Wednesday, 18 November 2015

♡ Jeffree Star Cosmetics ♡


I have found a new love in my life and he goes by the name of Jeffree Star... but it's his cosmetics I am in love with as well as, a little bit, in love with the man himself. Ugh his make-up skills are to die for and I wish I had a pinky finger full of his talent!

I couldn't resist getting a few colours from the, ever expanding, collection. Especially when I saw 'Unicorn Blood' on the models, I knew that I had to have THAT particular colour as it's such a gorgeous dark, rusty red. It's very similar to a certain brand and their particular product with a similar colour too - I'm not going to name any names but if you know what I'm talking about... then cookie for you! The other colours I decided to go with were 'Weirdo', a gorgeous deep, matte blackest black you could imagine and 'Celebrity Skin', a delicious matte soft brown with peachy undertones to add to the pile.


First in the pile is 'Weirdo' and this is my first, ever, black lipstick. According to the Jeffree Star website, this is the blackest of the black, matte lipsticks AND it can be used as an eyeliner. I would like to try this theory to see if it, actually, works one day. I really do like this colour, just because it is a matte lipstick and not a shiny one? I don't think a shiny style, black lippie would have suited me as much as this one?! But, I love this and cannot wait to incorporate into more future looks, and even try out the eyeliner theory... watch this space!

Celebrity Skin

Secondly; is 'Celebrity Skin' and this is such a gorgeous nude lipstick, but I must admit that I was worried at first because I thought that it wouldn't suit my skin tone bbbuuuttt I was wrong! And I'll happily admit that because I am in love with this nude. It is perfect from wearing really OTT eye make-up and toning down the look with a nude lip, to wearing a more "natural" looking style make-up look, it is just super duper versatile.

Unicorn Blood

And finally; my personal favourite since finding out about this colour, 'Unicorn Blood'. I have been after this colour red lipstick for, god knows, however long and when I finally got my grubby little hands on them... I just couldn't wait to test it out and whipped it out of its packaging, faster than a small child eating chocolate cake. I am, in absolute LOVE. Swear down, I base what I'm doing face/clothing wise with this lipstick more than the other two at this moment in time but ugh, look at it. Look at the perfection that is this colour. I freakin' cannot get enough of this, and when it runs out, I swear that I will cry like a loser... no shame.

What I love about these liquid lipsticks, is the applicator. Can you see the curve in all the pictures above? Well, it's really bendy and, sort of like, contours to your lips? Some applicators, I've noticed, are just hard and kind of... solid? But this genius little applicator, makes such a massive difference with the movement and the curve in the middle, it is just a superstar.

The prices on these beauties, may seem a little steep at $18 per lipstick but personally, I kind of think it's worth it? With the fact that it's 100% vegan and animal-cruelty free and the product stays on (my) lips for hours on end... yep, they are definitely worth it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've heard a lot of great things about these lipsticks! I'm loving the Unicorn Blood one c:

  2. I've always loved Celebrity Skin but I'm not too sure if it'd look as good with my skin tone. But it DOES look wondrous on yours, as well as the other shades. And your hair color is toooo cute! <3

  3. All three of those colours suit you so much but Weirdo looks great on you! I wish I could pull of black lipstick ahah! xx

    Kimberley //