Wednesday, 8 June 2016

♡ Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in Doll Parts, Gemini & Scorpio ♡


I don't think, that it really comes as a shock to anybody, any more, that I love the Jeffree Star's Cosmetics line. I have my eyes on the Beauty Killer palette, for when I get paid (SOON!) and, when the Skin Frost line comes back in stock, I am getting my hands on the Ice Cold version - I have the Mint Condition version on its way to me, but Ice Cold was my first choice originally.
But, before those items were released, I purchased three liquid velour lipsticks - two new colours; Scorpio (duh, it is my star sign!) and Gemini, and a restock of Doll Parts. I still want a few more colours - especially the two new colours, Rose Matter and Mannequin, but sadly I will have to wait for the next restock of those, because they get released five days before my payday, sob. But anyway, waiting over 10 days, very patiently, for these lipsticks was EXCRUCIATINGLY painful, especially after seeing lots of different swatches - videos and pictures - online, but it was worth it in the end, and lets just say, I was not disappointed~
All three colours are just, simply stunning in person, and the formula is still the best. Doll Parts is a soft, but beautiful cool toned pink and against my skin, uuuggghhh. So nice! Gemini is a terracotta warm-toned nude, and I didn't think this would suit me at first, but boy was I wrong! And finally, Scorpio (yyyaaasss!) is, like a love child of purple and grey and holy shit, it is a stunner.
As usual, I cannot fault these lipsticks for their formula. The colours are just divine, and my collection just keeps on growing every time! I love how, each colour can suit all skin tones, no matter what, even if it seems like that a specific one, wouldn't suit you because you're a... lets say olive complexion with cool undertones - any lipstick from this line would possibly suit you.
Also, I love how you can mix the colours together and create a totally, new and awesome colour! I just love experimenting, and I think you can find different mixes and matches from the shades somewhere online... I need to do the searching again!
Thanks for reading!


  1. I've heard nothing but amazing things about his make up line!
    They all suit you really well too :D


    1. I, honestly, cannot fault it! He does gooooooood with this power! And thank you beautiful ;ooo; ♡