Saturday, 3 January 2015

♡ A Little Catch Up w/ A Cup of Tea ♡

새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!
I am still slightly reeling at the fact that it is now 2015... I think my body/mind has somehow been left in 2014 a little bit (;¬д¬) Anyway, I've been a bit lacking in the whole blogging department so I will make up for it a little bit today with a chatty post.
Since HJ back in November, I haven't exactly done a lot in the whole "being sociable" section, just trying to keep up my hours at work whilst watching dramas and sleeping during the bits in between... mentally I went through a grey patch so instead of burdening my friends with my moans / groans, I kind of kept quiet and to myself. Now, the grey patch is subsiding and I seem to be getting on track with feeling like myself once again! The drama watching hasn't subsided though... d'oh! I've been watching dramas based on my favourite actors/actresses, so I watched all of Hiroki Nariyima's dramas followed by Renn Kiriyama's dramas and then all of Karina's dramas... oh and all of Jiro Wang's dramas too! That's my pattern and next on my list is all of Matsuda Shota dramas... and oh yes, this list does include all the dramas I've watched previously |ω・)But I have been trying to improve my make-up ever so slightly... I'm definitely going through the "neutral eyes, bold lips" phase at the moment more than the "bold everything" look!
Next; did everyone enjoy their Christmas / New Year? I did for the first time in... I can't remember when! Normally, I'm not a big Christmas fan and don't get into it like my mam does, I just sort of joined to make her happy but this time around I wanted to do all the cooking and extras for Boxing Day as well as hang extra decorations up - paper chains and paper pompom ball things. On Christmas Day it was just myself and my parents so we just had a relaxing day preparing for Boxing Day followed by a roast beef dinner... simples right? Boxing Day was when the whole family came over (on my mam's side) so trying to fit 12 people (plus a baby bump!) into our living room was... interesting to say the least! After Boxing Day, I had a week off work as it was closed over the holiday so.... more drama watching from me! Oh; and playing with my new toy!
I'm finally in the modern, technological world! I had actually been saving up for a new phone but my parents had been thinking about getting me a tablet and well... yeah it happened! I'm in love with it so much because now when I travel around, I don't have to lug my laptop with me everywhere and I can even blog on it! Also, Sapphire said that I should download the 'Love Live! School Idol Festival' as I'm on android and well.................. biggest mistake ever because I am hooked hfdjahfjlsa! Also, I haven't got any other pictures of what else I had received yet as I'm still waiting for a couple of items in the post! The reason why they're taking so long is because a) ordered them a bit too late b) that long holiday period where post takes a million times longer to get to you! Once everything has arrived, I might /possibly/ do a "What I Got For Christmas" post and follow some other bloggers footsteps! What do you think of that?
Now 2014 was definitely an up and down year for myself, would some of you agree the same for yourselves? There were definitely a few highlights; celebrating my parents 30th wedding anniversary, finding out that I'm going to be a big cousin (again) and starting to learn to drive - that part /was/ a secret but oops I couldn't think of another good highlight off the top of my head! But of course, the highlights were met with some seriously downfalls; losing my nan last August was the biggest downfall in my eyes. But you've got to take the bad with the good, like a pinch of salt, and sometimes it can either break you or make you... 2014 was a breaking year for me personally but I want to certainly make 2015 a 'making' year this time around. I'm not going to make 'resolutions' because I know that I will never stick to them... but there are a couple of things I do want to do before the year ends. One thing is a travel a little more, I already have plans to go to Sweden in May and some other plans in the making to go up to Birmingham/Telford to see Sapphire! I'd like to go to Disneyland Paris sometime this year (maybe around my birthday?) but I'm not sure... I'd have to see who would want to be dragged to Disneyland with me! Another thing I'm going to do is write in my (physical) journal every day as well as stick little things in there whenever it just appears, I used to do this during my university days but stopped doing it for about a year... time to re-start it again! Another thing I'm looking up to do in my area... archery! No, not because of 'Hunger Games' or whatever it's called but it's something I did when I was younger and I kind of miss it?! There is one final thing I want to get done before the year is over but I'm going to keep super quiet about it as I don't really want to get my hopes up too much just in case it all falls through so... fingers crossed!!
So anyway... I have no real clue on how to end this post so have a cluster of photographs from my instagram!!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hope 2015 is a great year for you! :) x

  2. Glad you enjoyed the holidays! And these are such cute photos!

  3. Glad you had a nice Christmas bb! I am so proud of myself for getting you hooked on Love Live ngl ;D eeep i'm so excited for you learning to drive!! and please do post your Christmas gets (not that i'm nosy or anything teehee)

    Love you ❤