and talking. It was nice to relax and not be on our feet at this point

They spelled my name wrong (/゚Д゚)/

Walking back through the bullring - it literally huge and split into two sections with more shops in the middle... mother of god - Jade bought some more bubble tea for the train journey home and we made a quick detour into Forever21 and it was the best decision ever. I love Forever21 but sometimes their ranges can be a hit or miss with me and instead of looking at the clothes, I headed straight upstairs to the accessories section! There was so many goodies to choose from, I don't quite know how I refrained myself from buying EVERYTHING!

*bling bling*

Ummm... that was basically our day! The weather was gorgeous, the company was lovely, the food was delicious and the shopping was amazing. Overall, Birmingham was a great experience for me and I know that my mam would probably like it also because of the kind of shops that were around, so I'm going to suggest to her coming up to Birmingham for a girly weekend ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I think I've written about everything now so have my favourite picture of myself from that day, because you cannot see my face o(`ω´*)o

Peace Out

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