Sunday, 15 February 2015

♡ Box Swap from Japan ♡


YAY! My parcel from Renn finally arrived the other day ahhhhhh ♡ I, honestly, cried with happiness, joy and sheer gratitude from the amount of goodies I received as well as being a tiny bit mad at her overspending on me and finally, I was a bit in awe at how she managed to tetris all the stuff into one small box... madness. I did give a small, sneaky preview on instagram as soon as I received it but if you didn't see the picture, tah dah!
I really didn't know how to "attack" this box to get everything out... in the end I just dived in a pulled everything out as gently as I could because I didn't know if there were any breakables and, of course, I didn't want to destroy anything oh my goodness. 

Rilakkuma Chocolate Box
I wanted to show this off in a section all by itself! I loved that, as it's almost Valentine's Day, there was a box of chocolates included! I saw this box on Jlist but I never got around to purchasing it myself... then again I do have my eyes on the Sailor Moon chocolate box instead oops! There are two big chocolates of Rilakkuma's head and a scatter of small chocolates underneath. In all honesty, it looks like the perfect amount to enjoy in luxury - like watching a film or being a bit cliche and soaking in a hot bubble bath

Selection of Edibles

Oh my goodness where to begin... there is food all the way from Halloween here! Pumpkin puree kitkat, Halloween edition pocky and even Mont Blanc flavoured Tohato... heaven! Also I had received; creme brulee and white chocolate Oreo bars, my favourite Mitsuya cider candy, a bag of Cola no Tane sweets and a small selection of umaibo... this lot will certainly keep me going for a while sfhsfjkdsahlfdjlkdhsal *dies*

Cosmetics / Beauty Products

Normally, Renn and I discuss certain products that we'd like to try and what colours we'd prefer them in but this time we just gave each other our skin type, colour tone, and a single colour we'd prefer to receive - mine were combination, pale neutral and red. I have to admit, receiving a stock up on my Holy Grail liquid eyeliner and eyelash glue as well as my favourite style of eyelashes made me cry with joy! It's like she knew that I needed those items to most without me telling her that I was running low. Also, I'm looking forward to trying the eyelash tape as I have one eyelid more hooded than the other and it always frustrates me because, to me, it looks like my make-up is odd so hopefully the tape will sort that problem out.

Misc Products

eeeeeeeeeee~ My favourite music magazine and a Popteen in one parcel!! This Popteen magazine is one of the first copies I actually own... all I have is make-up scans from the internet but it just doesn't compare to an actual hard copy? SHOXX is such a massive win for me and luckily, I didn't have this particular one! I've already scanned through both magazines and can't wait to read them/look at the pictures properly! I also loved how Renn included a cute Little Twin Stars letter set and some Disney nail files!

All these random items just made me love the entire parcel more in all honesty, she knows me so well that... it's hard to describe but it's like we're the same sometimes?! I also don't know where to start or what route to take with reviews... but slowly and surely I will get there, I promise! And I, legit, cannot wait to start getting pieces for our next box swap, the theme this time being "Favourites" and, even though it's only February, I may have a load of pieces already planned out / in the process of getting for her as I may have a list longer than both my arms put together... oops! Anyway, I hope you all liked this little blog post! If there is anything you'd like the see be reviewed then leave a small comment down below and I will get onto it as quickly as possible!

Thanks for reading!


  1. WOW! What an amazing selection of stuff! :) x

  2. *.* this is wonderful !!! swag box, I heard about it, I wish do the same
    How could I do the same? you know anything about this? I would appreciate an answer :)

  3. You lucky duck! :) What an amazing selection of things you received :))

    Dannie x