Sunday, 20 November 2011

♡ Happy Belated Birthday To Me... ♡

I could have written this blog yesterday but I was just so tired from my day in Central with Tia that I literally could not keep my eyes open goddammit =A= so I'm writing this blog today instead!
Anyway, like I said I met up with Tia for the day as it was my birthday on Wednesday and even though I'll be seeing friends on the 27th for celebrations, I've been feeling extremely down lately and so it was really a cheer up day instead of a birthday day. But yeah, Tia bought me some form of presents and did I laugh at each one; there was a banana box (with a fork!) a flashing beer mug (which is extremely handy for cups of tea) some Korean Ginseng pills (the irony being I went to Korea recently) and a ball of rubber bands... because you never know when you'll need an elastic band according to Tia!
It certainly cheered me up having my bag full of these... I want to call them goodies but basically my bag was full of weird pieces that even strangers would probably think "wha..." at! Don't get me wrong I love getting weird presents and I'll certainly be taking my ginseng pills everyday as it helps "maintain feelings of energy and vitality" and also I love the fact I have a flashing beer mug! It's like a party in my room everyday ;D
After the present opening ceremony, we headed over to a Japanese restuarant in Chinatown called Ikkyuman, it does massive sized portions for reasonable prices and the food is just delicious hands down. I ordered tonkatsu ramen and iced green tea for my meal, whilst Tia had miso ramen and water for hers. As Tia said, we could have easily just face-planted the bowls and drowned in the soup... well it would have been less embarrassing than trying to pick up loads of noodles with wooden chopsticks and shoving them all in your mouth before it fell back into the bowl!
See? Look at the comparison of the bowl next to Tia and we couldn't even finish it all... maybe that is why literally straight afterwards we headed over to Golden Gate Bakery and got a couple of cakes! I had trouble deciding honestly but when I saw a purple cake, I just had to have it as purple is indeed my favourite colour and the cake tasted like coconut and red bean! So delicious! Tia's was more like a fruit platter as there was fruit inside the cake underneath the cream as well as being on top of the cake! I love the cakes from Chinatown, they taste less sweeter than English cakes and also less stodgy as the sponge is so much softer and moist, even though the layer huge amounts of cream icing on the top... it doesn't overpower anything and you can easily eat a cake without feeling sick afterwards.
We ate more after our cakes just so you all know... ok actually we headed off and did Purikura first as we were, in fact, waiting for our mutal friends Kei and Iku. THEN we went and had a pork bun and strawberry fanta to wash it down! Gosh, I have never eaten so much around my friends before, I always pig out when I'm on my own but never really around my friends as I'm rather self-conscious about things like that!
Before we started the Purikura, Tia and I had some fun with the banana box and then decided to incorporate it into our session... which meant we had to involve Teru from Versailles ヾ(゚∇゚)ノ as we are both major Teru fangirls and well yes.... here is our final product from the session;
Isn't it bootiful?! And also here is the purikura from when Kei and Iku joined us, it was nice to spend time with them too ヾ(゚∇゚)ノ
Thanks for reading!


  1. The glitter nails are very...well sparkly!! haha
    The food looks yummy, I have never really eaten a chinese before!

  2. @Dolly: it's not Chinese food it's Japanese ^^ it's very tasty and if you ever get the chance to go to Chinatown in London, I recommend many places!
    And the nails were indeed sparkly! My favourite to date!