Monday, 30 November 2015

♡ November Japan Crate [[UNBOXING]] ♡


I seem to have skipped the last couple of Japan Crate boxes as I did take pictures of the items, but somehow... I have no actual pictures to show for it?! I can't quite remember but, I either deleted them without realising it or... yeah I probably deleted them without realising it, whoops. Also, I want to apologise for the atrociousness that is the following photographs... now that it is winter, it is really hard to take pictures in natural sunlight, especially when I got to work when it is dark and when I come back from work... it's dark. So my window of opportunity is very small ;n;
So just to re-cap, Japan Crate is that you can subscribe to three different kinds of boxes; mini, original and premium with either a recurring monthly payment (from $12 plus p&p) or you can pay for either 3, 6 or 12 months worth of boxes, therefore saving you a bit of cash at the end of it. You can cancel at any given time, so if you fancied just one box then you can enjoy one box without the pressure of payments. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
I'm still sticking to my premium subscription and even though I can't show it, I was slightly disappointed with the October crate. The reason for this is because October is Halloween month, so I was kind of expecting some (or a lot) of Halloween related bits and there wasn't any... nadda... nip... zilch. So that was a bummer, but the November box seems to have dragged it back up into my good books.

This first bundle are the goodies that would have been in the mini box subscription; chilli salad pretz, cookies & cream pejoy, purple sweet potato sticks, black thunder and meiji dice caramel. I actually received an email from Japan Crate saying that an item had been swapped (the original item was a Fujiya lollipop bag) and to get two boxes in replacement of that item was a nice surprise!

This next bundle would have been the extra items from the medium sized subcription box; Funassyi furi-furi shake DIY kit, uranai-kko bubble gum, Glico Man caramel and fluffy long neck marshmallow.

This final bundle are all the premium extras; chunosuke water, superstring Q, pachishuwa grape soda mix, spy vs. spy sour gum and a Naruto blind box - wheeeeeee I got Kakashi!

Personally, I had a lot of mixed feelings with this box. I was disappointed with the previous box (October) as I was expecting lots of Halloween goodies, but barely got any, but with this one... it was jammed packed with an immense amount of goodies but........ where's my savoury things at?! I was disappointed with only getting the small Pretz box as my savoury item, and that was a replacement item so.............. a box of sugar *sobs* Mind you though, my mother has enjoyed digging into this box as she likes sweet things more than I do, but I did try some things and some were relatively surprising with the taste? Like the purple sweet potato sticks... sickly sweet at first but as I ate a couple more sticks, the taste grew on me? Japanese sweet potato definitely lives up to the "sweet" part of its name compared to the sweet potatoes here in the UK.

Other than the mixed feelings, I am loving this subscription box as it definitely opens my eyes (and tastes buds) into knowing what I do like and what I don't like food wise... score!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm also more a fan of sour snacks, but the sweet things look yummy too :)
    Nice box, how much is the shipping , international ..?


  2. I always want to order the japan crate but I feel like it's so much money xD
    The snacks do look good, but I'd be disappointed as well, since I prefer savory snacks x3
    On the whole though it looks quite tasty!

  3. I know your pains of having no light for photo's! England is a bloggers nightmare haha

    The sweet potato sticks were pretty odd but they grew on me too :O

    Are you in to Japanese noodles at all?
    I know Candysan have a mystery box of noodles you can buy, it's not quite a sub service but it might be worth checking out some time if you're craving savoury things :)


  4. @Maya; I think all international shipping is $15! So the premium and shipping comes to $45 altogether which is a little pricey... but it's always overloaded with goodies!
    @Red; it really is a good deal, from the bottom of my heart. It was just this box? I'm hoping my last two boxes (must save!) will pull it back up!!!
    @Sami; omg I need the mystery noodle box now goodbye.... and omg those sweet potato sticks never again plz ;~;

    ENGLAND. GIVE ME A TINY BIT MORE SUNLIGHT PLZ... I think I need to invest in a light box ;~;