Friday, 27 February 2015

♡ MEMEbox My Cute Wishlist #4 // Unboxing ♡


I rrreeeaaallllllyyy want to apologise from the bottom of my heart about how late this post is... literally three months late as that is when I actually received this box in the post D'OH. There will be a slight snail mail push out of blog posts over the coming months so pretty please (with a cherry on top) bear with me! 
Now, I have heard some pretty mixed feelings about past Memebox Cute Wishlists and I have to say, I was slightly apprehensive about purchasing but you just never know until you go for it right? Luckily I feel that I may have made a right decision in getting this particular box... even after a few months the jury is still out on this one!

#1 TonyMoly Apple Red Tox Honey Cream
Product description; made from vitamin-rich red apple and deeply nourishing honey, Tonymoly’s famous Red Appletox Honey Cream is a daily facial cream with a unique honey-like texture. The bouncy, hydrating gel cream stretches when patted on, giving the skin a massage effect as well as a silky finish
First impressions; yyyeeesss! This is a product that has been on my "to purchase" list for-like-ever and I finally have my hands on one! I do love this product, it helps with my combination skin so much that it's one of the best facial creams I have used to date. 

#2 Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick
Product description; enriched with bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extracts, the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick is a gloss type lip tint that moisturises and plumps up your dry, chapped lips for a long-lasting radiance.
First impressions; it doesn't surprise me that there is something Etude House in this box as this particular brand is the ambassador of cute things... I'm quite happy to receive the orange version as I'll just use this as a typical lip balm to combat my dry lips. 

#3 Yadah Vita-Whitening Aqua Gel + Puregreen Moisturizing Cream
Product description; the most perfect pair of facial creams to pop into your pouch for travelling. The Vita-Whitening Aqua Gel is made from vitamin-rich rosehip extracts for softening and firming, niacinamide for brightening, and cactus extracts for moisture boost. The Puregreen Moisturizing Cream, on the other hand, is enriched with royal jelly extracts, cactus extracts, bean oil complex, sea buckhom berries, and birch tree sap for delivering rich moisture surge deep down into the skin.
First impressions; how much for a travel sized product?! Slight heart attack-like feelings happened at the sight of the pricing in all honesty... and the creepy pictures on the packaging doesn't exactly scream "cute"... miss, miss, super miss!

#4 ddung Liquid Eye Liner
Product description; a liquid eyeliner with a formula that offers a remarkably defined, feminine eyes with a long-lasting, waterproof and non-smudging wear.
First impressions; errr... how is this doll thing cute exactly? The liner seems quite usable and easy to apply so this would be a good back-up in case I run out of my favourite liquid eyeliner at any given time.

#5 Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Black Head Steam Starter
Product description; this gel type starter helps to open your pores while reduces dirt from the pore. Its pink clay ingredients helps absorb excess sebum and soften stubborn blackheads.
First impressions; YYYAAASSS! This particular line from Holika Holika is another thing I've had on my list for absolutely ages! I haven't used this one yet as I'm going to get the sugar scrub one as well... and maybe all the others from this particular line also!

#6 Pure Smile Choosy Lip Pack Milk
Product description; pamper your chapped lips with Pure Smile’s Choosy Lip Pack abundant in milk protein extracts for strengthening the moisture level and reviving the juicy glow of your lips. This easy-to-apply lip patch will help maintain healthy, silky smooth lips!
First impressions; interesting... I looked up about Pure Smile and I never knew that the brand is made in Korea yet it is Japanese... so technically it does count as a Korean product? I have used this lip mask and it, honestly, the weirdest thing I have ever used.

#7 Pure Smile Snail Hand Cream Milk
Product description; this moisturizing hand cream is literally packed with nourishing natural ingredients such as snail mucus extracts, milk protein extracts, grape seed oil, olive oil, macadamia seed oil, shea butter, green tea extracts, aloe vera leaf extracts, and even collagen extracts! Plus, it has a very nice nutty, milky fragrance.
First impressions; another Pure Smile item, this time a hand cream (which is something I have desperately needed for the winter) so I am pretty chuffed with getting this in the box. 

#8 Tonymoly Egg Pore Nose Pack
Product description; this blackhead removing Egg Pore Nose Pack is made from charcoal and egg complex which effectively treats enlarged pores and excessive blackheads and whiteheads, smoothing out uneven skin texture to resemble the rounded smooth surface of an egg.
First impressions; the smell is overpowering on this, I could smell the product without even taking it out of the box. Blurgh. But I have heard good impressions about this particular item and hopefully it should work on the blackheads on my nose (constant bane of my life)
At the end of the day... this box is certainly not cute. The items sure are useful and are at the lower budget end of pricing - for a payment of $23.99 + $6.99 for shipping the whole box of products comes to a total of $69 which seems like you don't really get your moneys worth but... if you need to purchase things on a budget then it is certainly helpful. Cute though? No... not at all. Part of me is disappointed with this box because I was expecting a little bit more and I know that there are cute budget items on the market but another part of me isn't as disappointed as I got items that I have been meaning to get for ages, so it was partially a win but partially a lose at the end of the day.
Thanks for reading!


  1. The lip pack sounds strange! If you are getting more of the Holika pig nose stuff I'd recommend the peeling gel- it's really good :)

  2. Ah I tried a lip mask recently and I thought it made such a difference - I want more.

    I agree with you though, none of these items are that "cute" - the packaging is quite strange on some of them. Why would you think an egg is cute? O.o

    Dannie x

  3. I really like your blog :3