Sunday, 13 November 2011

♡ Seoul trip 3 부 ♡


On the Wednesday, Rachael and I went back to Sinchon as we now knew about a music store that was near the subway (hence Anna's amazing map drawing skills) and as we were there, I fancied trying an ice-cream waffle that is pretty famous out in Korea and there was a tiny little cafe called Tomo's Cafe about a five minute walk from the subway that had the plastic models of their food outside and it looked pretty amazing so we went into there to eat, even though we'd just had some ox-bone stew literally 10 minutes before hand!
The waiter was so sweet, he asked us if we spoke Korean very well and we said so-so and he said it was ok he understood basic English, such a sweetheart! So I ordered a cookie creme frappuccino and an ice-cream waffle whilst Rachael ordered and lemonade and a honey maple toast for herself. From where we were sitting we could see the people behind the counter making our food and just soaking up the general atmosphere it was actually, in my personal opinion, the nicest place I had eaten in on the whole trip.
My cookie creme frappuccino reminded me of the Baramint Bailey's drink I had had at TGI Friday's a few weeks beforehand when everyone in our house went there for dinner one night, except obviously there was no alcohol involved and it actually tasted more delicious. Rachael let me have a taste of her lemonade (and obviously I let her taste my drink) and her drink was like a proper old fashioned lemonade drink! Wonderful! The only thing I got a tiny bit freaked out about was the fact there was a tomato on my food! I know tomatoes are classed as fruits but still.... it was weird!
Oh and another thing... Rachael's toast, I swear, was like 3 maybe 4 fingers thick! Biggest slice of toast I had ever seen in my life!

On the Thursday, we awoke at 4am (ok I slept for an extra 15 minutes as I didn't actually fall asleep until 2am because I was excited) but we awoke so we could catch the first train out at our station to Digital Media City, which is where all the major music shows are filmed, especially M!Countdown which was the show we were trying to get into that day!
We knew we had to queue up for 8am, sign our name down on a piece of paper and then come back between 4pm and 5pm so they could get us in for the show to start but unfortunately, we were about the 90th people in the queue (they only allow the first 80) and so we decided to go and get some breakfast and then head back to the hotel for a lazy day of sleeping and eating food from Paris Baguette and the Japanese restaurant near our hotel. We found a Starbucks across the road the the building we were standing outside of and so we both had hot chocolates to drink and a cheese sandwich (they put jalapeno peppers in everything!) and whilst I had a sausage roll (actually it was a sausage in a croissant, yum!) Rachael had a banana muffin as an extra because we were pretty starved as it was around 9am and we'd been awake for so long without eating, this was for once our first breakfast in Seoul!

I bought another sausage roll, and like a pizza bread thing and some muffins from Paris Baguette. I actually prefer their bread/muffins out there because it's not as stodgy as English bread!

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