Friday, 30 January 2015

♡ Dollywink Eyelashes in No. 9 Natural Dolly // Honey LY Shop ♡


OH LOOK... more eyelashes. I do have a confession to make, this is my first ever packet of Dollywink eyelashes I have ever come into contact with. After reading and hearing about how *wonderful* and *superb* this brand is when it comes to lashes (I must admit, the liquid eyeliner is "toteballs amaze") I just had to find out for myself what all the fuss is about with this particular brand and its lashes. But first, about the shop!

About Honey LY Shop
Honey LY is run by my gorgeous friend Charli and she brings to us mere mortals in the UK (and worldwide) a wonderful selection of make-up, masks, lashes, mirrors, charms, extra cute keyrings and even a few Gyaru style clothing pieces / belts from Japan. I know that there are sites already out there for this sort of thing but Charli, seriously, has some amazing deals and a wide selection of things to choose from and her services are 100% on point with excellent communication and extra fast shipping. After (finally) making the decision of purchasing two boxes of eyelashes from Charli, oh my goodness it only took 2 working days from our last message for the package to arrive on my doorstep... I like that, I like that a lot.

About Dollywink

Dollywink is just one of those brands everyone seems to know about - or at least have some form of knowledge about. Their formula used in their liquid eyeliners seem to be a winner to people all over the world and their designs for their eyelashes are... slightly different to other brands even though they do stick with styles more known/common. Tsubasa Masuwaka (the founder and former Gyaru model) is, most certainly, pioneering forward with her make-up line Candydoll - a line that focuses on different make-up products such as foundation, powder and lipstick - as well as with Dollywink which the focus for this brand is the eyes like lashes, eyeshadow and liner etc.

The Product
I chose to get the No.9 Natural Dolly style as I want to start turning my make-up into a more "natural" style, Even though I do have an interest in gal style make-up, I have never ever touched upon that subject with my make-up until I started becoming more interested in "Onee Gal" style make-up.

"Onee Gal; (Highly Active Style) A ”gyaru” who has graduated from high school, and thus become a more mature ”onee-san” (literally “elder sister”). A sophisticated style and more sexual style similar to regular gyaru-kei" quote from here

Seems intriguing right? A few of my friends are really into Gyaru style and are super cute with their make-up all the time ;A; oh well... one day!

I like how this product has the invisible band like other brands of eyelashes, that's always a major plus for myself as I really dislike lashes with the thick, black band for some reason? I always struggle with getting it to stay in shape yet with an invisible band, it's just a lot easier to control and bend into the right eye shape. I had to trim these lashes down quite a bit before it fitted the size/shape of my eye and I'm glad that there are two pairs in one packet as I want to try a more elongated eye shape next time I use these lashes. I had a little bit of trouble making them actually "stick" to my eye for some reason... probably my eyelash glue knowing my luck, but these lashes don't really scream to me? I can understand ever so slightly why people rave about them but for me... eh. Just... eh.

↑↑gorgeous, natural style lashes
↑↑ came with a free glue attached (aheuheuheu)
↑↑ pretty packaging
↑↑ extremely lightweight
↑↑ didn't irritate inner eye (extremely sensitive area)

↑↑ tricky to manoeuvre into shape on first use
↑↑ pricey (after comparing on different sites that sell online)
↑↑ overrated a little (sorry!)

Overall Verdict; ★
Would I buy this particular product again? It would take a lot to convince me otherwise... there are some styles I do like the look of (I've used two in a past wishlist) but... eh.  I will try to use these a few more times to see if the difficulty of placing them onto my eye reduces, maybe it was just beginners bad luck with this particular item? Not sure, but really not enthralled by them oh well :c

To check out Honey LY Shop, they have a facebook page and an instagram!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Dollywink were my first fake eyelashes, except for the fake stuff for carnival over here...
    It was very hard to attach them the first time but I think it really gets easier ><

  2. I wish I could wear false eyelashes!
    Thank you for your honest review :))

    Dannie x