Saturday, 28 February 2015

♡ Makeup Revolution Vamp Lipsicks & Iconic 3 Eyeshadow Palette ♡


Makeup Revolution is one of those brands that everyone seems to be talking about at this moment in time, and I can understand why. After /f i n a l l y/ getting my hands on a couple of products, I can now see why everybody raves about this brand so much because the pigmentation of the eyeshadows and lipsticks are just... superb!

Iconic 3 Eyeshadow Palette

First off; the Iconic 3 palette. Now, everyone I've seen that has purchased this palette has said about it being a dupe of Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette and I can certainly see the similarities on pictures shown. As someone who doesn't own the Naked 3 palette (yet) I am quite comfortable using this particular palette for my dusty pinks fix whenever I fancy it. The lightest of the shadows, sadly, doesn't show up on my arm swatch but it is a perfect colour as an inner corner highlighter and I've even used this lovely pearly pink colour to create an "eye bag" which seems to be a rage at them moment? One final thing about this palette, the colour stays on all day without a quick touch up which is such a major plus for me, as someone with oily eyelids I'm always paranoid about colour fading/smudging away during the day so thus needs a touch up but these shadows are just... wow.

↑↑ gorgeous colours
↑↑ buttery shadow which makes it easier to apply and blend
↑↑ stays on all day without a touch up
↑↑ can suit any skin tone as the colours are versatile
↑↑ a bargain steal for £4

↑↑ errr....... none!!

Amazing Lipsticks Vamp Collection

Secondly, I purchased two lipsticks from the Vamp collection and at £1 per lipstick, I must admit that I was slightly dubious overly the quality of it but in the end, that dubiousness was quashes almost immediately. The formula for these lipsticks, I don't even know how but they are super creamy and lovely to put onto my lips, they barely show the cracks/lines on my lips compared to other cheaply priced lipsticks and the colour last a pretty long time before needing a top up.

100% Vamp

When you look at this lipstick on the website, and then compare it in person, it is certainly a deep purple colour instead of a wine red but that's ok because the colour is still lovely to handle/use. The colour also sticks with the berry/dark colour tones used in Autumn/Winter for make-up and a word of warning, you will need to use a lip liner and lip brush for this lipstick as it smudges super easily and it a sore pain when you get it on your lovely face base... cries as it happened to me. Another thing I tried with this lipstick was a gradient lip and this lipstick works easily to create that particular look so there is certainly another bonus for this lipstick.

Rebel With A Cause

Now see, this lipstick is more heading towards the wine red side of things and this shade is such a beautiful colour that I have fallen head over heels for it. I think I'm more in love with this colour as it reminds me of my favourite MAC lipstick 'Diva' - only just a little less.... diva-ish? Again, this colour smudges as easily as 100% Vamp so it works better with a lip liner and being applied with a lip brush to get those lip lines down to a perfect art. I didn't try this colour as a gradient lip as, personally, this colour suited the block colour look but maybe with the darkened ombre corners look this colour would be perfect for that style.

↑↑ creamy formula
↑↑ doesn't stain lips when dry
↑↑ can be used for different lip styles and not just as a block colour
↑↑ amazing value
↑↑ comes in a wide variety of colours from nudes to bold

↑↑ need to use a lip liner as these smudge easily

Overall Verdict; 
At the end of the day, I give all these products a five out of five for the wonderful prices and the fact that you'd never think that these were a cheap, drugstore type of make-up line. I really cannot wait to get some more products from the superb line-up that is already available online and in store, it's like a make-up heaven in all honesty!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You are so pretty <3

    Of all the reviews I have seen of the Iconic 3, it's you who has sold it to me. I will be picking that up in Superdrug soon :)

    Dannie x