Thursday, 20 March 2014

♡ Foodie Day with Ahjumma ♡


Warning; there shall be a tremendous amount of food pictures in this post so if you are reading this on an empty stomach... I caution you when proceeding any further!

I love Sharan to pieces, she lets me call her ahjumma without destroying me, and adore spending time with her whenever possible and so when I missed her birthday last month because of the vomiting sickness I had, it upset me greatly. But; when one door closes, another does open in some cases and thus we were able to arrange another date to hang out! We met literally just as I was getting off the train at Stratford station... talk about amazing timing and went ahead into Westfields. Honestly this place is just spectacular with the amount of shops, restaurants and activities to do... there is legit something for everyone. We headed over to L'orchidee in the food court on the ground floor for coffee and cake and swear down this is one of my favourite little hidey hole places in the entire shopping centre. With delicate desserts and tantalising cakes on offer as well as signature macarons with many flavours under the sun you really are spoiled for choice there. I ordered a latte whilst Sharan had a mocha and we both shared a piece of rainbow cake. Hands down the best rainbow cake I have tasted so far in my life as it wasn't overly sweet and was still so moist and juicy as if it had come straight from the oven.

After cake, coffee, and a catch up we went for a walk around, heading outside into the sunshine and window shopping at the same time. We went past David's Bridal which had some of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen in my life... if I ever win the lottery I will go to this particular store just to get a whole wardrobe full of their dresses.

After much crying over the stunning garments that we would never be able to afford yet, we headed over to the MAC store back inside for a bit of pampering in there. Holy shit was it crowded inside though, especially around the lipstick counter which is where I wanted to be the most tch. Ahhh well when we finally managed to get to the counter, we tested out as many lipsticks as possible... which only added to my list of ones that I want one day (´;ω;`) Once we managed to drag ourselves away from MAC we then headed over to Wahaca's, a restaurant that I have been dying to drag Sharan to for an extremely long time now and I finally succeeded in doing so! The best part about Wahaca is that they do portions big enough to share with others, but small enough so you don't fill yourself up on one thing. We decided to order a main to keep to ourselves alongside a couple of sides to share and in the end we had; pulled pork burrito, pork pibil tacos, potato and chorizo quesadillas and queso fundido. Everything was amazing and didn't cease to disappoint, plus we didn't even feel slightly full after this meal and with the fact we had lots more walking to do... well it is just the tip of the iceberg here.

Oh what isn't a trip to Westfields with an obligatory trip to the Disney Store... aka me dragging my poor friends into my insane obsession with anything Disney. I wanted to buy all of the plushies and character cushions but alas... next time.

We then hopped over to Tottenham Court Road to meet one of Sharan's friends Rosie for food and a catch up - for Sharan as it was the first time meeting her from my perspective. We headed into Woo Jung's (which is a couple of doors down from Seoul Bakery) for a meal which I proceeded to order 돼지고기볶음 and some fried chicken with a sake, soy and garlic dipping sauce. Sadly the chicken was a little overdone so the outside tasted a little burnt but the kimchi and pork jeyuk was absolutely delicious!

We then met another of Sharan's friends Ikran and as she needed to go into Seoul Bakery and get some food herself, I hopped into the supermarket across the street for a couple of things. Coffee and biscuits... yep I'm transported back to my old student self immediately with this purchase. Oh and Rosie had to go at this point but I'm glad I met her because she's a very interesting person!

As it was still glorious weather wise, we decided to walk over to Trafalgar Square and on the way there was this quaint (and I think abandoned) church with a beautiful magnolia tree, that was blossoming, outside. I couldn't resist taking some pictures.

I'm so glad we walked to Trafalgar Square as we were able to enjoy the sunshine and talk without getting squished by unnecessary people on the underground. When we arrived, the sun was beginning to set and just wow... I can't remember the last time I watched the sun set in London and I'm glad we were somewhere where we could see all the pretty colours in the sky.

