Sunday, 26 August 2012

♡ Fashion Inspiration: Colour Pop ♡


This is my last blog post about fashion inspiration and it has been a big gap since the last one but I have finally finished editing pictures together on the sort of co-ordination looks I am /hopefully/ aiming for one day. The most popular brand for this inspiration is definitely Super Lovers but there is also Peace Now, Putumayo, Hyper Core, Toxic Star and even some Ghost of Harlem pieces.

Now, when I say 'colour pop' I don't instantly mean that one primary / bright colour that stands out against the rest of your clothing and accessories, I do mean this but at the same time I don't - if that makes sense at all, I hope I can make this make sense! Basically, from the co-ordination pictures above and below, you can tell that there isn't just one colourful item, that there can be two and possibly three items that make you stand out and that is what I want to achieve. Yes there will be the obvious monochrome 'background' pieces but I am aiming for that pop of colour that will make people turn their heads even just slightly.

Oh and on one final note, all images from this post and the past fashion inspiration posts (here and here) are from KERA magazines, January - June issue.

Thanks for reading!

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