Sunday, 11 December 2011

♡ Twelve by 2012 Project ♡


So browsing online I come across a post on this blog I follow (Chouzuru) and it's about doing twelve things before the year 2012 comes around. It was started by the popular blog Oh Hello, Friend and it's just a list of things to accomplish by December 31st 2011. I think it's a cute and neat idea and I did have a list of some form and so to do write it down here seems appropriate, especially as it's so close to the end of the year.

1. Go abroad to somewhere like China, Korea or Japan
2. Pass my second year of university so I can go into my third and final year
3. Decide to do an MA in Magazine Journalism or Journalism (there is actually a big difference between the two)
4. Apply to USA Summer Camp America for 2013
5. Start blogging about more things that surround my life for my university degree
6. Be more sociable
7. Learn my grandmother's Charlotte Rousseau recipe off by heart
8. Become closer with my older brother
9. Start applying for internship jobs at magazines/newspapers
10. Decide if I want to still stay in London or move down to Brighton to work
11. Find a decent/cheap flat to live in
12. Save money

Bold = completed
Italic = in progress

The fact I've complete 8 out of 12 things is a major achievement for myself; because honestly I tend to wander off the path of things and get distracted very easily. But anyway check out the original post here on Oh Hello, Friend, check out a list of a few other blogs who have done this and write your own. It'll be interesting to see others.

Thanks for reading!

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