Tuesday, 21 October 2014

♡ Etude House Color Fit Lips in 'Magical Fit Pink' ♡


A small note; it's so hard as a person used to writing British English and not American English, to write "color" instead of "colour" in the title and tags of this post but that is what the product is called... so damn you Etude House *cries* So finally! An actual review of something that doesn't involve me stressing about how I look in pictures slash a cleanser or face wash style review! I intended to review a couple of colours from the range but decided on just the one for now... maybe in the future I'll do the others?
Product info; this is a revolutionary liquid type lipstick that moistly glides onto lips with its vivid colour and finishes off with a weightless powdery texture. Directions: 1. Shake well before use, 2. Apply smoothly with tip. Lightly dab onto centre of lips for gradation. Delicately apply for full cover, 3. Apply a layer of Color Lips - fit WH901 after color for a moist gloss
I like this product. It kind of reminds me of MUA's Velvet Luxe liquid lipsticks - a.k.a a cheap dupe of Lime Crime's Velvetine's - as the product goes on wet and dries to get a matte finish. A couple of problems though; one being that if you have extremely dry/chapped lips, this product will show that and it's frustrating but if you wear a lip balm underneath it doesn't make the lines as prominent. The second problem is the lasting wear and even though I could drink/eat for a while before the colour smudged off, it just left an extremely horrible outline of colour that was very embarrassing... luckily it is easy to top up though.
I don't know why I was drawn to this particular colour more than the darker pinks my usual chosen colours from that colour range, but I'm a bit torn about it on my skin tone. On the plus side, it is a bright slash pale Barbie kind of pink that is good for a change of pace yet on the con side, because I am rather pale in the tone chart, I feel that maybe it is just a bit too.... OTT? Eh, maybe it'll grow on me in the future. Another thing I liked about this product, and something I tend not to talk about a lot during lip product reviews, is the packaging. I like it, a lot. Quite a few reviews that I have seen about the 'Color Fit Lips' seem not to like the packaging because, it comes across that it's not cutesy like their usual style. I can understand that but I like this whole new take of trying something new and the sleekness of the tubing just means that there is less fiddling and it is pretty sturdy as well so less breaking also.
↑↑ a pretty decent wearing if you don't eat/drink a lot during
↑↑ dries matte
↑↑ sweet scent
↑↑ bold colours
↑↑ easy application
↑↑ interesting and different outer packaging

↑↑ very powdery
↑↑ can expose cracks in lips if they are bad (not so much with lip balm underneath)

Overall Verdict; ★
Who can notice the blusher on my cheeks in the above pictures now?! That aside, I do like this product and I need to wear it more often. The other colours appeal to me also (I have the red, two shades of orange and a beige colour) and it's definitely a line I would use again. Honestly, even though the formula (probably) is a close dupe of Lime Crime's Velvetine's it is definitely in the "saving you a pretty penny" category! And I must admit, the only reason I marked this product down a star is because of powdery effect it leaves once dried completely and the fact it shows obvious crack in dry lips... but luckily when wearing lip balm underneath it doesn't show as much and doesn't effect the matte outcome.

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's a pretty color! ^_^ I've wanted to try this product out but I've never decided if it's worth it... my lips are always dry so I feel like it wouldn't look too great -.-

  2. Ohh this is such a bright and cute shade of pink! ^ ^


  3. That's a really pretty colour, I'd definitely want a bright red shade! *goes to investigate*

    BTW you beautiful! :D

    Danniella x

  4. Red; it's worth it if you were lip balm underneath but if you're not a lip balm kind of person then definitely don't go for this product >.<
    @Paige; ahhh it has grown on me now! At first I did think it was too Barbie pink but I quite like how subdued it is!
    @Dannie; SHHHH YOU! And they do have a red shade!! It's not bright bright red but it is a gorgeous red!