Sunday, 18 January 2015

♡ What I Got For Christmas ♡


It's halfway through January and I'm going to fuck everyone's timeline up with a belated Christmas post after requests from my best friend and a few other people... *cough* you know who you are *cough cough* here is what I received for Christmas, minus a few pieces as stated in my last post but I'll just put stock photos up instead! First things first, I wasn't expecting as much as I received in all honesty! As soon as I found out that I was getting the tablet, I only asked for a book as another present as I felt bad asking for more... but come Christmas and Boxing day, I was certainly surprised!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite
My ppprrreeeccciiiooouuusss. After HJ last November and not using my laptop for a whole weekend (seriously, my whole life is on my laptop, it's sad I know) I certainly felt a little cut off so I decided to look into getting a tablet for myself come New Year but, my parents beat me to it! I honestly spent the whole of Christmas day setting it all up and making it perfect to my needs... hello Molang theme and Hiroko Nariyima lock screen!

Taiwanese Home Cooking Cookbook & Leatherbound Classic
I always, always, ALWAYS ask for books for Christmas but this year I really was stumped until I saw these particular ones. I cannot wait to start using the cookbook, I've already planned out which ones I want to try first! And is it sad that I've already read the leatherbound ones?! They are, seriously, super pretty in person and will look STUNNING on my new shelving! I'm excited about getting the entire collection!

Disney DVD's
It's not an event without being given something Disney! Another collection I'm trying to build up and it's definitely working! I think everyone dreams of owning all the titles of the animated side that Disney has ever produced, I know mine certainly is! I also want to collect the ones that weren't as popular... I don't think there is a title I don't want.

Too Faced, Clinque, Etude House, MAC, L'Oreal & Dirty Works
Of course there was make-up involved!! I think hell would have frozen over if I didn't get any make-up!! The Too Faced palette was a serious surprise from my brother and I am super excited about trying out different looks using it... I also love the smell of the coco powder every time I open the palette *O*

VIXX 2015 Seasons Greetings
Needed a calender... noticed that one of my favourite k-pop groups had a seasons greetings box... bang tidy, how could I say no?! I'm super paranoid about taking it out of the box in all honesty but I will use the calendar... honest! Also, I'm screaming internally that Leo is on my birthday month... score for sharing the same birthday month as him!!

Giveaway Prizes from Chloe
May not particularly seem like a Christmas present in some peoples eyes but in mine... it was! I was super surprised, followed by the overwhelming sensation of happiness, when I had found out that I had won Chloe's Christmas giveaway! Even after all of the postcode mix ups from the delivery company, it still managed to arrive on my doorstep pretty darn quickly! I've already been using the mint compact as it helps cover up my red cheeks so much!! Expect reviews on some of the products coming up soon!

Monsters Inc. Mugs
An extra surprise present from my penpal in Japan! She had sent these ones separately from the main box as she wanted something for me to open on Christmas morning, how sweet of her right?! Luckily my parcel to her arrived just in time for Christmas and yet, the cheeky mare hasn't had a chance to send mine out!! I'm not fussed about this detail in reality omg don't take that line seriously please!

Selection of K-Pop CD's
A present to myself for being.... myself *lame* When I saw the signed DGNA cd, I knew that I had to have that as well as continuing the tradition of getting signed AlphaBAT singles whenever they pop up - seriously, I have all signed AlphaBAT stuff without realising it at first. VIXX... obviously I have had my eyes on forever but never got around to purchasing these two singles so getting these particular cd's for Christmas was a must do!!

Still to come;
An unbranded eyeshadow palette (it was on this wishlist) and MAC's A Passionate Quest Eyeshadow as well as a parcel from Renn as our intended swap dates were just before Christmas, I sent mine out extra early and she sent hers out extra late!! I'm still super excited about getting these other gifts, heck I get excited whenever I even purchase something as a special treat!

Ahhh I'm still reeling over all of these goodies! I honestly love each and every piece and I still am super grateful for getting them all! I definitely feel like a spoilt princess! I'd love to see what everyone else got for Christmas so if any of you lot have a post, please comment the link down below for me! *super lazy as per usual*

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well aren't you a lucky duck? <3 Can't wait to read your thoughts on the TooFaced eyeshadow palette :)

    Dannie x

  2. Omg I got a new phone for Christmas, and literally spent most of the day finding wallpapers and apps to go on it hehe^^ your presents look so nice Sarah~ some of that makeup looks interesting so I'd love to see a review if you find something you really like♡

  3. wow a lot of things *o* so lucky girl!
    I'm waiting for all these makeup reviews ^ ^

  4. wow a lot of things *o* so lucky girl!
    I'm waiting for all these makeup reviews ^ ^

  5. Somehow I've only just seen this post! So many lovely presents :) x