Sunday, 11 May 2014

♡ Etude House CC Cream in Silky ♡


I think I have been distracted on and off from this review a few too many times over the past couple of days but alas my attention is finally on it!
Details; skin care with eight-in-one multi-functions, CC cream has both skin care and make-up effects.
Now, first things first, I must admit that I was rather sceptical about this CC cream as I've had bad luck with Etude House's BB cream. What with the fact that even their lightest shade turned out too dark for my skin tone as well as making my skin break out and turn it towards the more oily side of my combination skin... you can see why I felt the way I felt about it. But, seeing so many good reviews about their CC cream, I had decided to suck it up and try it out and wow... just wow.
With liquid make-up containers... the pump is a cleanlier and more hygienic way to get your desired make-up out of the packaging as well as giving you the right amount to cover your face. I only needed three pumps of this to cover my face and neck, which for the price of this ($13 from, this is something that will be used sparingly and as little as often.
I do apologise for this next part... normally I don't do a 'before and after' picture section but the only way to show the difference with a base/foundation/bb cream was this way!
Left; before, Right; after
As you can see on the left; I have dark circles under my eyes, a few active acne and redness in my cheeks and on the right, there is only the CC cream. It made such a difference already with the fact it covered the acne and old scars and concealed my dark circles. Yes my red cheeks are still slightly showing but they're not as red as in the first picture. I even used a tiny bit on my lips (which are extremely pigmented as you can tell) and it helped tone them down as well... score!

↑↑ good, hygienic packaging that helps with the right amount you need
↑↑ creamy consistency that isn't too watery
↑↑ three pumps is enough to cover entire face and neck
↑↑ doesn't dry out skin / leave a caked effect
↑↑ doesn't feel heavy on skin

↑↑ the pump took a while to activate and dispense the make-up
↑↑ pricing...

Overall Verdict; ★★★
I believe this is the first time I've given an Etude House face make-up product five out of five... but it really does deserve it. Despite the pricing, this is a nifty little thing to have in my make-up collection and it makes a change from my usual green bases underneath my BB cream. The fact that it is extremely lightweight is a massive plus and it does, indeed, make my skin feel silky. A great investment and I'm definitely considering buying the glow version just to see the differences between the two.

Left; taken on a Nexus tablet, Right; taken by my digital camera
Both of these pictures were taken in the same spot in my room in front of my window... both edited with the same programme and with the same exposure details. It's amazing what different devices produce. Oh and this is full make-up and the BB cream used is Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 13.
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  1. Love this cc cream. I'm between this and Tony Moly's live aura. Both are awesome.


  2. OMG, i need to try that CCCream...
    I love the effect and your skin looks perfect with this cccrem!

    I follow U!