Sunday, 26 October 2014

♡ SHO-BI Decorative Eyelash Play Sexy #1 ♡


Oh look, more eyelashes to review! I (literally) have about 30+ different designed eyelashes and I love each and every one of them because they all help to create different effect with whatever style of make-up I'm aiming for and these particular eyelashes are no exception. These lashes I purchased from Japan Gift Bay so this review is 100% honest and not driven by sponsorship!
First things first, you'll notice from the above picture is that there are three styles of clump lashes rolled into one big lash to give a different outcome throughout your eye style. The smaller inner lashes are to stop poking that extremely sensitive part of your inner eye - trust me I've been there where the length of eyelash stays the same and it was not pretty for my poor inner eyes! The next section gives a little bit of flare as it then builds up into a whoosh on long, pretty lashes to create a sexy kind of cat eye effect. The end result kind of reminds me of certain Diamond Lashes styles but it still has its own uniqueness involved. Also, I love how you can't really tell that there are three different style clumps in the end result. 
The second thing I always talk about, and if you all remember, is that I always struggle with getting the lashes out of the packaging right? Well, this particular brand has the lashes attached to the packaging in three places; the inner corner end, the middle and the outer corner end. Simple right? It was super easy to slide off and not make any clump lash go in an awkward direction from pulling it too much as it was tacked down but not tacked down hard enough to make it difficult, if that makes sense at all?
Finally, as I have deep set eyes (and I mean really deep set and hooded) and thus this (sometimes) makes it hard to find the right style of eyelash that doesn't overpower my eye make-up and conceal it so it just looks like I'm wearing eyeliner with weird eyelashes. BUT, the great thing about these particular eyelashes that you can still see each individual clump of lashes as well as my eyeshadow and eyeliner... personally that is an ultimate win for me. Also, another bonus was that I didn't have to trim the inner corner lashes as, sometimes, when I get new lashes I have to trim the corners as they'll poke my eyes after a few hours of wear but these ones, nope didn't have to trim nor did they irritate my inner corners either. They are super lightweight as well and, using Dollywink eyelash glue, they stayed in place until I took my make-up off around 6 hours later with no little lash flicks at the end  - where the glue comes off so you have a wobbly lash band.

Pictures taken on Google Nexus tablet;

Pictures taken on Samsung digital camera;

↑↑ extremely flexible
↑↑ easy to remove from packaging
↑↑ decent pricing
↑↑ gorgeous style
↑↑ can easily reuse one pair of lashes more than once if cleaned correctly
↑↑ brand comes in other styles and colours

↑↑ errr.... oops no cons for this one!!

Overall Verdict; ★
It's sad but I literally cannot find a fault with these particular lashes... if I find one I will edit this post and put it in! Oh, in the beginning of this post I wrote that I purchased these lashes from Japan Gift Bay and they are $16 on there (£9.95) which seems to be the average price for lashes and as you get five pairs for the price... can't really complain? Normally with lashes, I tend to move onto different styles once I've used them up but this particular style, I think I'll stick with for a little while longer and will certainly repurchase once I need to.

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  1. Ohh these False Eyelashes look gorgeous on your eyes! ^ - ^

  2. @Paige; thank you gorgeous girl >///< ♡

  3. These lashes look absolutely gorgeous!
    I love falsies but they often overpower my eyes... :C