Tuesday, 14 June 2016

♡ My First Colourpop Haul ♡


Note; I was going to do swatches... but they turned out terrible - slightly out of focus because of shaky arms, even though I used a tripod, and the lighting was awful too, so  I'll do some proper lip swatches (with added reviews) as soon as I have some free time~
I messed up. Well, I didn't really mess up bbbuuuttt as I'm meant to be saving for my Japan trip at the end of the year... I messed up. Colourpop has been on my radar for a while now, and after seeing more UK bloggers purchasing pieces, I decided to dive in further. As Colourpop don't do shipping to the UK at the moment, the easiest way to do so, is by getting an American shipping address - I use Shipto - and doing it that way! You literally add items to your cart, enter the American address you've signed up for, in the shipping and billing sections and away you go! You wait (very patiently) for the email, saying that your parcel is in their care, then you pay a small service fee and the shipping fee from their warehouse, to you doorstep! It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Now, I actually did two different orders - my first order being when Colourpop had a sale on, and the second one when they offered a free limited edition eyeshadow single, to celebrate their second birthday. I wasn't intending on doing the second purchase, but all I had to do was spend $30 (which is easily done) and voila! It happened... But basically, because both orders were put together, the shipping fee and service fee didn't mount up in the end - I paid less than $15 for both.

Eyeshadow Singles
○ Glow ○ Birthday Boy ○ KathleenLights ○ Cornelious ○

How stunning are these? Glow, KathleenLights and Cornelious are actually three single colours from the Kathleen Lights Quad collection, but when I did my first order, it was, sadly, out of stock - so I had to make do with these three for now! Birthday Boy just oozes that little bit of swish and glitter that could probably make any look pop!

Eyeshadow Collections 
○ Kaepop ○ Jenn Ne Sais Quad 

Two stunning quads for $20 each? I was sold in all honesty. I love how different the formula is of these eyeshadows... they don't seem powdery? It almost feels as if it's a cushioned liquid/mousse kind of formula?! It's weird, but I'm super looking forward to using the beauties properly! On first impressions, the Jenn Ne Sais Quad appeals to me more, because of the two bottom colours (brick red and a blackened brown) are more... well, me I suppose? 

Ultra Matte Lip
○ Are & Be ○ Bianca ○ Cheap Thrills ○ Lumiere II ○ Trap ○ Tulle ○

Matte lipsticks are my favourite at the moment, and after searching through different swatches on google - the above six colours were my favourite! I will probably make my way through the whole collection in the future... but these six will satisfy. At first glance, I'm more pulled towards Cheap Thrills and Are & Be, compared to the others, and normally I would have a berry/bold red matte lip colour in ANY haul but this time, I stuck with nudes and pinks - for now.

Ultra Satin Lip
○ Dopey ○ Echo Park ○ Frick 'n' Frack ○ Marshmallow ○ Prim ○ Tansy ○ Toolips 

As soon as I saw Marshmallow, I just knew that I had to have it. And it's shocking for me, because I don't have any satin lipstick in my collection any more? I just have a few Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks and some Etude House ones, but the rest are liquid and matte... that's how predictable I am these days. But it wasn't just Marshmallow I had to have straight away, Tansy and Toolips also won me over... Tansy because it's a little weird and Toolips because... I actually don't know why, but the swatch looked amazing. I am, so looking forward to using the beauties soon!

Lippie Stix
○ Cami ○ Creature ○ Lumiere ○ Pillow Talk ○ Taurus ○ Tootsi 

I was slightly heartbroken, that Cami and Creature came a little bit weird? Cami was backwards and all twisted, whilst Creature was slightly twisted in the tube. None the less, all the colours are simply stunning. A couple of colours are from the Matte X collection - I think Cami, Pillow Talk and Tootsi? Lumiere was part of the Kathleen Lights collection, and hence why I got this was because of Lumiere II as well! I love all of these colours in all honesty... I really don't know how I'm going to choose whenever I need a lip colour!

So there we have it! I love each and every item, even the ones that are a little twisted, but I am looking forward to incorporating these items into my everyday - and extreme - looks!

Thanks for reading!

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