Friday, 17 October 2014

♡ The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Pastel Cushion Blush in Rose ♡


I must confess, I'm not normally a blush kind of girl but recently I've been going on a blush hyper slash search to create 'dolly' style make-up looks? I've only had one blush in my life previously (a Benefit blush in a coral/peach kind of colour...) so I was a little nervous to go with a very 'pink' colour but I'm really glad that I did in the end.
This particular line of blush comes in five different shades; Rose, Coral, Plum, Pink and Peach. Also, I've noticed that is a past blush but has been re-vamped with a new outer box which, personally, I prefer! The whole package is very lightweight in general but it manages to stay in shape despite being in my make-up pouch in my handbag! 
Promotional picture slash colour schemes
Description: A cute powder blush that gives a cute & lovely doll like impression. With a soft & light touch, you can have young looking face. Its porous sponge keeps your face moisturised without oil.

This blush is extremely sheer. I had to apply quite a few layers before I felt happy with what I was aiming for but it is definitely a plus to have such a sheer blush. I'm glad that I can make the decision of a really light application or a really strong application and have the in-between stages without feeling like that I'm dressing up like a clown at a children's party. I must admit that I am slightly gutted that the amazing colour didn't show up as well in the pictures and I feel that they won't give the blush enough justice to how it actually was in person! This first picture is only of one side of my face to show the colour close up on the apples of my cheeks (and to see if it does actually show up on the picture...)

The next two pictures are... well they are pretty self explanatory with the close up and the wide shot so I won't explain too much here;

OK, I can see a little bit of the colour in the last two photographs but can you? It has given me a 'healthy' appealing look, but it's not an overpower of colour on my cheeks and I enjoy that because, remember, I am not a blush person but I have been swayed indeed.

↑↑ very soft, silky powder which makes it easy to 'puff' on my cheeks
↑↑pretty scent
↑↑ build up of colour
↑↑cute packaging and handy puff ball included

↑↑ needs more colour ranges

Overall Verdict; ★
Honestly this little blush is perfect for me. It feels strange to admit it but from the fact that it's sturdy enough to survive my handbag to the build up of colour, I feel like I have found the blush for me. It's a super steal as well - ranging from $5 to $8 on various websites - and I love the few colours they have so far, but I definitely want to see a few more shades in the near future!!

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  1. I've seen many reviews on this blush and they all say that it's not too pigmented, which is a shame. Then again I guess that's a good thing if you don't want too heavey application.
    It does look lovely on you though ^_^

  2. so cute colour *-* look so good on you