Tuesday, 20 May 2014

♡ Etude House Dear My Blooming Lipstick in in BE104 & RD302 ♡


I want to apologise in advance to anyone who follow me on bloglovin' and you see old, random posts popping up in the feed at all! I'm have a good clean out / sort out of posts and making everything the same (finally) and sometimes bloglovin' (as I've noticed) will publish those posts onto my feed for some strange reason... so again, apologies!
With Etude House lip products... I tend to be on the fence with them. Sometimes I find certain items on the "good" side of the fence yet with others, they are either "meh" or "not worth it" side of the fence, it all depends on the product. At first glance; these lipsticks reminded me of wax crayons, you know like Crayola crayons you used as a child to colour in pictures? The colour is extremely pigmented in the lipstick form hence why it just reminds me of that. The second thing I noticed was the delicious aroma the lipsticks carried off, it was in between a vanilla and floral scent... kind of like sugar flowers you get on top of cakes for decoration.
I think my personal favourite thing about these lipsticks is the fact the pigmentation doesn't stop at the tube. Sometimes you get lipsticks that looks amazing in front of you but once you put it one your lips... it's turns into a faded, exasperated kind of look which doesn't look good at all for a first swipe. The colour of these lipsticks really popped out to the point that I didn't need to wear a concealer base, which is major brownie points to me. I also loved how creamy the texture of the lipstick is and it turned out easier to glide onto my lips without the help of a lip brush. Oh, and it did define all my nooks, crannies and lines on my lips but not to the point where it makes my imperfections the focal point of peoples gaze. And one final point, the colour lasted a good 2-3 hours without a touch up, even after the usual drinking, eating and nibbling on other objects like pencils/pen which is a habit I really need to quit...

BE104 Colour

RD302 Colour
I had to take these particular pictures on my Google Nexus tablet as they weren't coming out quite right on my digital camera but, the pictures do give the colours enough justice it deserves etc.

↑↑ extremely pigmented colour in the tube and on lips
↑↑ purse friendly (between £3-£6 if you look around on sites)
↑↑ lovely fragrance
↑↑ colour lasts a good amount of time with obstacles
↑↑ cute outer packaging

↑↑ easily melts if left somewhere hot hot hot (i.e. direct sunlight or on a radiator)

Overall Verdict; ★★★
This particular line of lipsticks from Etude House is by far my favourite, it's even beaten the Minnie Mouse x Etude House line. I'm definitely going to invest in some other colours as well as the 'Pink Talk' variation line of the Dear My Blooming Lips etc. I think the colours I'm intrigued to see how they turn out the most are the orange/coral versions? I've wanted to try that particular colour range for a while now but haven't had the courage until now!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I looove the second colour on you~ especially with your hair colour^^ I'm quite a big fan of the jelly lipsticks from Etude House, they're more sheer but really moisturising and pretty! Thanks for your review! x

  2. @Emily; oh thank you for such a kind comment >///< and really? You've twisted my arm into purchasing one in the future that's for sure ;D (it's not hard when it comes to lipsticks though... but I did try to resist honest!)
    Thank you for reading!

  3. Coral will look so lovely on you! The second red lipstick really pops against your skin tone, perhaps try bigger cat eyes for a dramatic look with it?

  4. @Rii; really? Ahhh I definitely do want to try coral! And my cat eye did look thick with eyes closed but I think because I have really hooded eyes that it looks like this with them fully open! But trying different ways to make it look fuller with my eyes open that's for sure!
    Thank you for reading!!