Sunday, 4 May 2014

♡ Current Skin Care Routine / Products ♡


I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago about Korean beauty/cosmetic products, skin care routines and what are the best products I use for my kind of skin (combination) and we were having a really long chat about it... until we were distracted by Sons of Anarchy! It wasn't until the other day, when I remembered about our conversation, that I thought that maybe it was a good idea as a post filler in between review posts and other ones I do have planned, but haven't gotten around to preparing and getting the things for etc.
Now first things first, I actually tend to swap products after a couple of months because I've found out that using a certain product over and over again can break me out and make my skin turn either extremely oily or dry to the point my skin feels like sandpaper. It's extremely frustrating trying to find a certain brand / product that won't do this to my skin and I am still on the search for it... sighs. So for now, here are the products until the next cycle of change.


Etude House I'm Blooming Cleansing Water; I love love love this stuff for some reason. It's just like any watery toner but it smells absolutely gorgeous! It also helps control my oily spots and gets rid of the days worth of dirt from work and other activities and if I don't break out by the end of this bottle, this most definitely will be a repurchase if it doesn't get discontinued.
Etude House Dear Girls Moisturiser; eh. This isn't the best of moisturisers as it's rather thick and you need a lot to get a good coverage. It has helped tone down old acne scars though as it's a whitening type of moisturiser so that is a plus. I'm also mixing this with my rice ceramide moisturiser from The Face Shop that I purchased in my haul from last month and that helps lower the usage and give an even cover.


L'Oreal Skin Perfection Cleansing Oil; as a person with combination skin I honestly believed that an oil cleanser was the WORSE possible product for my skin and boy was I extremely wrong! This little gem is extremely helpful and you only need to use a pea size amount each time! I tend to use this every three days just in case my skin does turn towards the more oily side of the combination but it's something I am glad I invested it and is amazing value for the size (£8 for 150ml which is cheap here)
SKIN FOOD Rice Wash Off Mask; as you know from the previous post, I love this little gem of a face mask and again, using only every couple of days, it really helps get rid of dead skin cells and the leftover grot and dirt that the toner didn't catch.
Along Came Betty Clearly Perfect Skin Tone Corrector; another superstore brand gem I stumbled upon a while ago but only recently started using and it's so lovely I really can't even. There is red algae extract in this face serum and it helps dull down pigmentation marks and give your skin a healthy glow at the end of the day. And the fact you don't need to use a massive amount helps as well! As far as I know this brand is only sold at Tesco's within the UK... boo.


Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask; this is such a good little face mask pack. I actually find this better for my skin than my usual face cloth masks I use as it sticks to my face better and (obviously) doesn't peel off like the cloth mask does. I also like how it does help tighten the pores on my face, especially around my nose area those litte (well not really) buggers. I use this when I'm having a lovely long soak in a bubble bath reading a good book.
Along Came Betty Pore Goodness Sake Cleansing Mask; I use this little beaut the day before the Baviphat mask as this product actually makes my skin feel incredibly soft and helps get rid of all the dirt and other bits and pieces left over from a hard working week and basically stops it all clogging up my poor pores etc. I love this product so much and it smells divine as well! Ugh I need to get some more soon as I'm running low on this in particular...

So that is it! There isn't much left to talk about my routine really as I've kind of babbled on above... oh well! I hope you find this little blog filler post interesting! What product intrigues you the most?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. That Strawberry mask sound interesting and so does the packaging. Who wouldn't want something cute like that on display in the bathroom?