Saturday, 21 February 2015

♡ Tohato Caramel Corn Mont Blanc Halloween Edition ♡


Tohato Caramel Corn is a recent discovery in my life, by taste not by knowledge as I have seen it around at snack stalls at conventions in London but never risked to try it until, give or take, a year ago. I have to admit, I always adore the cute packaging they bring to the table for each individual flavour - the summer ones have summer themed packaging whilst as this is a Halloween edition so therefore has an adorable Halloween theme! I wonder if there are any Christmas flavours / themes floating around......

Tohato Caramel corn is a snack that has been made in Japan since 1971 and at first glance, it reminds me of knobbly cheese puffs we get over here in the UK but the taste most certainly does not resemble the cheese dust coated crisps I am most definitely familiar with. There is always a quick snap followed by a crunch as soon as you bite into a puff, followed by a burst of flavour it really does help satisfy your sweet cravings.

Now; I have tried a Mont Blanc cake before so I know what the taste should be like but... this particular snack didn't have a real strong taste of it. It certainly had that caramel after taste which wasn't overly sweet like you find in some sweet snacks over in the UK but... does the taste resemble a Mont Blanc cake at all? No... not at all. I am ever so disappointed that it doesn't have a stronger taste of Mont Blanc where as other flavours I have tried previously (Salted Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate and Rich Peach) you can, most certainly, tell the flavours you are eating.

Another problem I have found with Tohato Caramel Corn is that once you open the packet, you have to eat them pretty much as soon as possible otherwise they turn stale very quickly and trust me, you do NOT want to eat them once they've turned stale... ick. This problem does not help with the diet but luckily I have a family as a back up on the eating of things and getting rid of it to stop me eating an entire bag to myself. All in all though, I still love this snack (not this particular flavour though bleh) and will always look out for different flavours in the near future! Has anyone else tried Tohato corn? Which flavours have you tasted and which one stands out for you the most?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Such cute packaging! Halloween is always awesome. And I looooove snacks that are shaped like that, hehe. I reeeeally want to try the Salted Vanilla flavor.

  2. These sound unusual.. but delicious! Such a shame they go stale quickly though :(

    Dannie x