Thursday, 10 November 2011

♡ Seoul Trip 2 부 ♡


Phew! The previous post was seriously the longest one I had ever written on this blog! This one will probably be equally as long.... oh well!
On the Tuesday, Rachael and I met up with our friend Anna who is out in Seoul studying for a year and we both missed saying goodbye to her over the summer so it was pretty sound for us to go and see her for a day! We met up with her at Euljiro-4, which is a really pretty area despite there being a really bitter cold wind that morning, but the sun shone for us and when Anna arrived we walked over to the Cheonggyecheon stream (another part of it which I had previously mentioned) because we were going to Myeondong for some traditional food and to explore as it was known for a tourist area.

Everything in Korea is so high! They seem to be a country that goes upwards not outwards like London (´Д`) but everything is so clear... you can make out every corner and line of each building and the country is so polite (despite staring and spitting but I can look past all of that...) also it's so clean and fresh! Look at me rambling on about a country OH DEAR GOD I MISS IT AND I WANT TO RETURN RIGHT NOW.
I'm good. Right. As we walked along the Cheonggyecheon stream, we all noticed this massive figures being put up in the water and as we wondered what they were for, each one going along the river was unique and entertainingly funny. Some were of childhood games that we recognised and some were of traditional clothed people; Anna then found out that these were for a lantern festival that took place after we came back to London... we always miss the good ones ( ̄▽ ̄;)

After a while, we were all extremely hungry so we headed over to Myeongdong for some bimbimbap! It was nice to have some traditional hot food as all we seemed to be eating was quick, easy accessible food as we kept skipping breakfast. Anna ate glass noodles which looked really delicious whilst Rachael ate bimbimbap but I decided to go for some spicy soup (note here I actually cannot remember the name of it...) and it was seriously mind blowing hot! It made my lips tingle even after one sip but it was ultimately delicious and I would definitely go back for more!

Because Myeongdong is a tourist area, Anna took us a to Purikura shop and it was completely different to what we're used to here in London! But it was fun to try for sure and as per usual, the machine made my skin look healthy and gave me a "womanly" glow. I do love the purikura machines for doing that to my skin :'D
Also I noticed that Myeongdong feels like London's Oxford Street, in my personal opinion, it was because of the crowds and how everywhere is just so busy and it just felt like we were back home just with a different language obviously!

OH there was a Lotte duty free department store in the are so we kind of went and checked it out but it was just full of the really expensive brand stuff and even though it would have been nice to have something like that, it wasn't what we were really looking for on this trip!

Rachael and Anna can never pull a nice face for me ;___;
So yeah as it was dark at this point and a bit cold, we went into a coffee shop called The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, it's like Starbucks but much bigger and more well-known than Starbucks out there. They had some really unusual drinks so I decided to try a green tea latte and it was like matcha green tea... I did like it at first but then it got extremely bitter and then I stopped liking it ; 3 ; but the tiramisu cake I ate was delicious!

Look at Anna's amazing map drawing skills!

So by this point, it was really late so we decided to all part ways (very sad to say goodbye to Anna but we'll see her again /sobs) and as Rachael and I changed over at Wangsimni to get to Dapsimni... I spotted one of my favourite actor's new film that came out in the cinema's on Friday ♪(´ε` )

*sigh* it would have been amazing if it had come out in cinema's when we were in Korea because I would have definitely been in the front row!

Next part coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

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