Sharan, Ikran and myself then proceeded to sit on the steps at the square over by the big giant blue chicken... don't ask. We sat and talked for well over two hours and when it started to get slightly chilly, we decided to head over to Boba Jam for bubble tea and even more foods. It kind of felt like that we didn't stop eating at all that day but we did have breaks in between consuming... honest. I've only been in Boba Jam a couple of times previously so I wasn't fussed with what to order. In the end I decided on strawberry milk tea with tapioca pearls and brick toast with strawberries, banana and chocolate ice-cream. I normally don't like chocolate ice-cream but I didn't have the courage to ask if I could swap for a different flavour... my bad. Sorry for the duplicate pictures... I wanted to do a close-up shot as well!

After our time in Boba Jam, I was starting to feel a little sleepy and knowing that it would take a couple of hours to get back home, I said my goodbyes to my friends and departed. On the way, I had to go through Liverpool Street station and taking upon the opportunity, I nipped into Wasabi for a couple of boxes of sushi for my lunch on Sunday ahurhur o(`ω´*)o

When I arrived back home there were a couple of parcels waiting for me! Despite the fact it was almost midnight and I was bare knackered... I still opened them! Inside one were my 嵐 singles and 「Popcorn」live dvd! Sadly a piece is broken on the inside, making a part of it loose and rattly, so I'll have to send it back so they can send me another copy 。・゚゚・(>д<;)・゚゚・。In the other parcels were my make-up brushes and Little Twin Stars cosmetic pouch  (*≧▽≦)

All in all, I had a pretty spectactular day filled with delicious food and amazing company. I'm glad ahjumma pushes me out of my comfort bubble and physically /m a k e s/ me meet new people because if she didn't... I would just stick with my very small circle of people I do trust and keep close to me. Did everyone else enjoy their weekend? Was the weather good wherever in the world you're located?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Plushies *_*! And ... om nom nom :)
    Have I told you that I love your pic on the sidebar - too cute :)

  2. @Lara; holy crap woman that was like ninja commenting because I swear this was only posted like a few minutes ago :'D
    And too many plushies I wanted to bring home ;uuu; and many many nomnomnom ;D
    fhskdahfljklashdkflshaklfhksa thank you omg I never know what to do when I get a compliment jfc ;uuu; thank you!

  3. Awww I wanna hang out with you >....< hahaha your posts are always filled with SO MUCH AMAZING FOOD and cute shops. I'm pretty sure eating is one of my hobbies lol so I'm totally down for a day eating lots of yummy Asian food! What is the brick toast? Like is it sweet or is it regular toast? Or not toast at all? I don't like chocolate ice cream either actually, even though I love chocolate. I still would love to try that brick toast *drools*. You're right, i shouldn't have looked at this while hungry :P

  4. Such Lovely photos, Looks like you had a fun day! OMG the food! lol that just got me lol now im looking for some sweets to munch on. Lovely Blog! Aloha form Hawaii, the weather is great here, hmm most of the time.
    You have a new follower ^.^
    Please come and take a look at mine when you have time ^.^

  5. Oh my gosh so many cute foods! I wish I could eat them but a lot of them probably have eggs. So nice to look at though!

    You and your blog are ADORABLE!

  6. @Sami; so much beautiful food indeed *uuu*
    @Sample; I'd love to hang out with you to ;uuu; AND I'M REALLY NOT SORRY WITH THE AMOUNT OF FOOD... food is definitely something I cannot live without :'D Brick toast is... hmmm a massive slab of toasted asian bread (y'know much sweeter than our western bread?) with sweet butter and then all the fruit, cream and ice-cream! Lots of sweetness but ugh it all went together and is bare tasty!
    @Mari; thank you ever so much for the follow and the read! I've followed you back because your blog is super duper cute! And sorry for making you want to munch on sweets :'D
    @Bambi; oh no are you allergic to eggs? D: And hmmm thinking about it the brick toast is probably the only one with egg in it as tortillas don't have egg in them D: thank you >///< I've followed you via bloglovin'!